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Indian at her best, Rani Mukherjee has been classified as a veteran actress that has ruled the B-town industry in her prime and even though she now has reduced her on screen appearances to minimums, her sudden comebacks have left us speechless. Still holding on to the market with her infamous skills and talents, Rani Mukherjee is also one of the best known Bengali actresses and being one you know a saree clad Rani would look equally mesmerizing. Here is a list of all the times Rani decided to upheld her bong side and make us swoon.

Gorgeous Rani Mukherjee in Saree with Photos:

1. Black in Red:

rani mukherjee in saree

One of the most haute color combinations forever ruling the fabric combos is nothing better than a sultry hot red topped with black and that is exactly why Rani decided to mix and match the two in this beautiful designer saree. What we heart most about the saree is the simple red glow without any embellishment which keeps the saree sober while the black and dull gold detailing along the border depicted a touch of fun.

2. The Sheer White:

The sheer white

In one if her interviews previously Rani did admit that the color white was her favorite and therefore she never misses out on a chance to wear a white ensemble just like she did here. The saree has a moist glimmering appeal in white while downward arrow marks pointed downwards forms the border right underneath the red.

3. The Soft Pink:

The soft pink

Girliest of all colors, pink is a very beautiful feminine and empowering color and this “Mardaani” star is all about letting her girly side show. In an award show, Rani dressed in pink waltzed down the aisle holding co-actor’s hand while the pink saree in black and mauve borderline glittered at the top.

4. The Ensemble:

The ensemble

Here is a great saree straight from the wardrobe of Rani Mukherjee where she in her cream and black net saree dazzled like a star. The saree from the down low starts sober with basic cream satin finish and while it approaches up towards the pallu a distinct design on the black net with white is seen.

5. Once Again Pink:

Rani in pink

Here again we see Rani in pink but this time in a much bejeweled state. the saree is heavily ornamented with embellishments that are tainted in blue, the lightest the shade can provide and then topped with white sequins. This busy pink saree is more of her party look as Rani herself dressed up with the pink shadow gleamed and glowed.

6. The Matte Gold:

The matte gold

Rani, Queen in English is indeed one in real. She is elegant and graceful, strong and brave and hence when she dressed up in matte gold with satin soft red border lined saree, she swept us off our very feet and as we drooled on, she stood statuesque and proud.

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7. The Simple Black:

The simple black

This picture of Rani is somewhat of a younger age when Rani decided to wear this classic black simple chiffon saree. The saree in itself is soft and sober with no ornaments but yet a statement piece in itself.

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8. The Perfect Eve:

The perfect eve

For a great evening look in a completely traditional way, take a cue from Rani who has oh so slightly combined the two most favored colors of this season and came out looking all glam and gold. The saree once again has her favorite hue, pearly white this time with simple gold border lining.

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9. The Hotchpotch Look:

The hotchpotch look

Sabyasachi, one of the gallant designers of Indian film industry decided to give Rani here a severely trendy look that mixed in the latest culture of checkers in a saree. the outcome was this very cool saree with satin red color that and dull checks that was counteracted by a golden touch towards the end.