Ciara Bravo Bra Size Height Weight

Her Bra Size

She wears a 32 A.

Her Body Measurements


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5 feet 2 inches or 157 centimeters

Current Weight

106 pounds or 46 kilograms

Boyfriends and Spouses

Jack Griffo (2013): Since Ciara is still fairly young, she has not had an extensive dating history yet. One of the only people she has ever dated is Jack Griffo. She began dating the actor on March 4 of 2013. Before the end of the year, they chose to call it quits.

Net Worth

Over time, Ciara Bravo has managed to accumulate a net worth of $2 million from her various acting projects. Most of her earnings are from the part of Katie on Big Time Rush.

Her Name at Birth

Her birth name was Ciara Quinn Bravo.

Common Nicknames

She goes by the name Ciara.

Age and Birth Date

She was born on March 18 of 1997, so Bravo is currently 18 years old. Ciara will turn 19 years old in March of 2016.

Astrological Sun Sign

Her astrological sun sign is the Pisces.

Location of Her Birth

She was born in the town of Alexandria, Kentucky.


Ciara Bravo is an American citizen.

Educational History

Although her educational background is unknown, she most likely spent a lot of her youth being home schooled. For child actors, staying focused on school while still being on set is extremely difficult. As a result, many child actors choose to be home schooled for most or all of their school years.

Family Members

The names and composition of her family is presently unknown.

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She has an extremely slender build and is very wisp-like.

Dress Size

2 (US)

Shoe Size



She works primarily as an actress and a voice over artist.

Hair Color

Ciara Brown has dark brown hair.

Eye Color

Her eyes are dark brown in color.

Distinctive Features

She is recognizable by her long brown hair and cute facial features.


She is of Caucasian descent.

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Her religious affiliation is currently unknown.

Best Known For

By far, the role that she is best known for being is Kate Knight on Big Time Rush. She also received some notoriety for portraying Emma Chota on the Red Band Society.

Her First Television Show

The first time that she ever appeared on television was in 2008. Ciara Bravo was several voices on two episodes of the television show, Can You Teach My Alligator Manners? In the following year, she played Sarah in a single episode of the television show, Special Agent Oso.

Her First Film

The first film appearance by Ciara Bravo was in 2009. She was an uncredited Italian Girl in the movie, Angels & Demons. Her first credited role was in the short film, the Cafeteria, in 2009.

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Ciara Bravo’s Favorite Things

Ciara tends to keep a low profile, so a lot of Ciara Bravo’s favorite things are unknown right now. As she expands her career and reaches the next stage of acting, she may reveal more information about herself.

Ciara Bravo Facts

Ciara was born just 15 miles south of Cinncinnati, Ohio in the town of Alexandria. Despite her fairly rural upbringing, she maanged to bee discovered when she was just nine years old. At the time, she attended the Mike Beaty Midel and Talent Expo in Texas. Management 101 discovered her and got her jobs in voice overs, music videos and commercials.
Currently, Ciara lives at home with her mother, brother and sister. She has never publicly explained the absence of her father in this arrangement.
Afrter her early success, she began to work in more commercials and appeared briefly in Angels & Demons.
Once, Ciara was actually in a music video for Willow Smith. Fans may recognize the Smith name from Willow’s famous father, Will Smith.
When Ciara Bravo was chosen to be Katie on Big Time Rush, the producers at Nickolodeon were actually so impressed that they signed her on to a three year contract.
Bravo has done a lot of voice over work in her career. Over time, she has done voices in prductions like Madagascar, Happiness is a Warm Blanket, Special Agent Oso and Charlie Brown.

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