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Lindsay Lohan has been a very famous actress that was actually considered to be one of the most beautiful people in her prime and even today after her best times are past her Lindsay looks absolutely brilliant without the help of makeup. There are many reasons as to why Lindsay has stayed as such a good looking lady for so long because of her constant faith in her good looks rather than the growing need for cosmetics which the people around the world are actually adopting more and more today.

The internet is the best place to actually find instances on Lindsay Lohan without makeup because there are many to do some research on. Lindsay is very open about the fact that she does not use makeup to look beautiful and this fact is actually quite noticeable in her stills on the internet.

Given below are a few instances of Lindsay Lohan makeup for your discretion-

1. The Minimalist:

Lindsay Lohan without makeup1

Lindsay portrays quite well in this picture that she is absolutely a minimalist when it comes to using makeup and rocks her natural look in the best way possible.

2. The Red Carpet:


Lindsay may have retired from the screen but she is still a very active part of award ceremonies of which one of them includes the picture taken here where people are dwarfed by the beauty that Lindsay Lohan has to give to the world.

3. The Candid:

Lindsay Lohan without makeup3

This picture was taken by paparazzi of Lindsay Lohan in one of her best moments off screen. She does not know here her picture is being taken but it is still a really good one.

4. Only Essentials:

Pictures of Lindsay Lohan without Makeup 4

Lindsay Lohan no makeup has said that she only carries the essentials with her which include a mascara and lipstick and maybe an eye liner if necessary.

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5. Out on The Town:

Lindsay Lohan without makeup5

Lindsay loves to party and this picture is the perfect representation of Lindsay enjoying a night out with friends but still looking much better than most around her and if you look closely makeup is not a factor on her face.

6. Day Out:

Lindsay Lohan without makeup6

A casual day out shows Lindsay looking casual without any additional makeup on her face to ruin her good looks.

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7. On Screen:

Lindsay Lohan without makeup7

This picture taken of Lindsay on screen is a perfect representation of how her stylist would rather enhance her good looks.

8. Selfie:

Lindsay Lohan without makeup8

It is absolutely obvious that Lindsay Lohan does not need makeup to look good because she is a very pretty lady naturally. Lindsay is a veteran actress that has gone through some difficult times in her past but a true human being is made from the mistakes that they make and learn from which is the best thing about Lindsay Lohan.

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9. Brilliant Smile:

Lindsay Lohan without makeup9

If you still do not believe the fact that Lindsay Lohan does not use makeup then there are many instances noted in newspapers and pictures taken candid by paparazzi which shows Lindsay Lohan without make up to the highest extent.

Lindsay Lohan Makeup is still a very famous celebrity in the world because of her constant interactions on a daily basis at a number of fashion events, at trophy events, and much more. She even is a very active part of many social organisations on a daily basis and even though her time on screen has come to an end she has not lost her fan following all through her years.

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