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The time when a new member is soon to be added in your family is crucial and you need additional nutrients to keep your body going and fit. A healthy body is just what you need and binging on corn might not be as simple as you think. So, if your simple food pleasures are being ruined owing to pregnancy scares and you are online searching for answers, seems like you’ve found the right article.

Corn During Pregnancy

♦ Reason to Have Corn During Pregnancy:

While discussing of the pros and cons of corns, let us dig into the highs of consuming corn when you are growing your little one in you.

1. Corn is rich in protein and fiber, both of which are a rich of source for your baby’s healthy development over the months.
2. Rich in vitamins and minerals, one serving or corn could add up to 390 gms of potassium and iron in your health dose.
3. Folic acid, often deemed as particularly crucial for reducing the birth abnormalities in the child, is present in plenty in corn.
4. Sweet corn is rich in cancer reducing oxidants, beta carotene and vitamin b12 known for its help in the formation of new blood cells, thus entirely eliminating the risk of anaemia for both you as well as your child.
5. Add corn in pastas, vegetable and rice dishes, and always on salads to bring out that extra bout of sweetness.
6. You can go the old ways and stick to corn as a side dish with the healthy cob or steak.

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♦ Corn Products to Avoid:

You’ve been pregnant a while now and probably have had those cravings for ice or corn starch that are usually supplements not meant for a sole trip to your stomach. The condition, called Pica, isn’t as rare as you think and involves eating not so favorite non-food items. It might pose a risk to you and your baby equally and hence should be taken care of by your doctor at the early stages itself. Talking of corn- on a whole it is indeed safe, but when it comes to corn starch or popcorn or even corn syrup, it is as unsafe as it gets. Why?

Popcorn has Trans Fat, which has been established as a fatal enemy to newborns. Corn syrup on the other hand has a lot of added sweeteners, not great news for your baby either. If you can stay away from the supplements as much as needed, corns will bring nothing but a great pregnancy era for you.

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♦ Precautions:

1. Nothing too much is good. Make sure your diet isn’t anything over the top and made of just corns all day long.
2. Reduce your daily intake of corn if you have underlying heart troubles, since corn is rich in certain fatty acids.
3. Corns might lead to indigestion, so always stick to fresh ones than the canned or frozen stuff.
4. Keep the husk of the corn on to keep it going fresher for longer.
5. Allow your doctor to make your decisions or you and ensure you consult her before making diet changes.

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So coming to the main point- is it safe after all to eat corn when you’re pregnant? Everything points to yes! It is absolutely safe to consume your fair share of corn snacks as long as you stick to steaming, boiling and grilling.