10 Hottest French Actors

1 – Olivier Martinez

10 Hottest French Actors_01

  • Born: 12 January 1966 (age 48)
  • Where: Paris, France
  • Best Known For: He’s had several French roles and more than his fair share of British / American ones too. It was the 2002 hit Unfaithful with Richard Gere and Diane Lane that made most women sit up and pay attention. This was definitely one of his more raunchier roles and if you’ve not seen the movie, you should definitely check it out.
  • See Him Soon: No movies due out any time soon but there are a few things you should keep your eyes out for. The hit TV show Scandal, for example – he’s in this as Pascal LeMarchal and there’s another TV mini-series coming out in 2015 called Texas Rising.

2 – Nicolas Duvauchelle

10 Hottest French Actors_02

  • Born: 27 March 1980
  • Where: Paris, France
  • Best Known For: There are a few movies behind him but some of them are French so there is a good chance you may not have spotted them. You should look out for the following films as he’s in them, and they aren’t bad either – Polisse in 2011, White Material in 2009, Inside in 2007 or Beau Travail in 1999. 
  • See Him Soon: There are a couple of French movies coming out in 2015 if you fancy catching this French hunk in action – Le Combat Ordinaire and Je Ne Suis Pas Un Salaud. Make sure you have your subtitles turned on! 

3 – Guillaume Canet

10 Hottest French Actors_03

  • Born: 10 April 1973 (age 41)
  • Where: Boulogne-Billancourt, France
  • Best Known For: He was in the 2000 film The Beach with Leonardo DiCaprio if you’ve ever seen that? There was also the ‘wickedly delicious’ Love Me If You Dare which came out in 2003. Also, Tell No One starred this French cutie back in 2006 too.
  • See Him Soon: Icon is the movie out in 2015 and we actually first mentioned this in 10 Hottest Irish Actors as it also stars Chris O’Dowd in the movie that follows a journalists obsession with Lance Armstrong’s performance enhancing drug use. This sounds like it could be a must-see movie.
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4 – Raphaël Personnaz

10 Hottest French Actors_04

  • Born: 23 July 1981 (age 33)
  • Where: Paris, France
  • Best Known For: There are a number of films that this cutie has been spotted in, especially over the last few years. Among a few of our favourites are 2012’s Three Worlds, Anna Karenina from 2012, Special Forces in 2011 and The French Minister in 2013.
  • See Him Soon: A french drama called La trilogie marseillaise: Cesar is due out over the next year or so but again, this movie will be French so make sure you’ve got your subtitles turned on!

5 – Jean Dujardin

10 Hottest French Actors_05

  • Born: 19 June 1972 (age 42)
  • Where: Île-de-France, France
  • Best Known For: If you’ve seen the 2011 hit The Wolf of Wall Street, you’ll probably have spotted Jean Dujardin in that. There was also the rather dramatic 2011 film The Artist too that you should watch if you haven’t. It would appear that he’s been in the background of a few films we had seen – perhaps we need to start keeping a much closer eye out for this French charmer?
  • See Him Soon: A few (again) French movies coming out for 2015 and 2016 so if you want to spot him, you should check out La French, Le petit joueur or Gardel!

6 – Hugo Becker

10 Hottest French Actors_06

  • Born: 13 May 1987 (age 27)
  • Where: Lorraine, France
  • Best Known For: Back in 2010-2012, you’d have spotted Hugo Becker in Gossip Girl where he played the part of Louis Grimaldi in the hit TV show. He was also in a film the following year (2013) called Breathe In which you may have seen. There have been a few French movies (of course) but it would seem that this guy is more well known in Britain and the States than we first may have realised.
  • See Him Soon: Aside from a few finishing projects, there doesn’t appear to be much in the pipeline for this cute French dude, although there is a new French spy TV show that he is said to be playing the lead role in so keep your eyes out for Au service de la France.
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7 – Gilles Marini

Gilles Marini

  • Born: January 26, 1976 (age 38)
  • Where: Alpes-Maritimes, France
  • Best Known For: Are you a fan of Sex and the City? Do you remember when Samantha was living in LA with her actor-boyfriend? Well, she had a neighbour that she couldn’t keep her eyes away from in those few scenes of the hit HBO TV show…. Do you remember that shower scene? Yep – we’ve pretty much seen this French hunk naked. Of course that’s not all he’s well known for. Did you see the 2011 movie Switched at Birth? He was in that. He was also in the 2012 film Puss in Boots: The Three Diablos.
  • See Him Soon: The Last Rescue is a movie due out in 2015 which we are quite excited about and will see him starring alongside a few hotties such as Cody Kasch and Brett Cullen. It’s a Word War II themed drama so this might be a film you could take your boyfriend to go and see?

8 – Nicolas Giraud

10 Hottest French Actors_08

  • Born: 12 November 1978 (age 36)
  • Where: Charente-Maritime, France
  • Best Known For: If you’ve ever seen the movie from 2008 Taken (the very first one), you may remember him from that. That’s probably the most well-known movie you’ll have seen him in but there a few French hits that he was behind too.
  • See Him Soon: There’s a French movie called Anton Tchekhov 1890 due out in 2015 but once again, this will be in French. Sadly, it doesn’t appear as if there are many English-speaking movies due out soon starting this little hottie.
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9 – Stanley Weber

10 Hottest French Actors_09

  • Born: 13 July 1986 (age 28)
  • Where: Paris, France
  • Best Known For: There may not be many films that you’ll have seen starring this French beaut, but these are movies that are very well known in his own country and around Europe. The 2008 movie The First Day of the Rest of Your Life, for example, and the 2013 hit Not Another Happy Ending.
  • See Him Soon: There are a few French movies due out in the coming years for Stanley Weber but the main English-speaking one you will want to keep a close lookout for is Sword of Vengeance.

10 – Vincent Cassel

10 Hottest French Actors_10

  • Born: 23 November 1966 (age 48)
  • Where: Paris, France
  • Best Known For: This guy has been in some pretty outstanding movies over the years but the biggest ones that you’ll probably have seen are the 2010 marvel Black Swan with Natalie Portman, or the 2001 movie Shrek in which he played the voice of Monsieur Hood.
  • See Him Soon: Again, a number of French movies are said to be released over the next few months and years but there are a couple of English-speaking films we think you may be quite interested in if you are a fan of that smooth French accent and those beautiful eyes – Child 44 is a film about the Stalin-era in the Soviet Union and will also star Tom Hardy (drool!), Gary Oldman, and a few other big names you’ll definitely have heard of!