Top 15 Best Calf Tattoo Designs for Women and Men

Recently designing tattoos is gaining popularity by all age group and by both men and women. Generally people design tattoo on such a place so that it can be easily visible and lend them flaunting and charming look. Among it calf is best part of body for designing tattoo as it can be easily visible and moreover it can also be can be hidden by wearing skirts or pants.

Stylish and Unique Calf Tattoo Designs for Women and Men:

Calf tattoos appear very classy as well represents uniqueness in its own way and style. So let’s have a quick glance at top 15 unique and stylish calf tattoo designs for every tattoo lover.

1. Nature Inspired Calf Tattoo Design:

Calf Tattoo Designs

The design looks startling where in the sailing ship, the sea water and the rising sun is beautifully designed. This design depicts that the wearer loves the beauty of nature and is also inspired by it also. This is a great design which captures the beauty of nature in the form of tattoo.

2. Hot Air Balloon Calf Tattoo Design:

Hot Air Balloon Calf Tattoo Design

The balloon is inked with vibrant colours, the basket has some quotes and on top of the balloon a flag is hosted. This type of design can be tattooed by both men and women.

3. Tribal Calf Tattoo Design:

Tribal Calf Tattoo Design

A tribal tattoos appears very fabulous if it’s being designed in a proper way. The broad black straight lines on calf along with curves in between making the wearer appear more marvellous and captivating than ever before.

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4. Trendy Calf Muscle Tattoo Design:

Trendy Calf Muscle Tattoo Design

The awesome shape of the design, along with mind blowing colour combination and the strokes makes the design appear very engaging and striking, ensuring every head turns towards it.

5. Flashy Calf Tattoo Design for Females:

Flashy Calf Tattoo Design for Females

In this female tattoos design the rose flower has been designed in a very wonderful way. The awesome colour combination on its petals and leaves can surely drive people crazy and a perfect and cool tattoo design for every female. This is an amazing tattoo design which could make the females looks more alluring and heavenly.

6. Fierce Calf Tattoo Design:

Fierce Calf Tattoo Design

In this leg calf tattoos design a tiger face is depicted in between the bushes as is he is in search of its prey. As the tiger is a symbol of strength and power and desire to achieve everything in his life. The similar qualities possessed by a male, so a perfect tattoo which can be designed by males on their calves.

7. Stylish Calf Tattoo Design:

Stylish Calf Tattoo Design

This could be an ideal tattoo for both men and women’s calves. As koi fish depicts love, friendship and even luck and can adapt to any different type of climate and water. A stylish way to convey the world that the wearers possess these qualities.

8. Traditional Calf Tattoo Design:

Traditional Calf Tattoo Design

This is an extraordinary appearing tattoo design. The calf tattoo designs have an anchor on one leg symbolizing stability and loyalty towards loved ones. The flower on another calf represents the internal beauty of a person. These types of designs can be crafted by that person who loves symbolic tattoo designs.

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9. Fairy Calf Tattoo Design for Females:

Fairy Calf Tattoo Design for Females

Here comes an awesome and pretty looking tattoo for female folk. The fairies tattoo designs are very popular among females as it represents beauty and sensuality and above all these tattoos add more charm to one’s personality.

10. Cool Squid Leg Calf Tattoo Design:

Cool Squid Leg Calf Tattoo Design

This is a fascinating creature which lives in oceans and even changes its colours according to its surroundings. The wearer of this tattoo symbolizes and depicts that it posses similar characteristics like a squid. The tattoo is designed in a very beautiful and fantastic style giving a realistic appearance.

11. Classy Calf Tattoo Design:

Classy Calf Tattoo Design

This type of tattoo designs is very common and never goes out of fashion. The flower tattoo is inked with black and the small lines and a curve inside the flower lends a heavenly look to the legs. Outside the flower dash of vibrant colours and black dots add more appealing appearance to the design.

12. Sensational Calf Tattoo Design:

Sensational Calf Tattoo Design

This is one other remarkable calf sleeve tattoo design which can be inked by both men and women. The owl tattoo with skull can be designed in many styles and you can make it appear more artistic by adding your creativity in it. The skull eyes are designed in a circular pattern and the diamond shape on the heads make it an eye popping appearance.

13. Cute Loving Calf Tattoos Design:

Cute Loving Calf Tattoos Design

In this a small cute cow is outlined with black on the calf. As the cow is well known for toughness and a protector of his family the wearer of this tattoo could also possess the similar qualities. This is a great design for people who love small calf tattoos design and which can be easily tattooed also.

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14. Musical Calf Tattoo Design:

Musical Calf Tattoo Design

The tattoo is considered to be amazing way out to communicate which any speech involved in it. On the calf musical instrument guitar is designed and inked with awesome, appealing colours, giving a vibrant look to the calf. Here you designed any other instrument depicting your love and passion towards music.

15. Funky Calf Tattoo Design:

Funky Calf Tattoo Design

You can design any sort of tattoo design of your calf it can symbolic or funky ones also. In this design cute, adorable duck is depicted on the calf reflecting your cool and jovial and light attitude towards life.

On Calf you can design any type of tattoos design, but the elongated design could appear more fabulous. Tattoos of the calf can be easily designed as this place hold lots of muscles and fat, thus you will feel less pain while getting inked. There are many different types of designs available some symbolic and with deeper meaning while others have exclusive appearance without much resemblance. So can pick the one which goes well with your appearance and make you feel different and unique.

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