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The world of pregnancy is a sweet deal mixed with bitter sour feelings. One day you are overwhelmed by your little one’s kick, the other day you feel morose and down. This however is a regular symptom for all mothers, especially the ones who were brave enough to take the leap for the first time. It’s often a tough decision to be made whether or not to continue with the process. The mothers as always are a tough and strong being and with the help of the loved ones you know the process can be made sweeter. Usually it is the elders who advice her of her coming situation. They share their experiences and tit-bits but once down the road you alone are responsible for the following events to be unfolded.

6th month of pregnancy

So once again the mother starts the conceiving process when the egg travels from her ovaries through the fallopian tubes and into the uterus where they meet the sperm which dives into the egg head first fertilizing it. Immediately the baby is formed although at this point this is just a scientific name and nothing else. The baby formed now called blastocyst is a four or five day old fertilized egg that finds its way to one of the suitable uterine walls, the placenta and attaches itself to it.

The process here is named implantation which creates a connection with the mother through the later developed umbilical cord. The baby then nourishes itself and turns into an embryo. Since then it is all about developments. The embryo slowly takes up the human form and now can be recognized as the fetus. This fetus then grows into a baby and finally pushes itself out through the mother.

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What To Think About 6th Month Of Pregnancy:

The first weeks as noted and complained by all mothers are always a hard time of the month. With the onset of pregnancy, the mother now suffers from insomnia. She is dazed and fazed the entire night and right when the first rays of the sun shine, she runs to the bathroom and vomits all of her last night’s dinner. This goes on for a few weeks with the frequent need to urinate making her less and less patient. Then sets in the emotions which at this point have no logic bound to it.

It is either a sad depressed state or a happy one. Either she is crying for sadness or she has tears of joy. This is how the first month passes by. With time she eases into her new shell now, accepts her responsibility and goes about in her work. She now understands the reasons and the causes and abides by it. Along with the baby she also grows and within a mere nine months, she has mastered the motherhood oath.

Fetal Development of The Baby In 6th Month Of Pregnancy:

Here are the few changes your baby will go through during his or her 6 month pregnancy.

Eyelid News:

This is probably the highlight of the month but now your baby finally opens her eyes to the world, well at least the one she is in right now. The earlier years have shown her optic nerves growing and connecting with the brain, her eyelids forming even though there is not a hole yet for her to peep and the growth of eyelash and eyebrows of course. All this time she was in the dark acknowledging the place she harbors just by touch and feel, but now the light sensitivity is developing in her eyes as she parts her eyelids and sees the place for the first time. Due to not yet developed senses, she however still spends the most time with her eyes closed. Only at intervals now she will open those peepers.

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Here’s another highlight in this week. The baby, your little one starts hiccuping now on wards. This is because by now her internals have started to function at their fullest and now she is just like you pumping blood and oxygen to her body through yours, sharing a part of your nutrient and passing on the waste through you. Amongst these as a reflex action, she now starts to hiccup. This is however not an uncomfortable situation for either the baby or the mother. to the baby it’s just a reflex and to the mother it’s just a happy feeling inside the stomach.


By the sixth month your babies genitals will be fully grown now just going through the perfection phase. This is the right time to detect the gender if you are interested and if it is deemed legal in your state. In case of a ‘him’, his testicles have now descended from his upper abdomen down his lower and into his scrotum which is fully formed by now. In case of a ‘her’, her ovaries have developed and guess what? The formations of primitive eggs have already started in her ovary. The rate right now is around seven billion which goes down to two after birth. Her clitoris and labia is now under construction and almost finished.

Position of Your Baby:

Your body can allow your little one to be in any position. It can be sideways or oblique and even a breech. The point is, the position is of birth is only known when the last week of Pregnancy is nearing. Until that point, your kid will have a gala time swimming around the sac in your uterus.


By now, the lungs and nostrils of your child have started to develop and by the end of this month, it will fully develop. Nostrils will start to gain prominence and soon, they will be fully developed. On the other hand, the lung isn’t so fast and only alveoli have begun to coat themselves in the lung. Oxygen retention is an important thing during birth for a child, and your little one needs to have the lungs functioning to its fullest.


Your baby has still not grown into the full fledged human that he will come out as, and is still in the growth process. He will weigh somewhere under a kilo, but most often, it is 900 grams or so. There is still a long way for him in the scene, but most of your discomfort will come to an end by the finish line of this month.

Symptoms of 6th Month Of Pregnancy And How To Overcome:

In 6 month pregnancy of the usual developments can be seen in the mother as well.

Baby Bump:

About now, your baby bump is quite prominent enough for stretch marks to appear on them. Yes, now your pregnancy is at full speed with the baby bump in full view. The baby now weighs a good two pounds with an 11 to 14 inch measurement. He now has fat layers underneath his skin which makes his weight more than usual. At around this time other than the stretch marks certain problems may occur such as back pain and pregnancy mask consisting of patches and pigments in the skin. To overcome these problems, start off by wearing those loose maternity clothes, preferably nightgowns, so your belly is free from elastics. Next, buy all sorts of moisturizers with Vitamin E and Olive Oil. Beyond this, you also need to keep your head wrapped around the fact that neglecting the health of your skin will do you no good.

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Subsidiary Worries:

With pregnancy being a wonderful deal, there are also certain problems that the mother faces at around this time. Indigestion comes on top of the list with the others like heartburn and breathlessness following. This is because of the growing baby that pushes your organs aside to make space for itself. As a result the stomach is squished causing the indigestion to set in. with the pregnancy hormones overflowing the heart burns occur. The baby pushing into the chest cavity gives the lings less place to expand causing shortage of breath and so it goes on. To overcome these problems, you have to keep a very healthy diet regime on the flow. Another thing to keep in mind is to never dine within two hours of bed time. This makes your food carbohydrate un burnt and thus gives rise to health issues. Drink lots of water and go to sleep on time, say early o’ clock, since this means more rest and less worries.

False Contractions:

At this stage you also face braxton Hicks contradictions, in which you often feel the muscles of the uterus tighten for a short time span of 30 to 60 seconds and sometimes it may appear for about two minutes. Sometimes it may not even be noticed. These contradictions are however hard to be differentiate from the preterm labor. So it is safe not to do any diagnosis of the same. Though these contradictions help your cervix thin out or efface and may be open up a bit.

Varicose Veins:

At this stage there is an increase in the volume of blood and the hormone levels are elevated as well. The same can cause you a life time problem to your veins if not supervised properly. The blood supply gets more and form swelling of veins, due to which the veins turn up into bluish red color. The same is called varicose veins. They are not painful but are genetic and sometimes get worse after pregnancy and after each pregnancy the varicose veins get to increase more and result into knots in the veins. There is no exact last solution to this problem, but one can avoid it at some extent by avoiding long stretched sitting or standing for a long period. Instead should have a light exercise or daily work of your routine. Compression of socks and cold bags can also help up to some extent. And the best way to overcome the beginning of the formation of varicose veins is to sleep in side position, so that it is easy for the blood circulation. Though after all these precautions you find no difference in th swelling of veins, you should consult the doctor.


On the end of the sixth month of the pregnancy you will also face a problem of snoring at night. On the end of the sixth month of the pregnancy you will also face a problem of snoring at night. Guess who is to blame again? Yes, that is indeed right. Your hormones, and of course the extra weight gain. Well, there is nothing to worry about it, but for sure you can use a nasal clip for a better sleep for your Partner in your bed.


This is one symptom that will continue to be your level of health issues for the next 3 months as well as this one. This is one of the most commonly talked about symptom during pregnancy. It so happens that your pregnancy hormones work on relaxing the muscles all around the pelvic region and hence form a curve on your back as well, thus leading to a rising ache. The growing belly itself is another contributing factor to the ache. To overcome the problem, the best thing you can do is keep your posture correct at all times. Do make sure you aren’t sitting or standing for too long. Switch between positions. Use pain relievers if nothing else works.

6th Month Of Pregnancy Activities:

By the sixth month, your wish should be to settle down with everything around, so that the next three months go well. However, that seldom happens. You will find yourself juggling with several activities, preparing for the birth and the never ending checkups. Besides so much work goes in to planning parenthood well and exercising. Not much will bother you this month, but do take care of yourself and rest more than usual.

Diet and Exercise For The 6th Month Of Pregnancy:

Below are the diet and exercises for the 6 months pregnant.


1. Protein:

Indulging in lean meat like chicken and white fish should be best for non vegetarians, although you need to avoid raw seafood entirely, as should you do with pork and beef. Tofu and spinach should be the best alternative for vegetarians aside the usual beans and rice combo.

2. Zinc:

Now that you are onto the 6th month, the blood formation of your baby demands more nutrients. Zinc supplements aren’t enough all by themselves, so fruits rich in zinc will be the decisive factor on the developmental progress of your little one.

3. Dairy:

Dairy products should be present in the scene as well. It is better not to take calcium supplements inlieu of natural diet foods. Though if you feel that you are a lactose intolerant then you can definitely intake sources that can help you strengthen the bones and teeth of the baby.

4. Fruits:

Raw fruits shouldn’t exactly be your choice at this stage since even washing off sometimes can’t shake the pesticides away from the list. Risking your health isn’t the finest option. Try smoothies and juice, as this also keeps your fluid level intact.

5. Vegetables:

You balanced diet should include the essential vegetables as well. Mere fruits and dairy products will not make you complete diet; you cannot skip with the vegetables. It may make it worse. Cabbage, Pumpkin, Tomatoes and Beans are our personal picks.


  1. Squats are a smart choice for this month since you need a lot of flexibility. This exercise help you pressure on your thighs and the area around the pelvic and help them get relaxed.
  2. Yoga is another best exercise for your body and the flexibility. In a way makes you get enough strength at the time nearing to delivery
  3. If you are easily being worn out by the heavy forms of exercise, take a slow paced walk in the park beside your home. This has its own perks too!
  4. Kegal exercise at this stage is a good option for you, as it will help keep the muscles around your vagina and rectum gain more flexibility, thus helping endure the strain of delivery.
  5. Stretching on daily routine is also one of the important exercises in pregnancy. Stretching helps you feel fresh and yes, it is the easiest exercises that can b done frequently.

Sex During In 6th Month Of Pregnancy:

At times of 6th month pregnancy cases have high risk in having sex. Many times it may lead to a premature baby birth, it is convenient to consult your doctor before going further, and if he says that it is safe with you, there is no reason to let go of the chances that will bring your partner closer to you when you need his support the most. However, with the mood swings, tiredness and nausea, sex will probably not occur right away to you.

Tips To Overcome Stress During 6th Month Of Pregnancy:

  1. Cherish your new phase that is soon about to arrive. Go shopping and pamper yourself, however do not let these activities get the better of you. In other words, don’t get obsessive.
  2. Childbirth is an overwhelming time, and you need to judge and weigh every situation to know which is beneficial for you. Doing this ahead of time and sharing with your loved ones helps you tone down the stress.
  3. You will get advises from everyone at this stage. Who you listen to entirely your decision, and it might get annoying at times, but do not let anyone stress you out.
  4. Be honest about yourself to your partner. Parenthood is the right for both of you. Do not stress and overburden yourself by not sharing anything
  5. Now that your third trimester is nearing, admit that your life is going to change and start implementing them accordingly to avoid last second dilemmas.

Medical Treatments And Checkup:

Treatments from your doctor should be the same and continued even at this stage. Though there will be a relief at the blood tests and an ultrasound test will be more frequent. Aside these checkups, there are certain medicines that will be prescribed to you for the most common health symptoms. Some of the over counter medicines that do not interact when pregnant and can be safely taken are:

  • Soreness- Acetaminophen. Dont indulge in Ibuprofen and Naproxen.
  • Allergy- Antihistamines and Ioratidine. Shun use of Pseudophedrine and Decongestants like Phenylephrine.
  • Cough- Dextromethorphan.
  • Constipation- Metamucil. Avoid mineral oil.
  • Heartburn- Antacids.

Tips and Precautions:

  1. Do not ignore any symptom that seems unusual. This can be bleeding, spotting, immense pain and so on.
  2. Never slouch. Always sit up straight. Slouching may cut off the blood supply and make it fatal for the baby.
  3. Avoid passive smoking entirely. At this stage you quitting your habit isn’t enough.
  4. Always ask for supplements and their dosage ahead in time, so you can avoid risks of interaction and overdose.
  5. If you plan on freezing your umbilical cord for the future, now is the perfect time to get the paperwork done and dusted.

A positive circumstance will most certainly affect you well. Keep yourself surrounded by people who would consult you good and friends, family that will help you rest with your routine workout. Cheers to you and your baby!