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In the Indian Culture, each jewellery has its own importance. It has a significant meaning which is also related to some ancient religious ritual. Similarly, mangalsutra has its own importance. The simple meaning of mangalsutra is a pious thread. This auspicious thread is tied on the neck of the bride by the groom on the wedding day.

According to the Hindu culture, it is worn by the bride throughout her life, for the long life of her husband. There are many heart snatching mangalsutra designs available in the Indian market. According to the state they are living in or to the religion they follow, they have different designs and meaning of the mangalsutra. Some of the new pattern mangalsutra are truly different and beautiful.


Mangalsutra in Different Indian Cultures:

The meaning of mangalsutra differs across cultures. Each culture sees this in a different light. Take a look at what it means across cultures.

1. Sindhi Mangalsutra:

In the Sindhi culture,mangalsutra is a very crucial element of the whole wedding. It is a black and gold beaded chain with a pendant. The choice of design usually depends on what the groom and bride like. It is a matter of unison and that’s the meaning it conveys.

2. Bihari Mangalsutra:

It is conventionally known as the taagpaag. It is a black beaded chain with a pendant of choice. The mangalsutra conveys respect and love for the husband.

3. Tamil Mangalsutra:

It is conventionally known as thaali kodi. It conveys the meaning of union, commitment, respect and love for each other. The imprints on the thaali could be a leaf or any other symbolic representation that the family believes in.

4. Kerala Mangalsutra:

This is also known as minnu by the Christians and as thaali among the Hindus. The minnu contains a cross on a gold medallion shaped like a heart, that symbolizes love. The cross stands for the relationship that the husband and wife must follow.

5. Telugu Mangalsutra:

The Telugu mangalsutra has two round shape discs or coins. The groom’s side and the bride’s side each give a disc, tied on a yellow thread. The mangalsutra signifies harmony between the two families involved.

6. Gujarati Mangalsutra:

The Gujarati brides wear a nose stud to indicate their married status. They wear a traditional mangalsutra with black beads with an intricate gold pendant. The mangalsutra signifies love and respect for each other.

7. Maharashtrian Mangalsutra:

The Maharashtrian mangalsutra is made of a black beaded chain with two bowl-shaped vatis. The gold vatis indicate Shiva and Shakti. The two strands of beads fused together are symbolic of the husband and wife. Black beads are to keep the evil eye away and have a happy marriage.

8. Karnataka Mangalsutra:

It is conventionally known as karthamani Pathak. It is the most important jewellery for any Kodava bride in the Coorg region. Karthamani and Pathak are two separate pieces of jewellery. The “Pathak” is a gold pendant that has a large gold coin with Lakshmi or Queen Victoria engraving and has small round rubies studded on the circumference of the coin. This coin pendant has a cobra image that stands for fertility.

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Tips For Indian Brides To Choose The Perfect Mangalsutra:

We’ll also tell you how to choose the right mangalsutra. Take a look at the tips.

1. Budget:

This is the first and foremost thing you need to decide before you start to shop for a mangalsutra. Have a rough idea about the amount you are ready to invest in it.

2. Length:

How long would you want your mangalsutra to be? Once you decide that, make sure to tell your jeweler about it. In case you are planning to customize it, make sure you give the right length to the maker.

3. Pendent size:

The next you need to decide is the pendent size. If you are planning to wear daily, make sure to choose a smaller one. In case you are going to wear it only occasionally, go for a very attractive and heavy one.

4. Thickness:

Decide how many strings you want your mangalsutra to have. Have a rough idea on it. Remember, the more the number of strings, the heavier it is going to be.

5. Metal:

Decide if you want a gold or diamond mangalsutra embedded. You need to be sure of this before you give the customisation details to the goldsmith. If you want it to be lightweight, choose gold.

6. Black or gold:

It is at best to keep a balance of gold and black beads. Black beads will match all your attire. Otherwise, you could also choose what to have more, whether black or gold.

7. Attached or detached:

You can use a mangalsutra like any other pendent. You can choose detachable strings and use pendent with other strings and chains. This way it is going to convenient.

8. Set:

Why not get a set for the mangalsutra with a matching earring and bangle? That way, it will serve two purposes, making a fashion statement, yet preserving the culture of wearing it.

9. Hallmark:

Another essential thing you need to check for is the hallmark that will stand for purity and authenticity. Do not get cheated here.

10. Shape:

What shape do you want your mangalsutra to be? V-shape or round? Or maybe you could get creative and design one on your own.

Different Patterns of Mangalsutra Designs:

As time lapsed, the mangalsutra designs have also kept on changing with trendy designs. With the use of emeralds, ruby, diamonds, beads etc there is a vast range of variety in the Indian market. Let’s have a look at the most demanding designs of mangalsutra for daily and office uses.

1. Circular Diamond Mangalsutra:


A single chained mangalsutra with a lovely circular pendant gives a gorgeous look. The pendant is studded with small crystal diamonds to make it more decorative. This mangalsutra looks stunning on sarees and lehengas with circular jardoshi work. Such Mangalsutra is also worn for regular use. It is mostly worn on saree and dresses which have a simple but sophisticated look.

2. The Wine Branch Mangalsutra Design:


This mangalsutra pattern has a curvy design that is worn for designer dresses. They give an elegant look to the wearer. The pendant is studded with amazing diamonds giving the branches a delicate look. The branches are also decorated with gold and diamonds studded on either side. It is then attached to a single black beaded chain. The short length of such Mangalsutra is very classy on dresses with embroidery.

3. Black and Golden Mangalsutra:


Want to have a classic look with black colour beads? Wear this mangalsutra to look simple! A mangalsutra made out of 22-carat gold, studded with black beads and enamel is simply attractive and amazing. It is worn on marriage functions on heavy sarees. The three long black beads give it a beautiful glance. The Semi Circled pendant is studded and embossed into attractive designs with a fab look.

4. Om Pendant Mangalsutra:


This is a contemporary mangalsutra pattern is a religious mangalsutra design with a pendant carrying om in it. The symbol of om is a pious symbol of peace, divinity, love and faith. The pendant with this type of design gives a divine look. The mangalsutra is the symbol of love and affection for her better half and also shows her religious side. The pendant is carried with a pious black beaded chain.

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5. Rajasthani Mangalsutra Design:


This is an absolute traditional ethnic designed mangalsutra is gives your ethnic wear a stunning look. The Rajasthani choker design is the best for the ethnic wear. The string of the mangalsutra is designed with black glass beads. Three such strings are joined to the choker designed gold pendant to give a charming look. The red and green emeralds stunned in the embossed design adds to its beauty.

6. Heart Pendant Mangalsutra:


Such Mangalsutra designs have brought a new turn in the jewellery market. The thick beaded black coloured string is attached with several heart pendants with good and emerald. A heart is a symbol of love, care, eternal romance, and faith between two souks. Hence, these designs signify love and romance. It is suitable on traditional dresses for parties.

7. Peacock Pendant Mangalsutra:


Want to have a colourful designed mangalsutra? The peacock design is the right choice. The pendant is studded with crystal emeralds and is attached to a string made with golden beads and black beads. The various colours used to decorate the peacock give it a bright look to attract anyone’s eyes in any function. Peacock is the symbol of purity, eternal love and faith. These three symbols are considered as the basic strength between couples. Try out this best mangalsutra design.

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8. Mangalsutra with a Gemstone:


Gemstones have always been an attraction to the women. A pendant with a gemstone in pink of a petal design with black and golden strings gives a stunning look. The small beads at the end add to its beauty. It gives a spectacular look over pink ethnics to the ladies. It is also available in various colourful gemstones to match it with the outfit you want.

9. Ruby Designed Mangalsutra:


A pattern with a modern look is inspired by a ruby. The mangalsutra design is a combination of gold and ruby of red colour. The middle portion of the pendant is studded with sparkling diamonds. Such a design is worn with diamond designer saree for specific functions. You can also get the ruby colour of your choice according to your outfit for functions.

10. Emerald Design Mangalsutra:


Emeralds give a simple and stunning look to even simple wear. A green and White emerald decoration with wavy design leads you forward with whatever you wear. The beautiful pendant is then attached to single string black beads. It looks fab on dresses no matter they are designer or simple.

11. Sunflower Designed Mangalsutra:


A perfect graceful design of mangalsutra to be carried in marriages needs to be simple but ethnic. The sunflower design made out if gold with black mesmerizing emeralds to complete the sunflower design. The strings are a combination of black beads at a gap and golden chains holding them. It gives a royal effect on patola sarees for religious functions. This is beautiful and classy!

12. Royal Mangalsutra Design:


The royal mangalsutra designs are always eye-catchy. They give a royal and sophisticated look on brides and women in marriages. The latest mangalsutra design is decorated with four chains of gold and auspicious black beads alternatively. The pendant is of gold with embossed designs and cute hanging chains. It symbolizes love, purity and trust for new couples.

13. Maharashtrian Mangalsutra:


Also, known as vati, this vintage design is highly popular in Maharashtra. A traditional gold mangalsutra with two beads signifying the brides’ maternal home and the in-laws home. The design of the string is made with several round beads of gold and a red emerald in the centre. It also represents the strong bond between both the families. It is famous on Maharashtrian sarees.

14. Intertwined Mangalsutra:


A unique design with diamonds is very attractive to the eyes of the viewers. A mangalsutra with a single strand and a diamond Studded pendant is enough to attract anyone. The design of the pendant gives a look of two people holding hands with fingers intertwined. This symbolizes love, affection and commitment a couple makes at the time of a wedding. It suits on any designer dress.

15. QUEEN Pendant Mangalsutra:


The latest mangalsutra designs are always inspired to keep it trendy and are the popular choice among the newly wedded brides. One such design is the queen or Maharani designed mangalsutra. The three chained mangalsutra with black beads and a golden chain is studded with pink and white beads to give a Maharani outlook to the bride. The wedding day is special to all couples, so gift her with this design and let her feel like your hearts’ princess.

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16. Leaf Design Mangalsutra:


A design of mangalsutra inspired by nature gives a fresh and delicate look. A single medium and short string made up with black and gold is finally given a pendant made by designing two leaves studded with crystal white diamonds. The fine white diamonds designed inside the leaf gives a dew drop effect which is charming. Every dress whether casual or ethnic suits with this delicate design.

17. Thaali Mangalsutra:


A mangalsutra design from the Southern part of India is known as Thaali. This is a simple and pious mangalsutra which is made out of simple yellow string along with three knots. The gold pendants are embossed with auspicious designs or religious symbols. Also, a small piece of turmeric is added to the yellow cotton string. It strengthens the bond of the couple with trust, love and respect.

18. Cup Pendant Mangalsutra:


The Karnataka mangalsutra design is very unique and traditional. The strand is made up of gold and black beads and there are two golden cups attached as a pendant. It gives a classy look over Kanjivaram sarees and dresses. The two cups in the string represent the sun and the moon which symbolize power and romance for the couple.

19. Mangalsutra Set Design:


The Northern side of India prefers wearing the mangalsutra sets. It is the latest design mangalsutra getting popularity now all over India. The double strand mangalsutra with a diamond pendant with smooth curves is amazing. The set is also decorated with two matching earrings. This is quite often worn for regular basis and hence suits on any outfit.

20. Coral Design Mangalsutra:


How about a coastal touch to your mangalsutra? This mangalsutra design is highly inspired by the coral beads. It is widely worn in Konkan region. The coral red beads are joined with a single black bead strand. The flora red corals are widely used for the brides to welcome their good luck after marriage and for the well being of her husband. As it is simple, you can carry with any dress.

21. Simple Mangalsutra Design:


All the jewelleries do not require heavy diamond decorations. A simple and formal string can also attract anyone. Here is one such simple mangalsutra design. It is simply a combination of yellow cotton string and beads at a few distances. The design can also be made using a gold chain and black beads. It always gives a unique look on any dress.

22. Pearl Design Mangalsutra:


The antique jewellery mangalsutra with a pearl design is always delicate with its designs and the use of pearls. The mangalsutra images with pearls are highly preferred with traditional sarees and pearl designed dresses. The pendant of this mangalsutra is designed similar to the earrings. White and pink embossed emeralds studded on the strand give it an amazing appearance.

23. Trendy Mangalsutra Design:


A trendy design of mangalsutra is highly famous. The simple gold strands are now converted with a cylindrical shaped charm that is added to the black beads and gold chain design. The pendant is made out of gold with an amazing emerald attached in the centre of the pendant. The pendant circle design and the mangalsutra as a whole look stunning in ethnic wear.

24. Nallapusalu Mangalsutra:


Want to have a simple but sophisticated look? This design of mangalsutra serves just that. A double string chain with good and black bead is studded with a peacock Pendant with a unique look. A short mangalsutra can accompany all your outfits to give them a stunning look. The peacock is further decorated with a red south sea pearl and three gold balls hanging below to give a charming look.

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25. Five String Mangalsutra:


Want to have a very classic look with classy jewellery? Here is one unique design you can adapt. A five strings mangalsutra set is the latest design mangalsutra available in the jewellery market. It has simple strings of black beads with gold balls joined with. This set also comes with a pair of matching earrings. It gives a highly fashionable look in high society parties and functions.

26. Simple and Classy Style Mangalsutra Double Chain:

27 Latest Mangalsutra Design Images with Names 2023 | Styles At Life

This is a simple and classy mangalsutra design that has a mix of gold and black combination. The black beads fused against the gold colour, will make it more attractive and beautiful. It is inspired to look simple and classy. This modern mangalsutra will match any of your outfit, even the western wear!

27. Traditional Double Chain Mangalsutra:

27 Latest Mangalsutra Design Images with Names 2023 | Styles At Life

This is a traditional mangalsutra that is slightly modern, but mostly traditional. The double chain new style manglasutra is lightweight. You can optionally add the pendants to give it a richer look. That will have a bearing on the weight, as well as the cost. The jewellery comes in alternate patterns of gold and black, to make it look attractive.

The mangalsutra is an important jewellery for the married women which they wear on a regular basis. The black beads in the strings are auspicious as they are the symbol of Lord Shiva and Parvati as one soul. The mangalsutra also has a flow of positive energy. The left side string energy is known as desire, the right side energy is of knowledge and the centre part flows the energy of action. The combination of these three energies takes the form of Shai also known as Goddess Parvati. This way it provides positive energy in abundance to the married bride to fight against evil. In this way, a mangalsutra symbolizes strength, love, acceptance, energy etc.