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The ancient simple blouses are now out of trend. They have been replaced with heavy designer blouses adorned with laces, stones, pearls etc. much more to give a perfect match to the sarees. A famous design adopted by the fashion industry is the Maggam work blouse designs. Maggam design is formed with minute jardoshi work formed mainly on the silk material. The work is also designed with different diamond patches, stones, pearls and much more matching the sarees.

Simple Maggam Work Blouse Designs With Images For 2023:

Here are some selective models from the new and latest Maggam work blouse designs catalogue popular among women.

1. Maggam Work Branch Design Blouse:

Branch Design Blouse

A simple blouse with appropriate fitting in Maggam pattern is given deep neck design in deep U neck. The silk blue blouse is given golden curvy branches design with a circular pattern at the end of the neck design. The saree is also given a matching border for a perfect match.

2. Peacock Maggam Work Blouse:

Peacock Maggam Work Blouses

Peacock designs are the best ones among the simple Maggam work blouse designs. The pink blouse is given a peacock design in the back with golden thread work and green stones. It is the best suitable on simple patola sarees. Peacock designs are quite favourable for the bridal wear blouses.

3. Maggam Work Pot Neck Design Blouse:

Pot Neck Design Maggam Work Blouses

Simple Maggam work blouse designs are also preferred by the women who go for a simplified look. The blouse is given a pot neck design at the back and is decorated with a fine lacework and floral patches to make it elegant. The tiny flowers give it a cute look to be carried on simple chiffon or silk patolas.

4. Front Neck Design Maggam Work Blouse:

Front Neck Design Maggam Work Blouses

Apart from silk, Maggam work also looks great on velvet blouses. The latest Maggam work blouse designs with front pattern design is the prime choice of the teen girls. The blouse is given a lovely pattern with golden thread work and pearls attached to it. It is the best for plain sarees with similar borders.

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5. Heavy Neck Maggam Work Blouse Design:

Heavy Neck Design Maggam Work Blouses

A bridal look is the best achieved with blouses decorated with Maggam designs. The silk purple blouse with a deep neck is studded with pearls, stones and golden laces to give amazing leaf designs with curves. The blouses are best with chiffon sarees with the same pattern or on choli designs for an outstanding outfit.

6. Patchwork Design Maggam Work Blouse:

Patchwork Design Maggam Work Blouses

Designer blouses with Maggam work are highly adopted for lehenga and choli dresses. The sleeveless blouse is given a big patch on the back attached to a string sleeve and deep V neck. It gives the back an open view for a sensual look. The design is also a backless blouse design for lehenga suits on receptions.

7. Maggam Work Floral Design Blouse:

Floral Design Maggam Work Blouses

Floral designs are quite familiar among the Maggam work neck blouse designs. The blouse is given a leaf shape neck borders with golden laces. The lace is also adorned with floral work with pearls. The blouse is also given single pearls spread out for special occasions.

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8. Beautiful Lotus Work Design Blouse:

Lotus Design Maggam Work Blouses

A shiny silk material with lotus design looks fabulous for a digital look. The blouse back design is made with golden lotus patches knitted in Kashmiri style. The sleeves are also given a small border of the same to contrast with plain sarees. It gives a dramatic combination on straight cut choli suits in silk.

9. Traditional Mango Design Blouse Maggam Work:

Traditional Mango Maggam Work Blouse Designs

Brocade and Maggam is a rare but smashing combination to put on a traditional sarees. The brocade blouse is given mango designed patchwork with pearls and diamonds. The deep neck design is joined with two neck strings. The blouse is mostly worn in patola saree design or patlipalav design. This Maggam blouse design is inspired by utmost creativity.

10. Latest Maggam Work Long Sleeve Blouse:

Long Sleeve Maggam Work Blouse Designs

The latest Maggam work blouses are given a long designer sleeve design to make it look livelier. The blouse is given a round neck from front and back which is accompanied by golden laces. Further, the back is decorated with golden flowers and pearls with a similar pattern on the sleeves. It gives a wonderful look over silk saree with a similar floral border in blue.

11. Sheer High Neck Blouse:

Sheer High Neck Maggam Work Blouse Designs

A Maggam work neck blouse design with a high neck pattern which is also a mixture of net, velvet and beads. The velvet material is attached with the net near the neck and shoulders and the shining beads are tucked on it forming cute designs. The sexy design blouse is widely worn over cream chiffon or net saree with a similar pattern on receptions or events.

12. Jardoshi Work Blouse:

Jardoshi Maggam Work Blouse Designs

The bridal wear is incomplete without ajardoshi designed Maggam work designs for blouse. The neck pattern of the blouse is kept normal and deep, but the decoration of the blouse is the main attraction. This bridal maggam work blouse design includes tiny threaded work of beads and stones giving beautify shapes. Jardoshi blouse is worn on heavy saree or traditional saree giving a beautiful look.

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13. Designer Choli Blouse Design With Maggam Work:

Choli Maggam Work Blouse Design

A Maggam blouse design favourable for choli and sarees is made from cotton silk, pearl and beads. The blouse is given a deep U design at the back and umbrella cut design in the sleeves. To give a perfect look to the cut, beads are fixed at the curves. The design can be carried on georgette sarees or rash sarees on weddings.

14. Maggam Work Collar Blouse Design:

Maggam Work Collar Blouse Design

The georgette sarees also give a hasty designed blouse with Jardoshi work and a collar design. The blouse design is also similar to that of a brocade blouse. The back is given a circular design bordered with curvy designs with stones. To add to its beauty, a charm is attached in the centre from the collar.

15. Stripes Back Design Blouse:

Stripes Back Maggam Work Blouses

A sensual blouse Maggam work designs carried for a bridal look in marriage functions is made with silk and stone laces. The back design of the blouse is given a slight backless design with several stone stripes. The blouse is also given a broader of mehendi design laces. The heavy back design has a traditional touch with modern. It is absolutely classy and beautiful.

16. Butterfly Designed Blouse Maggam Work:

Butterfly Designed Maggam Work Blouses

A fashionable Maggam work blouse design which is a combination of ethnic and modern design is the butterfly blouse design. The back of the blouse is given a design similar to butterfly wings. It is attached to a string line sleeve. The centre of the back is given Jardoshi work for a stunning look.

17. Mirror Maggam Work Blouse Design:

Mirror Maggam Blouse

Maggam and mirrors a wonderful match for a designer Maggam bridal blouse. The blouse carries an adorable mixture of mirrors knitted in Maggam designs. This all over maggam work blouse is also given full sleeves with a similar border on the net material. It has a high neck design in circular design in contrast with other circular mirror work.

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18. Cap Sleeve Design With Maggam Work:

Cap Sleeve Maggam Work Blouse Design

The Maggam work blouses are also well known for the sleeve designs it carries. A cap cut sleeve design us one of them. The blouse is made with a chiffon and silk and borders in deep with golden and bronze colour jardoshi work. The sleeve is given pinch work giving cap design sleeve. The outfit is the prime choice of the teens or young women and you can buy on-line.

19. Long Velvet Blouse Maggam Work:

Long Velvet Maggam Work Blouse Design

Latest Maggam work blouse designs also include the blouses inspired by the vest coat design. The blouse is given a length till the waist with a collar and shoulder length sleeve. The velvet material is given an open collar design with golden jardoshi work inspired by the floral design. It is best carried with lehenga.

20. Maggam Pattern Eye Neck Design:

Eye Neck Maggam Work Blouse Designs

The eye neck design is much in trend these days for a silk or chiffon based light saree for wedding functions or merely parties. The neck of these blouses are given packed design behind while the front carries an eye design cut attached to the collar neck. The blouse and sleeves are given Maggam work in leaf designs in golden.

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21. Boat Neck Design Maggam Work Blouse:

Boat Neck Maggam Work Blouse Designs

Boat neck maggam blouses are quite famous for plain sarees. The simple maggam work blouse designs are made from chiffon and given a boat neck design with a teardrop design behind. The blouse is also given a golden maggam floral design for a side and abstract look. The sleeves also carry a similar work. It gives a rich look to the neck of the women carrying the blouse in silk.

22. Latest Apple Cut Design with Maggam Work:

Apple Cut Design In Maggam Work

A heavy looking blouse on a designer saree is given a maggam work touch. The blouse back is designed with an apple cut design. The border of the apple cut is given golden and pearl work with a minute curve. The main portion is given a leaf design in golden. The sleeves are given broad golden lace.

23. Jaipuri Blouse Maggam Work Design:

Jaipuri Maggam Work Blouse Designs Design

The teens today quite prefer a mixture of Jaipuri and maggam design. The simple silk blouse is given a border designed in maggam work. The sleeves are decorated in Jaipuri style. The neck design is similar to a jacket. The border is made in floral pattern and also given a charm for a jingling effect and is known as the maggam mirror work blouse.

24. Ethnic Design Blouse With Peacock:

Ethnic Design Blouse Maggam Work

A peacock maggam work blouse designs is given an ethnic touch with thread work. The green blouse is given a pink threaded peacock with white stones knitted on it. The neck is designed into deep U shape with a doori on the top.

25. Maggam Work Deep V Neck Design:

Deep V Neck Maggam Work Blouses

A blouse maggam work designs with a slight backless pattern is quite funky for a bold look. The neck is given a deep V shape bordered with silver jardoshi work. For the work, simple pearls and silver thread wire is used for a perfect finishing. It gives a great match with similar bordered plain sarees.

26. Maggam Work Design Puff Sleeve Blouse:

Puff Sleeve Maggam Work Blouse

A simple square back designed blouse is widely worn by the broad shoulder women. The blouse is given a thin lace with maggam work and tiny mirrors on it. Apart from it, the blouse is also given puff sleeves for a splendid appearance to the arms. It is matched with Kanjivaram sarees and pallu sarees as well.

27. Simple Golden Blouse Maggam Work:

Simple Golden Maggam Work Blouse

Golden blouses are mostly contrasting ones with any kind of saree whether designer or heavy pallu saree. A golden maggam work neck blouse design in golden colour is given flourishing floral designs embossed through knitting. The front neck is also bordered with the same. The neck design can also be drafted with corners as designed in maggam work.

28. Designer Stone Blouse With Maggam Work:

Designer Stone Maggam Work Blouse

Designer blouses with maggam work are given a trendy touch with stones and pearls for a dazzling effect on a plain silk saree. The full sleeve blouse is studded with colourful stones and pearl strings for a wow look on wedding or ramps. The neck is given a broad neck design. It gives the stomach and waist a drizzling touch with pearl strings hanging from below the blouse.

29. Toran Design Blouse:

Toran Maggam Work Blouse Design

A semi-circle blouse design when bordered with a toran designed pattern with pearls and golden beads gives an ethnic touch to the outfit. The design is given circular borders also to the sleeves. The tiny golden charms at the end of the pattern give a perfect finishing touch. The thread work gives the blouse a new look for weddings.

30. White Maggam Blouse:

White Maggam Work Blouse

Maggam work on white silk material made with knitted thread work is quite common in cities of Gujarat for the brides. The blouse is also given pink jewels and white pearl work and similarly green. It gives a perfect match to white bordered sarees. The neck design of the blouse is given around design for a heavy neck work.

Maggam designs are quite ethnic to wear. When given a perfect touch with zari, jardoshi, pearl work, they leave an impressive design. They not only give your plain and designer sarees proper justification but also go well mixed with lehenga. The sleekness of the design gives a magical touch for also the bridal wear. Its increasing popularity has given rise to different maggam work blouse designs catalogue to select from.