30 Simple & Elegant Cross Tattoos Design Ideas for Men

Having your body part inked is quite in trend these days, especially among the youth generation. The youth or the people of every age are getting fascinated with different tattoo designs which help them in representing their thoughts and views to the viewers.

Among the various tattoo designs, cross tattoo ideas are widely adopted by the Christians. However, other people also get this pious symbol inked to show their religious side, or to show their acceptance to the symbolization it provides the user with. The cross generally is related to Jesus, which is used to spread the celestial message he gave out to the human beings at the time of crucifying.

Best and Stylish Cross Tattoos for Men and Women:

Are you also thinking to get a cross inked on your body part! Here are some adorable designs that would help you in getting the perfect tattoo cross according to your passion.

1. Cross with Folded Hands Tattoo:

Cross with Folded Hands Tattoo

The most modest tattoo among the cross tattoos, is the tattoo with folded hands with it. The cross in this tattoo is held between two hands, along with a pearl bead mala which shows a complete religious side of the wearer. This also shows the prayer to Jesus to remain with you forever.

2. 3D Cross Tattoo Design:

3D cross tattoo design

Cross tattoo designs when given a 3D touch, give a realistic effect to the wearer. The cross in this tattoo is made in the form of a sword tied with strings, which is centered through the skin. The end of the cross shows blood flowing from the skin. The tattoo shows that even after suffering from various problems, one should not lose the faith on God and his blessings.

3. Cross with Wings Tattoo Design:

Cross with Wings Tattoo Design

Tattoos of crosses when given wings give a heavenly look. The wings of the cross relate it to some important person to whom the tattoo is dedicated, and who is similar to an angle to your life like parents, guardians, friends, etc. Along with this, the tattoo also shows the presence of Jesus himself in the form of an angle in your life.

4. Alphabetical Cross Tattoo Design:

Alphabetical Cross Tattoo Design

This kind of tattoo gives a unique touch to your selection. The cross in this tattoo is made using words of a famous quote, which shows the trust in Jesus. To make it more likely, red blood stains are added that dignifies crucifying of Jesus. The design can also be made with the quote that synchronizes with your life to make it livelier.

5. Simple Cross Tattoo Design:

Simple Cross Tattoo Design

Looking for small and simple cross tattoos! Here is one simple design of the cross made in dark ink. The design of the cross can be made on the ankle, wrist, forehand, etc. You can also change the colour of the ink to your favourite one. The simple cross designs are best to show your religious side, with a funky touch to your personality. They are also carried behind the ears or near the eyes for a different presume.

6. Jesus with Cross Tattoo:

Jesus with Cross Tattoo

Cross tattoos for men is given a new definition with forearm half sleeve tattoo designs. The cross is accompanied by Jesus in a walking position. The curvy evening background adds a finishing touch to the impressive tattoo. The tattoo also represents the journey of Jesus fighting against evil in the blissful look.

7. Three Cross Tattoo Design:

Three Cross Tattoo Design

To make the cross tattoo on hand more striking, two more crosses are added to the tattoo. The starting of the tattoo is given a dark ink which lightens up at the end. The centre break portion is inked with the name and date of someone who is close to the wearer. The three crosses encode the cycle of life, also known as Calvary, around where Jesus was crucified.

8. Signature Cross Tattoo Design:

Signature Cross Tattoo Design

A small cross tattoos are given a new looking when composed with your signature. Yes, it gives a personal and religious touch to your tattoo. The centralized signature is given two parallel lines to give it a cross appearance. The signature cross tattoo can also be made by adding heart beat lines to the signature, if it is small in length. The design is also made with the name or the signature of your beloved in it.

9. Celtic Cross Tattoo Design:

Celtic Cross Tattoo Design

Also known as the trinity cross tattoo, the Celtic cross tattoo is made with both light and dark ink for a perfect design. The trinity Celtic bond is made in dark ink; while the side crosses designs are made with light ink in a decorative way. The Celtic cross is priory the symbol of the sun that indicates the earth, water and heavenly bodies in it.

10. Tribal Cross Tattoo Design:

Tribal Cross Tattoo Design

Cross designs in tattoo are made more peculiar with tribal designs surrounding it. The dark ink cross in the tattoo is also made with a curvy look with tribal curves around it. The tattoo is best worn on legs, hands, neckline, etc. The tattoo indicates felicity, purity, earthly, passion, strength, and much more.

11. Faith Family Cross Tattoo Design:

Faith Family Cross Tattoo Design

Cool cross tattoos which show your love and faith towards your family, along with Jesus, are very beautifully crafted with a circular centre. The ends of the cross is given trio leaf design with italic and bold letters in it. The tattoo is widely the prime choice of the soldiers, or for the people who leave apart from families for long time period. It gives them strength to face the odd situations.

12. Skull with Cross Tattoo Design:

Skull with Cross Tattoo Design

Want to have a wicked look along with your religious side! Here is a skull with cross tattoo. The cross carries a skull on the top with a thorn crown, which indicated the end of evil. The tattoo is best carried on the back to give it proper space to show up. The tattoo is inked by the men who love to play with danger or wrestlers.

13. Lizard Cross Tattoo Design:

Lizard Cross Tattoo Design

Tribal cross tattoos can be given a new looking when combined with lizard tattoo designs. The tattoo is made with dark ink and light shading along with two lizards curved with each other. This is a popular design of tribal tattoos for cross, which is mostly worn by the women.

14. Arrow Cross Tattoo Design:

Arrow Cross Tattoo Design

Arrow pictures of cross tattoos give a good amalgamation of stability and faith. The design shows an anchor which is chained with a cross, with lovely shades in darkish black. The arrow also gives an initial of the name to make it personal.

15. Braided Cross Tattoo Design:

Braided Cross Tattoo Design

The forearm designs for men’s cross tattoos is made more mannish when designed with dark ink in braided design. The cross is filled with braided rope design inside while a dark circle attaches all the sides. The end of the cross is given three tiny flowers to make it more exquisite.

16. Infinity Cross Tattoo Design:

Infinity Cross Tattoo Design

Cross tattoos for women need to be given a feminine touch, which happens when it is given a curvy infinity design. The tattoo is made on the wrist with slant moulding ends. The small tattoo can also be carried on the neckline, back, leg, etc.

17. Thorn Cross Tattoo Design:

Thorn Cross Tattoo Design

Thorns and cross has been an important part of the Christian community. When both are combined to make a tattoo cross design, it shows your dedication towards the Christianity and also resembles you with the pain Jesus had suffered while he was crucified.

18. Heart Cross Tattoo Design:

Heart Cross Tattoo Design

A mixture of heart and cross tattoos for women gives a meek touch to your personality. The dark ink tattoo is made with a cross, which is made through a heart. It can be carried on the waist, arm, neck and backline to give a perfect visible appearance.

19. Heena Cross Tattoo Design:

Heena Cross Tattoo Design

Heena designs have been the best to give out creative and small cross tattoos. A similar design is made with dark black ink and curvy wines forming cute patterns. The design looks stunning on the forearms, on finger tips, legs or neckline too.

20. Cloud Cross Tattoo Design:

Cloud Cross Tattoo Design

Looking for an appropriate arm tattoo! A Jesus tattoo which indicates the sign of a cross, with clouds surrounding it, with divine rays around is the best to draw on it. The tattoo is also given red spots at the feet and hand, which indicates sorrow.

21. Musical Cross Tattoo Design:

Musical Cross Tattoo Design

Music has been the passion of the musicians and hence, tattoos of crosses when shaped with a cross, represents both passion and religion. The shaded cross is decorated with dark ink musical note tattoo for a combined design of both.

22. Mexican Cross Tattoo Design:

Mexican Cross Tattoo Design

The Mexican tattoos are named as the dead tattoos for men. The tattoos carry social symbols like the rose, female, cross, etc., which give various social messages to the viewer. It best suits on the arm, thigh, chest, back, etc.

23. Wristband Cross Tattoo Design:

Wristband Cross Tattoo Design

Want to have a permanent wristband on your hand! A same pattern can be made with a cross tattoo for a sophisticated look to your design. The tattoo is made with two dark black in parallel lines that indicate the string with a cross in the centre in the dark.

24. Cross with Feather Tattoo Design:

Cross with Feather Tattoo Design

Both cross and feathers have been the symbols of purity and divinity. The design is made on the shoulders with dark ink and slight shades which give an adorable look. The cross is made in dark black ink which is covered with light shaded feather, around it.

25. Green Dragon with Cross Tattoo Design:

Green Dragon with Cross Tattoo Design

Men’s cross tattoos are given a furious look when the pattern of a dragon is added to it. The Celtic cross is captured with a green dragon, showing the dangerous part of the wearer. The design gives the best look when crafted on the arm, waist, chest or back.

26. Butterfly Cross Tattoo Design:

Butterfly Cross Tattoo Design

A small cross tattoos have a dramatic design when it is combined with a butterfly; it also gives a colorful look which indicates the bright side of the wearer’s life. The center portion of the butterfly is inked with a cross to complete the design.

27. Snake with Cross Tattoo Design:

Snake with Cross Tattoo Design

A popular design among the tribal caste Christian believers is the snake tattoo with the cross. A simple cross is handled with a snake in an angry position. The design can be carried on the back, arm, forearm or leg with both black ink and colorful ink.

28. Dove with Cross Tattoo Design:

Dove with Cross Tattoo Design

Looking for memorable cross tattoo designs! A trio combination of cross, a dove and memorable dates is what perfectly suits your match. The tattoo on the back is made with a cross on which the name and the date of birth and death of the beloved is crafted, with a bird that represents freedom.

29. Lion Lamb and Cross Tattoo Design:

Lion Lamb and Cross Tattoo Design

Want to ink all the symbols that represent the existence of Jesus! A lion, a lamb and cross would be the best to get inked. The lion would show your strength, the lamb your curiosity and forgiveness while the cross would show your religious side. The tattoo suits the best on the back for a complete appearance.

30. Deer Horn Cross Tattoo Design:

Deer Horn Cross Tattoo Design

Cool cross tattoos have been twisted with an antique design which is made with the horns of a deer. The tattoo is made with perverted horn pattern, which is tied with rope to indicate bondage. The tattoo is made with thin layers and blackish shades of the ink perfect to be inked on the arms, leg or back.

The old and simple cross tattoos are now replaced with funky and designer tattoos to make them more meaningful and eye-catching. The tattoo is combined with different elements to increase its value both eternally and cyclically. The indication of the cross tattoo adds some more words when elements like lion, calves, Jesus, etc. are added to it. Hence, the tattoo cross design is the most uncomplicated design for small areas, as well as, the most enhancing one too.

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