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Wolf tattoos are great to look at and are worn by both men and women. They are strikingly amazing creatures who have immense strength and power. Their appearance is beauteous, although sometimes they are known to represent feelings of eeriness, danger and horror.

wolf tattoo designs

Wolf tattoos are great mythological characters and are universally feared by all. They have admirable qualities such as loyalty; courage and power which makes us overlook its ferocity and wild side. The gallery of wolf tattoos is huge and there are so many designs to choose from. Thus, we have selected the best wolf tattoo designs for men and women along with meanings and images, just so that you are encouraged to get one for yourself. Look for a best style that makes you look stronger and braver.

Getting a Wolf tattoo is a big step for most people due to their great look. What does the wolf tattoos mean? Here, you will be explored with their meaning and different variations.

Best Wolf Tattoos With Meanings And Pictures:

Here are the 20 best wolf tattoo designs with meanings for men and women follows.

1. Wolf With Butterfly Tattoo Design:

In this wolf with butterfly tattoo design, it offers cool and pleasant look for the wearers. It can be done on your hands giving the unique and sexy look for people who wears it. This design can be suited for all season and both men & women as it can be inked with dark black color ink and if multiple color inks are used to design the tattoos, then it will give a perfect look making unique from other tattoo designs.


Numerous  designs of Wolf tattoos for girls are available in the tattoo world. It will be used to express love and affection among the lovers and partners. Most of the girls are like to worn the wolf with heart, a wolf with butterflies and wolves together tattoo designs which give a perfectly unique look around the people who always have a common design. Some try to make it look cuter by adding some kinds of additional romantic symbols or even the name of their loved ones.

2. Indian Pattern Wolf Tattoo Design:

This tattoo design can be designed with Indian pattern as a kind of devotional or tribal type of designs. In some cultures, a wolf is considered as a representation of life and light. It can be designed with complex designs and a dark ink color gives an elegant color. These tattoos are used to symbolize the brave and courage of the people to embrace their family and can also be used to represent spiritual guidance.


Tribal wolf tattoo will give the luck and fertility to the people. This design can be inked heavily and try to make some considerations before making a commitment. It contains many absolute designs which give the perfect look to the wearer as it can be decorated with ornaments offering a devotional and pleasant look. The tribal tattoos are more familiar among women and men, for women especially; it gives the fierce look as the tribal version is a good choice. Tribal tattoo designs are available in different poses and those are totally different from other tattoo designs. Thus, this still gives quite cool and nevertheless looks among the crowd by showing the admirable qualities and ferocity.

3. Inspiring Wolf Tattoo Design:

Inspirational wolf tattoo design will reflect the personality and personal feelings of the person who get tattooed with it. Getting this inspirational wolf tattoo design will definitely give you the inspiring look as the wolf picture used here is indeed very attractive and also very eye-catching. The wolf symbolizes the royalty, fearlessness, intelligence and they are also a devoted animal. In general, wolf tattoo designs are associated with the darker emotions such as unkindness, cunning, slyness, ferocity and also evil. Wolf tattoos are also used to represent the spiritual guidance. Some people do have the belief that wolves have some spiritual attachments and guides which continue with their activities on earth. It also gives the maleness, success and bravery look to the tattooed persons.

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Wolf tattoos represent quite a symbol of power, cunning, and strength. The younger wolves give the looks of being lovable taken care of by the father and mother. This is the main reason why peoples wear this wolf tattoos on their body. Some are done with multiple wolves in their designs to denote the caring family. Wolves have been occupying an important role in the history. This inspirational wolf offers the way of expressing the person’s personal beliefs and attitude.

4. Geometric Wolf Tattoo Design:

The geometric wolf tattoo design with a running wolf on the forearm will give the look of energy and enthusiasm for the tattooed person. This design can give the modern classic looks for the peoples while compared with the other tattoo designs. This running wolf design, which gives the strength and power of the tattooed person, will be loved by many. It will be designed in the geometric shape and inked with dotted lines of black color ink. Wolf tattoo is considered as a negative one in some cultures, but according to the Japanese culture, a wolf is considered as a protector of human beings, and with the safety of children and a safe childbirth.

Geogemetric Wolf Tattoo Design

Most of the animal tattoos are done with the realistic design, while some other may be inked with watercolor, but the wolf tattoos are no exception to this rule. The best-suited locations for the wolf tattoo are back, shoulder, hand, etc. While this can be tattooed on your body giving elegant looks for the wearer. It resembles wilderness and rebelliousness. Wolf having the unique characteristics can inspire humans in their lives and teach them who they really are.

5. Angry Wolf Tattoo Design:

In this angry wolf tattoo design the wolf face would be predicted as much as anger. This kind of tattoo designs will indicate the strength of the tattooed person and rather, the wolf  tattoo designs are meant for both men and women. In this tattoo design, it can be inked with dark and soft black color. There are many wolf tattoo designs being famous like howling wolf and moon combination, wolf paw,etc. Wolf tattoos for men are available in many different sizes from which you can get any size that suits your body posture. It also an enhances leadership quality of the men thus giving the better intuition and instincts related to our mind and our heart.


Most of the men like to wear this kind of tattoo on their body which indicates the protector and power. In this design, the black-grey shading ink gives a fabulous contrast. Loyalty and leadership is some other qualities of the wolves which make them as a world popular one. Getting this tattooed on your body will give strength, devotion, success and many others. This anger looking wolf can get perfectly matched for men as it gives the manly look.

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6. Wolf Paws Tattoo Design:

Through the paws wolf

Here is one of those wolf tattoo designs that are completely unique and can leave an astounding impression on the viewer’s mind. In this beautiful piece of work, a faint impression of a mighty wolf can be clearly seen, the front toes showing the lit eyes of a ferocious wolf, the paw pad showing the rest of the face. The intricate detailing done on the entire tattoo makes this tattoo a definite head turner. Getting this tattoo will make you look unique by standing ahead the crowd.

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7. Tribal Wolf Tattoo Art:

Tribal Wolf Tattoo

Tribal wolf tattoos are liked by both men and women. For women who would like to go for a fierce looking wolf should definitely choose the tribal tattoo designs. They have different poses, unique designs and patterns and have much more variations as compared to non tribal ones. The tattoos are artistic, stunning, gorgeous and appealing to the eye. Most of them like to have their wolves run, jump and fight but some also keep it simple. Finding a best tattoo will be really a tougher task but, when searched properly you will get the best design easily.

8. Moon And The Wolf Tattoos:

Moon and the wolf

Indeed we have seen many a tattoo of a lonesome wolf or along with its herd posing in front of a moon and is actually one of the most common propositions for a wolf tattoo. Once again reliving that experience here is yet another magnificent tattoo a bright moon on the background with a wolf softly walking on the fore ground. Towards the end of the tattoo, the art mellows down into fog that adds to the scenic beauty of the work. Depending on the location, you can rest assured that people will comment and ask about it.

9. Werewolf Tattoo Designs:

Werewolf Tattoo

Werewolves signify the connection between man and wolves. If you find a very good and professional tattoo artist, you can get yourself an amazing tattoo design. Here in this tattoo the wolf is beautifully painted with fur and dangerous teeth. Be sure to hire a professional tattoo as they will help you get a perfect one.

10. Dream Catcher Wolf Tattoo:

Dream catcher wolf tattoo

Dream catcher is an ancient concept where a circle encloses a mesh of finely made wires that are accompanied by soft feathers hanging down below, the entire concept speaking about catching or trapping your dreams and positive vibes while not permitting the negative vibes to reach to you. To show your undying passion for the love of this animal, wolf tattoos never come better than this. Unrequited love and admiration for this animal can be etched on this dream catcher.

11. Growling Wolf Art:

Growling wolf Tattoo

A wolf is untamable, gracious and ferocious at the same time and therefore is definitely one of the best option for wolf tattoos for men. In this tattoo, the wolf is seen sporting his best growl, the fearing minds focusing on the big, yellow set of teeth. The subtle curves and crunches on his face express his anger clearly as the use of appropriate color combinations bring out the life like attitude in this tattoo. This will be meticulous but others will be not be quite as savvy.

12. Daggered Wolf Tattoos:

Daggered wolf

Wolf tattoo meaning ranges from the very simple love for wolf to the most complex ones much like this one in which a wild number of characters express themselves the main protagonist being the growling wolf, a majestic dagger going through and through from the middle of the wolf, the all seeing eye just above his forehead. The tattoo on the upfront portrays flame while the flowers on the underneath add a perfect friend for the dagger. When looking through online sites, please make sure to find the perfect design.

13. Artistic Wolf Tattoos For Men:

Artistic Wolf Tattoo

A wolf tattoo can always be made in different ways. The best one out of them is the artistic one. The glossy and glowing color, the rich black texture, the patterns, images and objects used will make your tattoo look undeniably beautiful and attractive.

14. Woman And Wolf Tattoo Design For Women:

Woman Wolf Tattoo

The woman wolf tattoo has been designed especially for the women. The image of a gorgeous looking woman with blue eyes, a long chain of pearls, rosy cheeks and beautiful lips looks appealing. What makes it more attractive the image of a wolf on top of her head. The tattoo is pretty different as compared to the rest, however it still looks amazing. This tattoo will look gigantic thus enhancing the personality of the person who gets it tattooed.

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15. In Design Wolf:

In design wolf Tattoo

Tribal wolf tattoos are a thing in the tattoo world and this is exactly why this complex turn out of a tattoo would look exemplary on the forearm or the corners of a back shoulder. This tattoo focuses on the face of a stern looking wolf, the entire character beautiful adorned by a variety of lace like tribal works that speaks of exfoliating beauty as the stern eyes of the wolf never doused its invisible flame. this tattoo can be left in monochrome or can be made prolific by adding bright colors.

16. Feather Wolf Tattoo Designs:

Feather Wolf Tattoo

A wolf doesn’t always have to look ferocious and angry. A simple expression of wolf can also be used and the result will still be the same. It will look beautiful and majestic. A few other tattoo patterns and designs such as feathers, quotes and calligraphy can be used to give it a distinct appearance. This is the best choice for tattoo lovers who always love to have different designs.

17. Arm Wolf Tattoo Designs:

Arm Wolf Tattoo

Though tattoos can be drawn in different parts of the body, getting tattooed in the arm part will definitely be a great idea.  A wolf tattoo on your arm looks cool, funky and fashionable. Various designs and patterns can be used for this. A few colors of your choice can also be added to make it look charming, modern and spectacular.

18. Howling Wolf Tattoo:

Howling Wolf Tattoo

A howling wolf always looks majestic and fearless. A fine tattoo which depicts the wolf howling on a late full moon night is sure to give you a very creative look. You will surely receive compliments from many once you get this tattoo inscribed. Go with an artistic design which will be uncommon from the existing ones.

19. Wolf Tattoo On Your Back:

Wolf on your back tattoo

A wild wolf tattoo on your back looks magnificent and unspeakably beautiful. A couple of wolves with a peaceful and loving expression on their face surrounded by pleasant and wild flowers really brings out the good qualities of this animal. The tattoo is very innovative and creative in appearance but, be sure to get it from best artist.

20. Scary Wolf Tattoos:

Scary Wolf Tattoo

The wolf is known to bring in feelings of horror, danger and trouble. If you have seen in movies, the wolves come out in packs and howl on full moon nights. This adds to the eeriness and makes the environment spooky and scary. A wolf tattoo that brings out all these qualities will look great on your body and within a simple search; you can get thousands of designs that makes you the best.

Wolves are royal like, majestic and beautiful a creature and can often be deemed as an inspiration for the newest trending form of body art. Tattoos have taken the world by a whirlwind and while many a concept inspired ideas to be etched on the canvas of your body, when it comes to wolves we can be mysterious, mystical and even powerful in our drawing depictions.

There are many wolf tattoo designs available in the websites. Finding wolf tattoo designs or any other designs that you want is simple here. Here was the list of better tattoos designs described for your knowledge. No matter which wolf tattoo design you might think of to get tattooed.

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