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Salwar suit is traditional attire wore by the Indian women. It consists of top that is kameez, a scarf known as dupatta and bottoms which is called salwar. Although salwar suit comes in all type of colours. But pink is the most liked colour amongst the girls. Pink salwar suit enhances the inner glow of women.

pink salwar suits

Latest and Attractive Pink Salwar Kameez Designs for Women in India:

Here are few patterns in pink colour salwar suits designs for ladies.

1. Pink Anarkali Salwar Suit:

Pink Anarkali Salwar Suit

Anarkali Salwar Suit is most common style of salwar suit. Pink anarkali salwar suit has mostly the top pink in colour. An anarkali is flared top which is fitted till the waist. It is mostly party wear. High heels and long earring is the way to go.

2. Pink Patiala Salwar Kameez:

Pink Patiala Salwar Suit

Salwar Suit is originally worn by north Indian women. Punjab province is one of them. They have unique bottoms, called Patiala salwar. It is flared and has folds throughout. The top is usually short. Mojdis and flats are perfect with it. Women usually wear lots of bangles and jewellery with it. This is the best pink salwar suits designs for weddings.

3. Pink Palazzo Salwar Suit:

Pink Palazzo Salwar Suit

Palazzo pants are flared up pants which have big bottoms. Pink palazzo salwar suit is famous style in today’s time. The top is straight long kurta. They are very classy and elegant. Mostly pearls and silver jewellery go well with it.

4. Pink Skirt Salwar Suit:

Pink Skirt Salwar Suit

Skirt salwar suit has full length as bottom instead of salwar. Pink skirt salwar kameez, has been a hit amongst young girls. You can wear this style for weddings or family get together. Heavy earrings are enough to add glam to your look.

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5. Cigarette Pink Salwar Suits design:

Pink Cigarette Salwar Suit

Cigarette salwar suit have straight pant style bottom. Pink cigarette salwar suit is worn by many women who prefer to wear salwar suit at work. It is very feminine and classy. They are mostly made of silk and cotton. High slim heels and a formal watch with tote bag is the ultimate look for formal meetings or classy evening.

6. Pink Churidar Salwar Suit:

Pink Churidar Salwar Suit

A pink churidar salwar suit has churidar bottoms. They are tight from knee to ankle with lots of folds. It is mostly made of cotton as churidar have to be comfortable. This is very girly option. Lot of bangles and platform heels is a very classy look.

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7. Pink Pakistani Salwar Suit:

Pink Pakistani Salwar Suit

Pakistani salwar suit is increasingly becoming famous style of salwar suit. The colour pink in this style is very feminine option. This style has long tops and flared pants. The neck and sleeves have embroidery. Mostly they have laces in the bottom of kurta and pants.

8. Pink Chicken Salwar Kameez:

Pink Chicken Salwar Suit

Chicken work is famous embroidery work of Hyderabad. They are very classy and liked by elderly women. They colour pink ads more softness in this style. Pink chicken salwar suit when teamed simple jewellery, looks very elegant.

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9. Pink Salwar Suits for Bridal:

Pink Bridal Salwar Suit

Now a day’s bride has started experimenting with colours. They opt for more bright colours like orange, lavender and pink. Pink bridal salwar suit has heavy embroidery on both dupatta and kurta. They are mostly paired with colours like green and blue.

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Pink salwar suits is most loved style of salwar suit. It is classy, fun and very young. You can wear it to any occasion, be it work or weddings. If you team it with right combination, it can be very funky and outstanding.

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