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The barcode tattoo is a tattoo that signifies the itemization of people. When someone wears a barcode tattoo, it means they equate themselves with a product and can be bought at a particular price. It’s their way of saying that they are just a part of the entire system as anybody else and that they don’t possess much of a self identity.

barcode tattoo designs

They try to portray the image of how people are nothing more than a product at the end of a day. They have also been used as a medium of expression against the corporate giants and their greed and stand as a symbol of strength.

The Barcode tattoos now a days have become a trend in young generation and has gained a wide acceptance also. So, next time you get barcode tattoo designed on your neck or wrist just check their relevance as every barcode tattoo is symbolic.


Barcode Tattoo Designs Summary with Pictures:

Some of the most popular and best barcode tattoo designs ideas with images and their meanings for both men and women have been given in the following lines.

1. UPC Barcode Tattoos on Frons:

UPC Barcode Tattoos

UPC Barcode Tattoos are tattoos that consist of all types of items, apart from movie CD’s or books. They have about 12 digits and give the product a very sharp and different look. These kinds of barcode tattoo designs can be scanned within stores and can be identified with any product that is available in the store.

2. Code 3 of 9 Barcode Tattoo Design on Neck:

Code 3 of 9 Barcode Tattoos

Some people think that barcode tattoos define their personality and give them an entirely new look. Therefore they always chose to put their name or short quotes or messages instead of the numbers. Usually in the color black, many people have used different colors so that they look different and stand out as compared to the rest. However this tattoo cannot be scanned in regular stores.

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3. ISBN Barcode Tattoo:

ISBN Barcode Tattoos

ISBN Barcode Tattoos or International Standard Book Number Tattoos are barcodes that used to identify products that have a copyright. They consist of 13 digits, can be scanned by any machine and usually consists of books and movie CD’s.

4. Barcode Tattoo on Neck Area:

Neck Barcode Tattoos

The neck barcode tattoos are some of the most common areas of barcode tattoos. They can be basic without any wording, just like any other original barcode tattoo and can be word at the back of the neck. These tattoos are high in demand these days and are worn by many.

5. Mark of the Beast Barcode Tattoos:

Mark of the Beast Barcode Tattoos

Mark of the Beast is a very popular and cool barcode tattoo. This symbolizes the devil which is taken from the bible in the book of Revelations. People have chosen to incorporate this on their heads with “666” written under it. This stands as the mark of the beast, a statement of evil.

6. Birth Date Tattoo designs:

Birth Date Tattoos

Barcodes have different innovative styles and designs. Some of the best ones are the Birth Date Barcode Tattoos. This includes the birth dates of individuals, their lovers, parents or someone who plays a significant role in their lives. For example, one could do 1-08-1991 or 2-05-1988. Any combination can be used as this could signify the importance of a person and their role in another’s life.

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7. Unique Zip Code Barcode Tattoo at Neck:

Zip code Barcode Tattoos

Zip code Barcode Tattoos are unique and can be any particular number that is special to a person. Most men and women have chosen this style and it appeals to them very unique and it even symbolizes their personality or something interesting about that person. Zip code Barcode tattoos is gaining popularity as its stand to be unique. this style is currently on high demand in the market.

8. Rainbow Barcode Tattoo Design:

Rainbow Tattoo

Rainbow Barcode Tattoos are indeed a unique tattoo design. They consist of several colors, especially the ones of the rainbow. Generally barcode tattoos are black lines but now you can go ahead and flaunt rainbow colored tattoos. You can also write a special word under that which describes you. It consists of several colors, especially the ones of the rainbow. They look colorful, trendy, innovative and stylish.

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9. Describing Barcode Tattoos on Wrist:

Describing Barcode Tattoos

Just like its name, describing barcode tattoos are those which describe a particular person or a product in one word. It is a way of identifying oneself and has been adopted by many people in the recent times. These inscriptions are in bold letters and clear font and it celebrates humanity.

10. Removable Barcode Number Tattoos:

Best Barcode Tattoo Designs With Meanings edited10

These tattoos are made with medically approved decal paper and each tattoo lasts for a day. To remove this you just need to peel it off only. The barcodes which is designed uses Code 128 style encryption, so that the temporary tattoos can be easily scanned. Each pack consists of six tattoos and it is available in all the sizes according to your choice. This barcode can be pasted on any part of the body but it works best on the skin area which are free of body hair.

11. Love Displaying Barcode Tattoos:

Best Barcode Tattoo Designs With Meanings edited11

These barcodes tattoos are for love struck couples. It looks very stylish and appealing as the barcode describes the date of the anniversary with the name of its loved ones. The barcode is displayed above the date and now you can express your love easily to your loved one with the help of barcode tattoos.

12. Tricky Barcode Tattoo on Palm of Hand:

Best Barcode Tattoo Designs With Meanings edited12

Barcode designed on palm are said to be tricky and is also very distinct as you can hide or display it to others at any time you wish with a very little effort involved in it. Moreover, the palm tattoos are tricky so it should be designed by a skilled person only. You can even choose the colors and the numbers as per your wish or choice and get it displayed on your palm.

13. Attractive Barcode Tattoos:

Best Barcode Tattoo Designs With Meanings edited13

These tattoos can be designed on any part of the body and the presence of colors makes this barcode tattoo look very beautiful and it even displays the admiration of the person for the corporate culture. The colorful barcode tattoo gives a cool and effective look and also it is a good way to express yourself.

14. Musical Barcode Tattoos:

Best Barcode Tattoo Designs With Meanings edited14

Musical barcode tattoos is gaining popularity as it symbolizes the love of the person for music. It is very common in youngsters and they designs different music tones or different instrument on their wrist palm or on their necks so that other come to know that this person is in love with music.

15. Let Barcode Tattoos Grow:

Best Barcode Tattoo Designs With Meanings edited15

You would love this barcode tattoo as it is very different from other tattoos as the line eventually grows into the grass. The line curves at the end. It is open, and the barcode lines are seen rising up and curling into shrub which is quiet appealing to the eyes and if you want you can add some small flowers or butterflies which would make it more attractive. You can even get it designed with different ink so that it can look more beautiful.

People choose barcode tattoos because they find these tattoos is the way to express their individuality. With the advancement of technology it’s difficult to get noticed so with the help of this barcode tattoo you can express yourself. Some people even wear this barcode tattoo as a statement of art and even it represent your support for humanity.