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The ideal period for height gain begins during the teen age years and continues to grow till puberty. However there are a lot of people who yearn for height gain after turning 25 years. Though not naturally there are a few methods in the form of supplements, surgeries, yoga exercises, manipulation of the spine and certain height increase products that can give the desired results. These methods of height gain are sometimes expensive but are definitely result oriented. Mentioned below in this article is a brief introduction of some of these products, their efficacy and their limitations.

How to Increase Height After 25 Years

How to Increase Height After 25:

Yoga Postures:

People who want to achieve height after crossing the age of 25 but are sceptical about unnatural methods can attempt certain yoga postures that have shown positive results in increasing the height provided one practices it diligently. Surya namaskar, Chakra asana, bhujanga asana or the cobra pose are a few postures that can help in gaining height even after crossing the age of 25 years.

A) Suryanamaskar:

How to Increase Height After 25 Years--Sun satuation

One of the most effective asana is surya namaskar which comprises of 12 different postures that are required to be performed chronologically. It helps in stretching every part of the body thus facilitating the gain in height.

B) Chakrasana:

How to Increase Height After 25 Years--Chakrasana or Full Wheel Pose

This asana works on the elasticity of the spine and is most effective for increasing the height even after 25 years of age as it helps in stretching the spine. This is apt for straightening the posture and making it more erect.

C) Bhujangasana:

How to Increase Height After 25 Years--bhujangasana

This asana gives the same result as the chakra asana and is relatively easier to perform. When practiced daily this asana strengthens the spine.

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Height Increase Products:

1. Growth-Flex V Pro System:

This product includes supplements that are highly effective in increasing the height without any side effects. It enhances the human growth hormones that are responsible for increasing the height of the body.

2. Calcium Pills for Height Increase:

These are supplements of minerals like calcium that accelerate the growth of the bones which are directly responsible for the increase of the height.

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3. HeightoMax:

The Heightomax is another reliable product that is boosts the height by manipulating the thickness of the vertebral thickness in the spine so as to gain height by stretching it. This product works effectively for those who want to increase their height after the age of 25.

Tricky Shoes:

This is an intelligent way of increase the height as and when required as this involves the use of heels and raised soles to make a person appear taller.

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Step-up Height Increaser:

This product comes with a money back guarantee and is an excellent formula for accentuating the height.

Height Top Cap:

This product is known to be an external device without any side effects. It is extremely beneficial and very safe to use.

Surgeries for Height Increase:

The surgery required for increasing the height is also called limb lengthening surgery where in expert orthopaedic surgeons operate upon the bones and affix internal orthopaedic apparatus. The the surgery takes a few hours, it takes about six month for the entire surgical procedure to achieve the target of increasing the height. The maximum height that can be increased is 10 cms. This procedure is performed on both legs at the same time and patients are often mobile very soon after the surgery. Of course this can have complications and is very expensive too but its efficacy supersedes the minor setbacks.

Though increasing the height after the age of 25 years is a difficult task, it is not impossible and can be achieve. One should however be willing to try out the various devices and products available in the market.