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Green tea has a large number of health and beauty benefits and advantages. It has anti-oxidant properties, anti-inflammatory properties, it can fight of skin cancer causing agents, and also it has anti-bacterial properties. It also has skin soothing agents. It can help you re-build your cells faster and also help you stay detoxified. It can be good when it comes to making your skin look rejuvenated and your aging to slow down. The health benefits are also numerous. The first and foremost of it is that it is an anti-oxidant and a cancer fighting natural properties.

benefits of green tea

Green tea is full of powerful components and nutrients. Though it is not so good in taste, it has several benefits and uses. It is being preferred to include green tea regularly during the morning hours. It has loads of antioxidants that seems to be highly beneficial to reduce the risk of cancer, heart diseases, provide glorifying skin and many others.

Green Tea Benefits And Advantages:

Below is a list of uses and benefits of green tea for health, skin hair and beauty for you. Be aware of it.

A) Green Tea Health Benefits:

green tea benefits

1) Cancer Fighting Properties:

Green tea consumption has been proven to reduce cancer causing agents and the chances of getting affected by colon, oesophageal, lung, breast, and stomach, prostate and other types of cancer. It is seen that people who mostly drank this are less likely to develop these.

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2) Heart Diseases:

It was proven in research studies that people who drank about 5 cups of this a day, are less likely to be affected by any form of heart diseases than those who drank about 1 or less than 1 cup a day. This can prevent one from getting premature heart strokes or other heart related diseases.

3) Type 2 Diabetes:

People who drank more of this regularly, they are less likely to develop type-2 diabetes than those who drank less of this or had other forms of beverages.

4) Weight Loss:

This has been proven to be very effective when it comes to weight loss. A cup a day can or two cups can help you stay fit and healthy along with helping you a few inches of your belly flab. This is nowadays sold mostly for this reason. This can be a proper beverage than normal tea when you are on diet or you want to reduce your tummy fat. The fat cells are comparatively broken down or reduced by this when you consume it in proper amounts.

5) Anti-Oxidants:

This protects the body against the harmful effects of free radicals. It has anti-oxidants and polyphenols which protects and guard your skin cells against the UVA and UVB Rays. This can be a proper thing even for elderly people. This can help you age slowly and it also fastens and balances the rate of depletion of skin cells and the rate of its rebuilding which is very important as a person ages. You can have a cup or two of this everyday to keep you slim, fit healthy and to have a wrinkle free skin.

6) Protection Of The Body:

It contains flavonoids which can protect your body from normal cold and flu. This is therefore something one can have on a daily basis to stay fit and to have greater immunity of the body.

7. Improves Brain Function:

Green tea consists of special components that help to improve the functioning of our brain. It helps us by making us smarter. The caffeine content in green tea is not enough to produce side effect. Caffeine helps to activate our brain during drowsiness and hence helps to produce more energy while drinking green tea. The caffeine content is enough in green tea in order to produce the effect. Other than caffeine, it also has amino acids that help in neuro transition and producing alpha wave.

8. Lowering The Risk Of Parkinson’s Disease And Alzheimer:

Green tea lowers the risk of serious neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson and Alzheimer diseases. It protects our brain from conditions occurring in old ages. The components in green tea help to protect the neurons from damage and helps in better transmission of signals. Most of these diseases cause loss in memory for short or long times that depends on the particular type.

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9. Lower Risk Of Infections:

This has anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties that lower the risk of infection in our body. Many research works have shown that green tea fight against germs and helps to lower the effect of common cold and flues. Green tea contains catechins that help to kill the bacteria and virus.

10. Provides A Longer Life:

As green tea helps in treatment of various diseases and lowers the risk of major health issues, thus by this it increases our life time. Cardiovascular diseases, neuro diseases and cancer are the most important and serious diseases, their risks are lowered by drinking green tea regularly. Statistical data has shown us that people who mostly drink green tea are likely to live a longer life than those who do not use to.

11. Improves Dental Health:

The antioxidant named catechin is present in adequate amount in green tea. This special antioxidant protects us from bacterial action and helps in maintain our dental health. Decaying of tooth is majorly due to infections caused by viruses and bacteria. Formation of cavities, plaque and bad odor are needed to be reduced to improve dental condition.

12. Acts As An Energy Booster And Anti Depression:

A type of amino acid is present in green tea that helps to relax our mind and has an anti-depression property. It relieves us from stress and anxiety. Also in addition green tea acts as an energy booster by stimulating our brain cells. It is of a great benefit as a tea drinker with so many advantages.

13. Maintaining Cholesterol Level:

The bad cholesterol level in blood streams blocks the arteries and form layers within the inner boundary which increases the blood pressure. This effect need to be reduced which can be done by maintaining the cholesterol level in blood. The good cholesterol won’t affect the metabolism of our body.

14. Working Memory:

Green tea enhances functioning of our rain by stimulating the blood cells. This basically increases the cognitive function of brain, hence enhancing our working memory. It is often used for reducing the neuropsychiatric disorder that may usually lead to death.

15. Reduce The Risk Of Stroke:

Green tea consumption cut the risk of high blood pressure and maintaining the blood pressure to lower normal conditions. This reduces the risk of occurring strokes and other heart diseases.

B) Green Tea Beauty Benefits:

Green tea 2

Green tea has a number of beauty benefits. We already know it has a large amount of anti-oxidant properties. Anti-oxidants help to fight free radicals. It also keeps the skin looking young and ageless for long. It can act as a proper anti-oxidant for a lot of skin problems which happens due to toxin deposition on the skin, having this tea also has its benefits. It can fight skin cancer causing harmful toxins from the inside of the body. You can have a cup of green tea everyday to keep you healthy from inside.

There are various types of products in the market which contains the properties of the same. These can also be beneficial for the skin from outside and inside. These contain natural anti-oxidants and provided these come from well known brands, these can be useful for the skin and help your skin be detoxified for longer. Below are a few of the benefits that these leaves offer you when you use them accordingly and in a proper way.

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1) Anti-Oxidant:

It serves as anti-oxidant to the skin. It is also regarded as the store house of beauty benefits. The foremost of those being its anti-oxidant properties. Free radicals tend to damage the skin. It can cause depletion of skin cells. These are also responsible for skin aging. Free radicals can harm the skin when the skin is exposed to the harmful ultraviolet rays.

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If your skin is guarded from the inside with anti-oxidants or even from the outside, then this tendency can be reduced and your skin can be safer than before. The aging process also slows down. A few other things like skin aging can also slow down because the free radicals cannot harm the skin too much. This also means that your cells are worn and torn out at a slower rate than before. Along with this another thing happens. If your skin has the problem of getting tanned it means that your melanin formation is more than usual.

It could mean that your skin gets affected by the effect of UV Rays and hence gets darkened. The only way to prevent this from happening is to guard it against the UV Rays by wearing a proper sunscreen and keeping the body safe from inside. You can do this by having a cup of green tea every day.

2) Masks:

Masks mad with this is also said to do wonders for the skin. It helps to detoxify the skin from outside. The skin cells become more firm and the tanning is reduced. Along with it, the tanning is reduced to a large extent. You can make a mask by putting 2 to 3 teaspoons of the same into warm water and making a thick paste with it. Put this on your cleansed face and keep it on for 15 to 20 minutes. This will get you rid of your tanning. Any sun spots can also be reduced if those are temporary and has happened due to severe exposure to sun rays without protection.

3) Sun Burns:

Like mentioned above, the mask helps to get you rid of any tanning. If you face has been exposed to longer periods of UV Rays without any protection, you can face sun burns of patchy skin. These are dark coloured patches, quite darker than the actual complexion of your facial skin tone. These can make your skin looks dull and lifeless. Along with it can also cause permanent damage to the skin cells.

If not taken care at the proper time, only clinical sittings help to resolve a problem of sun burns. These can also resolve any possible causes of getting a sun spot. The sun spots are extensive deposition of melanin in the most frequent of cases unless they are sun posts which are beauty spots and happen because of cellular reasons.

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4) Soothes The Eye:

Tea bags can be useful for soothing tired eyes. This can help you resolve a lot of problems related to the eye area. Usually the tired eyes tend to get dark circles underneath them. You can steep these tea bags in warm water and then keep this bowl of water along with the tea bags into the refrigerator. Take these out when your eyes feel tire and put them on top of your eye lids. You can lie down for the time these will stay on your eyes. It is important to keep the body in a relaxed position or the full effect of the process may not be realised.

To realise the better effect o using the tea bags and also to have a good blood circulation to the eyes at that time, it s important to keep the body in a reclined or a laying position. You can keep these cold bags over the eyes for about 15-20 minutes. Your eyes will feel somewhat numb and also less fatigued after a while. These will help to make the eyes cool down. This can also help your eyes to get rid of any burning sensation which a person may face if that person is accustomed to be stressing his eyes for long hours. This can cause your redness of tired eyes to get reduced.

5) Under Eye Bags:

Tea bags when cold and applied over the eye lids can help to reduce under eye circles and sooth the eyes. Another thing that can be done along with the application of cold tea bags over the eye lids is the application of a cold tea mask along the lower lids and along any types of under eye bags that you might be having. If this is done on a regular basis, the bags will get reduced and your eyes will also lessen any types of fine lines and wrinkles around them.

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These signs of aging are largely reduced with the regular and generous application of green tea masks and tea bags. It will give you a fairer complexion underneath the eyes and also at other areas of the face if applied in the same way. But a person must remember that these are only suitable when the skin has faced sun burns of tanning or any under eye bags or circles in a short while of time. If these have happened and not taken care of when they should have been, then these natural ways may not work. Another thing that needs to be mentioned is that these should be followed on a daily basis.

It is quite convenient to come home and apply these tea masks for a while. Skipping on the proper process of application may not result in good results. After all you must remember that natural procedures only work over a long run. Otherwise a person should only opt for clinical sittings to get rid of under eye bags and dark circles.

6) Inflammation:

This wonderful beauty treatment can also protect the skin against any forms of inflammation. Inflammations can happen when a person’s skin is affected by psoriasis of rosacea. These often tend to make the skin reddish in patches and makes it burn. The reddish spots are also common when someone is suffering from rosacea. Psoriasis is another painful skin condition. A lot of medication is also required to get the condition in control.

If a person applies the tea masks when they are suffering from this, then the redness of the skin can be reduced to a large extent. The anti-inflammatory properties help to reduce the skin inflammation and also the redness. With regular application along with medication, the skin can be soothed to a large extent.

7) Anti-Bacterial Properties:

This is said to have a large extent of anti-bacterial and skin soothing properties. When this is applied locally on pimples, acne’s and zits, these tend to get reduced and also the inflammation reduces. If you are suffering from a lot of acne and zits, you can try applied a mask made of soaked tea and apply this on those places. It should be kept on for at least 15 minutes before you can wash it off. Then you can apply your regular anti-acne creams. The result will be a faster healing of inflamed acne prone skin and also the bumps will get reduced. The acne will get dried faster and the skin will itch less.

8) Cell Renewal:

Regular intake of this may help you in getting your skin cells to get renewed faster and more effectively. It is helpful when you are in your 30’s and your skin undergoes more depletion and less cell re-building. This works from deep within and fastens the process of the cell building, helping in balancing the depletion and re-building of skin cells. It has polyphenols which synthesizes DNA and helps in the re-building process.

9) Cancer Blocking For Skin:

It can block skin cancer casing harmful entities when you take it regularly.

10) Sun Guard:

Regular application of a mask can help your skin stay guarded against the sun. It acts as a natural sun guard. You can also apply sun screens containing its extracts which can help your skin fight off the UV Rays.

Green tea basically has both health and beauty benefits as seen above in the article. While going through the article, we get to know about its high nutritious value which helps to improve our health condition. The components present also raise our beauty quotient by adding green tea regularly in your diet.

In this article, all total 25 benefits of green tea are mentioned and hopefully these will be beneficial to you.