Top 10 Hottest Greek Women

Greece is about the same size as Alabama, if you were to put them side by side, with a population of over ten million people over the islands. It’s a country filled with tourists too, with a reported 15 or 16 million visitors every single year. It would appear that there is something other than the beautiful Mediterranean beaches that are drawing in the masses. These top 10 hottest Greek women also originate from the beautiful country.

1 – Athina Oikonomakou

With over 670,000 followers on Instagram, there’s a good chance you’ll already have an idea of who Athina Oikonomakou is. The 31-year-old was born in Skala of Laconia and is a name in the world of acting, both theatre and TV. There have even been four movies, all Greek, followed by a jewellery collection, which was released in 2016.

Top 10 Hottest Greek Women 1

2 – Anastasia Perraki

This 32-year-old Greek model is best known for appearing in a certain bunny themed grown-up mag but has also popped up on the cover of a number of other magazines and publications throughout her career. You may also know this cute Greek babe from her marriage to one of Greek’s hottest athletes — Michail Mouroutsos. With an Instagram filled with blonde bombshell moments, she’s got over 10k followers and counting. Will you be her next one?

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3 – Maria Menounos

Although she was born in Massachusetts, United States, Maria Menounos has two Greek parents, making her worthy of a spot on this list of Top 10 Hottest Greek Women. The 39-year-old has made quite the name for herself in more than a couple of industries, including TV hosting, journalism, and even professional wrestling. Add a few movies in there, such as the 2008 hit, Tropic Thunder, and you have a recipe for success. It’s no wonder she has over 920,000 followers on Instagram.

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Top 10 Hottest Greek Women 3

4 – Evelina Papantoniou

Not just an actress and a model, but a title holder of beauty pageants too, Evelina Papantoniou was originally born in Athens, Greece. It was at the very young age of 15 that she first discovered her love for modelling, but she has a heart of gold too, helping out with the victims and others affected by the big earthquake in Athens of 1992. Although she has turned her hand to the movie world, it seems that modelling is very much her forte, and you’ll see her gracing the covers of magazines such as Vogue and Madam these days.

Top 10 Hottest Greek Women 4

5 – Tonia Sotiropoulou

This Athens-born actress has actually moved to the United Kingdom, with the hope of pursuing an international acting career. It’s a move that appears to have worked rather well for Tonia Sotiropoulou, who found fame in the movie, Berberian Sound Studio in 2012. The Brit horror movie also stars Toby Jones and makes for quite the frightening watch. With over 112k followers on Instagram, this Greek beauty is definitely one to keep your eyes open for.

Top 10 Hottest Greek Women 5

6 – Zeta Makripoulia

39-year-old Zeta Makripoulia was born in Athens, Greece, and is a well-known name in her country, in the fields of TV and TV presenting, acting in TV and movies, fashion design, and even modelling. She’s had a career that has so far spanned over 14 years, and this Greek beauty shows absolutely no signs of slowing down at any time soon. It was back in 2005 that she made her acting debut, in a theatre show, and she has also become a very famous name in the world of radio too. Is there anything this beauty can’t do?

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Top 10 Hottest Greek Women 6

7 – Iliana Papageorgiou

Not only is Iliana Papageorgiou a model, she’s a beauty pageant winner, crowned Miss Greece back in 2011. That wasn’t her first brush with modelling, of course, her good looks getting her snapped up by various agencies in the business. She calls herself a “New York made model” on Instagram, where she has close to 18,000 followers.

Top 10 Hottest Greek Women 7

8 – Irene Skliva

39-year-old Irene Skliva is another of the beauties on this list that originated from Athens in Greece, and she’s also a beauty queen and a model, much like some of the others on here too. In India, 1996, Irene was actually crowned Miss India, and, in the same year, she was also crowned Miss World. It was from that her modelling career exploded, and she has since graced the covers of many fashion magazines, as well as appearing in fashion shows.

Top 10 Hottest Greek Women 8

9 – Maria Elena Kyriakou

33-year-old Maria Elena Kyriakou is known for two pretty big and impressive things in her career. First, in the very first season of The Voice of Greece (1994), she competed and then won the show. The following year, with a song titled “One Last Breath”, Maria represented her home country in the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest although, sadly, didn’t win.

Top 10 Hottest Greek Women 9

10 – Eleanna Palaiologou

She’s probably more classed as a social media star, but Eleanna Palaiologou is also a personal trainer and a model, originally from the island of Crete. Also a brand ambassador, fashion and lifestyle blogger, she’s grown an impressive following of over 80,000 Instagram likes, wowing people over with her fashionable (and sometimes provocative) shots. She sure does have some style!

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