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The most loved outfit which a man would shop for taking a lot of time is a shirt. Shirts are that most required outfit for a man. A shirt can be made of different fabrics like cotton, linen, silk, poly cotton etc. they can have various mens fitted shirts like slim fit, perfect fit, loose at the sleeves, semi fit etc. shirts in various shades, colours and fits make up most of a man’s wardrobe. Slim fit is available in both casual as well as formal shirts. A perfect shirt makes a man look more suave and handsome.

Latest Mens Slim Fit Shirts in Trend:

We will check out the top 15 slim fit shirts for mens here. Pick your best one and enjoy all the attention.

1. White Slim Fit Shirt:

White Slim fit Shirt

This white slim fit shirt is one must have in a man’s collection. This is made in poplin which is made of plain woven lightweight cotton. This is extremely comfortable and men prefer white shirts for business meetings, deals and even an important office presentation.

2. Slim Fit Business Shirt:

Slim fit Business Shirt

This is a perfect blue coloured business shirt in slim fit with full sleeves. This fabulous slim fit shirt gives that confidence to crack a business deal or a meeting. A man can never look dull or boring in a blue shade shirt.

3. Formal Slim Fit Shirt:

Formal Slim Fit Shirt

Formal shirts are required as daily office wear for men. Slim fit formal shirts are very much in trend currently as these shirts fit so well that it gives extra confidence and looks amazing on a man. They can be in solid colours or can have stripes, checks or any formal shirt print in it.

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4. Slim Fit Short Sleeve Shirt:

slim fit shirts

This slim fit shirts are short sleeved and not the regular short sleeve shirts. This has a designer element with the collar and sleeve end in different colours and prints. In this case, it is checkered. Young men can team it with fitted denims.

5. Black Casual Slim Fit Shirt:

Black Casual Slim Fit Shirt

Black is one classy colour and one never can go wrong with black colour shirt. Black coloured slim fit casual shirt is a must have for a man in his casual wear collection. This black slim fit shirt goes with denims or even with printed trousers or even military pants.

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6. Slim Fit Checked Casuals:

Slim fit Checked Casuals

One casual checked shirt is a must have for a Friday night or a day out with friends. Big checked pattern in blue, red, green etc. looks trendy and cool at the same time. These are extremely comfortable and with the exact slim fitting in them, works brilliant with denims and cool casuals.

7. Printed Slim Fit Casual Shirt:

Printed Slim fit Casual Shirt

Men need casual shirts too apart from slim fit office shirts. This printed brown casual shirt is great for an outing with friends or for an evening party or get together. This has an English feel to it with an amazing shade of brown with the prints.

8. Blue Retro Slim Fit Shirt:

Blue Retro Slim fit shirt

This is a popular blue coloured shirt for sophisticated men with a modern taste. This has a retro feel with the layered stitch detailing on the shoulders. Full sleeves, slim fit with twin pockets makes it trendy and one can complete the look with dark jeans and sneakers.

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9. Unique Floral Slim Fit Shirt:

Unique Floral Slim fit shirt

This is one unique, stunning slim fit shirt. This is high end fashion and one looks ramp ready with these floral print slim fit shirts. The slim fit is perfect and the dark floral prints are on the sleeves inside, on the collar running down on till chest level and the upper side of the front pocket. This is a full sleeved shirt in solid yet light or pastel colours to give contrast to the dark floral prints.

10. Purple Slim Fit Shirt:

Purple slim fit Shirt

When we think of slim fit shirts, purple is one colour which is best colour for a slim fit semi-formal shirt. Men prefer purple shade for the colour suits and blends well in all types of fabrics like satin, cotton, polyester, linen etc. This purple slim fit shirt works well for a semi-formal event completing the look with matching pair of smart trousers.

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11. Slim Fit Polo Neck Shirt:

Slim fit polo neck shirt

This is a branded slim fit shirt in cotton fabric. The polo neck in this shirt is what makes this look different and the colour in grey in a slim fit looks every bit masculine. This is an excellent slim fit shirt to be paired with black jeans or trousers.

12. Party Wear Slim Fit Shirt:

Party wear Slim Fit Shirt

Slim fit shirts in vibrant colours and trendy collars, sleeves and prints are perfect for party wear. This orange coloured slim fit shirt is designed with multi- coloured collar insides and the inside of the sleeves. The vibrant colour hues in these slim fit shirts are what make them elegant and fashionably trendy.

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13. Monochrome Slim Fit Shirt:

Monochrome Slim fit shirt

Monochrome uses the two basic and classy colours of white and black. This slim fit monochrome shirt has the unique technique of cut and sews to stitch the black yoke on the slim fit white shirt. The contrast in black and white slays an interesting pattern and can be a trend setter.

14. Red Casual Slim Fit Shirt:

Red Casual Slim Fit Shirt

One red shirt is a must have in a man’s collection of shirts. Latin red colour looks bright and goes awesome with just cool blue denim for a Friday party look. This red coloured shirt being slim fit gives a nice fitting with jeans.

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15. Patchwork Slim Fit Shirt:

Patchwork Slim Fit Shirt

This is a stylish high end fashion patchwork full sleeve slim fit shirt for men. This shirt has three different shades in grey, dark blue and blue merged perfectly in a patchwork pattern with front buttons and pocket.
Be it any occasion, slim fit shirts never can be wrong or out of fashion. The cuts and fitting is so perfect that a man looks handsome like never before. The options available in slim fit shirts are so much and interesting that one can pick these in various prints, colours and shades for almost every occasion. Slim fit is actually the way forward.

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