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Paper quilling is a nice way to make various items including jewelry. These jhumkas are made with lovely papers that make it light weight as well. Quilling is the latest technique that is used by many. It is become a source of income for a lot of ladies as well. You will find the colorful items made from quilling breath taking. This paper art form is here to stay and you can choose the best that people have to offer. Look for the best work and professional touch of the people who work with paper quilling.

Best Quilling Earrings Jhumkas New Designs:

Here is the top 15 quilling earrings jhumkas,

1. Beaded Quilling Jhumkas:

Beaded Quilling Jhumkas

These are some very pretty green quilling earrings designs jhumkas that look traditional with the gold beads on the edge. The center round earring is also adorned with gold beads. The color is a shaded green texture that looks stunning.

2. Rainbow Quilling Jhumkas:

Rainbow Quilling Jhumkas

Make this lovely pair of colorful rainbow quilling jhumka designs that have pearls at the end. The rainbow colors look bright and are perfect for any occasion like a modern twist. You can pair these earrings with jeans as well for a nice casual look.

3. Temple Look Jhumkas:

Temple Look Jhumkas

This gorgeous purple paperquilling earrings designs jhumkas are a nice touch of tradition. The temple jhumkas are made with oval pattern covered with round beads. The addition of gold tiny beads makes it look very impressive. Any occasion time this one nice idea in jhumka pattern.

4. Hoop Style Jhumkas:

Hoop Style Jhumkas

Make these bright orange hoop style paper quilling jewellery jhumkas that are fitted with gold beads. The orange and gold color combination looks very stunning and grand. The hoop style earrings are great for occasions to wear on traditional Indian wear. Festival time orange colored designer sarre gives better look for this jhumka.

5. Gold Jhumkas:

Gold Jhumkas

Here is a pair of gold paper quilling jhumkas design that will make you look rich. The gold paper is rolled brilliantly and skillfully well. Using the gold beads at the end of the jhumkas makes it very dramatic. These collections you will find near in your area too get this type of jhumka for your next celebration of festivals.

6. Tribal Jhumkas:

Tribal Jhumkas

You can get a nice pair of tribal paper quilling earrings jhumka in white for any occasion. The jhumkas are made with white paper and then inked with black. The tiny design looks very stunning. Use of silver flower at the top is also a unique twist. Those women’s who are professional and like to join office parties then this one will be good choice always.

7. Chandelier Jhumkas:

Chandelier Jhumkas

Here are cool chandelier styles quilling jewelry jhumkas that will be the talk of the town when you wear them. The seven layer tiny jhumkas are great with their bright colors. The white main jhumkas add a touch of uniqueness to it. If you have a baby girl then get this design of jhumka for her school time functions and this is best for festival seasons too.

8. Twin Layered Jhumkas:

Twin Layered Jhumkas

These are quilling jhumkas new designs that incorporate two jhumkas in a layered fashion. So these jhumkas in black look very elegant and cool along with the gold beads. The end of the jhumkas has a tiny bead hanging as well. This is black colored dark jhumka will be good choice for your dear one, gift her on any special or casual day.

9. Feathered Quilling Jhumkas with Stud:

Feathered Quilling

Try out these bespoke blue feathered quilling techniques to get the best earrings. These quilling jhumkas with studs are perfect for all occasions as well as casual wear. The blue looks very grand and stunning. You can get these in various other shades too. If you have a designer blue colored saari then this one is beautiful jhumka on party time too.

10. Dangling Jhumkas:

Dangling Jhumkas

These handmade paper pink dangling jhumkas are the best you can buy. They are made with lovely pink color paper as well as pink beads. You can get the dangling design in various sizes as well. This is preferred by college going girls and they like to use on western outfits too.

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11. Round Loop Jhumkas:

Round Loop Jhumkas

Here is a paper quilling earrings jhumkas black in color with green contrast. The green contrast is made with a round loop that has white beads around it. This makes a very good statement jewelry item that goes well with modern wear. Green and black colored jhumkas gives fresh look to any women.

12. Bell Style Jhumkas:

Bell Style Jhumkas

These cute green bell style jhumkas are what you need for daily use. The little beads joined together that hang from the jhumkas make a nice bell sound. You can get these in various colors that work for your outfit. This one green colored will be good choice on jeans and tops, you can use them on daily use.

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13. Heavy Jhumkas:

Heavy Jhumkas

Make your wedding outfit classier with these heavy style jhumkas in red. The red jhumkas are adorned with gold beads and gold pieces in intricate design. This makes a very traditional piece of earring that goes well with Indian wear. If you want something Rajasthani look jhumkas then this one will be nice idea in heavy style of patterns.

14. Fancy Jhumkas:

Fancy Jhumkas

Here is a very fancy jhumkas style that all girls will love to wear. The bright colors used here are made lovely pastel paper. The jhumkas are adorned with rolled paper on the loop as well. This gives it a different style altogether.

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15. Stone Studded Jhumkas:

Stone Studded Jhumkas

Make your next outing a fancy one with a pair of these stone studded jhumkas. The green jhumkas are stuck with white stone that shine bright in the light. The gold beads look very grand too.

Try out these lovely paper quilling jhumkas that are made with various colored paper. The jhumkas are traditional styles that look nice with beads, stones and bright colors. When we plan to gift to our wife or our loved one girlfriend that time this type of earrings are the best way to express our feelings, this is the best idea to gift your dear. Valentine day is the best day to gift; you will get more collections in this pattern of quilling earrings. Personalized earrings will be also a good choice always.