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Often we are confused with what to do different with our hair. We may be having either short or long hair and may be just bored from the usual open hair or the buns and the full updo. Did you ever think that there can be numerous styles with just half your hair! Yes- you may try so many styles with just half ponies and give your hair a fresh look. So you can enjoy both the look of a polished updo as well as sexiness of your hair down. Here in this article we discuss a few.

Simple and Last Half Pony Hairstyles for Girls:

Let’s find the top 9 half pony hairstyles for girls.

1. Braids- Half Up:

half pony hairstyles

Wash your hair neatly and you may let it remain a little curly rather than being absolute straight. Now middle part the hair once dry well. You can also use a blow dry. Now from the side part take a section of the hair and make a braid and pull it across the back area of the crown region to reach the other end. Secure it well with a bobby pin after tying the ends of the braid. Here you have a beautiful braided crown with rest of the hair falling down. This may be a perfect casual style for summers.

2. Sleek And Clean Half Up:

Half pony hairstyles 2

Cleanse your hair well and comb it through to remove the tangles. Now you may do middle part or side part as preferred. Apply serum to make your hair smooth and soft as you need to keep it open. Run the comb again. Now once your hair is dry then take a section from both the sides to meet at the back. Once into kind of half pony tail, braid it neatly to fall down. The sleek and clean look makes you look pretty. You may also choose to make braid on wither of the side so as to reach at the back. That will be more pretty.

3. Braided And Flower Half Updo:

Half pony hairstyles 3

Just like we discussed on the half braid-up above. The same may further be accentuated by making the braid into a flower by may be coiling it. Now secure the same well so as to be on one side of the head. This is also a cool casual summer look.

4. Knotted Half Updo:

Half Pony Hairstyles 4

A very simple, stylish and different look. However, need to ensure that the hair is well cleansed before trying this style as this look needs clean and smooth hair. Now once the hair is fry you can do extreme side part or even middle part. Take sections from either sides. Now once both the sections reach the centre at the back tie a knot very neatly and thereafter secure the knot with two to three bobby pins and let the remaining part of the section fall back. So here you have a clean and pretty knotted half updo. Also this may not be suited well for medium length hair unless you have good volume.

5. Vintage Half Pony:

Half pony hairstyles 5

This is a look very elegant and may be best suited for subtle occasions and parties. You can crunch the ends of the hair by applying some texture cream and then leave it to get the crunched look. Now on the top section take a section of hair from the middle and twist a little and then push a little to make a puff. Now secure it well. At the middle of the section you can wear a bow or another similar accessory to give it a vintage look.

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6. Messy Braid:

Half pony hairstyles 6

For the casual feel take half of the section at the back from the middle part and then make a fish pony tail. This can be tried best when you have just got up from bed for the messy look or you may tie the same and sleep overnight.

7. Both Sides Braids:

Half pony hairstyles 7

Simply take sections from both sides of the head and make thin braids and bring them together towards the centre and secure it. Let the rest of the hair lie loose and messy.

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8. Twisted Half Up:

Half pony hairstyles 8

Take sections from the hair and twist it well to come to the centre and secure well so that the twist does not become loose.

9. Simple And Plain:

Half pony hairstyles 9

To keep it all simple and stylish. Just take half pony and secure it with a section of hair by wrapping it around and then secure that with a bobby pin well. Plain, simple and you are ready for a party or your office or meeting friends.

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