Top 100 Hottest Men in the World 2013 Part B

Following on from PART A – Top 100 Hottest Men in the World 2013, we have decided to bring you 25 of the world’s most desirable men right now! If you disagree with any that we have mentioned, please feel free to let us know why and don’t forget, if you haven’t seen your favorite on the list yet, we still have another 50 to go after this one – plenty of time for you to check out the eye-candy!

26. Shiloh Fernandez

Shiloh Fernandez 1

Have you seen the film Red Riding Hood? If you had, you will have noticed the rugged, slightly scruffy good looks offered by the likes of this relatively new Hollywood great. This is one of those actors where you aren’t sure of the name but the face sure does ring a bell, and it would seem that, with his very busy schedule of late, that his name is not something that we are likely to forget in a hurry.

Born February 26th, 1985, Shiloh Fernandez was born in California and was an American Apparel catalog model before making his screen debut in Cold Case. From there however, he seems to have gone from strength to strength, starring in TV shows such as Jake and Josh, Gossip Girl, CSI:NY and having a few films under his belt – Deadgirl, Red and Skateland, just to name but a few.

Shiloh Fernandez 2

With regards to his love life, it would seem as if Shiloh Fernandez were keeping his private life very much private. He was reported to have said that he was still very much in love with his high school sweetheart, even though they haven’t been dating the entire way through, and he has been romantically linked very recently (January 2013) to Shailene Woodley.

Shiloh, (reported to have been next in line for the part of Edward Cullen in the hit Twilight series) has been a busy boy recently and has a number of films set to be released in 2013. There’s The East, in which he stars alongside Alexander Skarsgård, Evil Dead, Syrup with Kellan Lutz, Deep Powder, and plenty more!

27. James Arthur

James Arthur 2

If you haven’t heard of this fabulous new singer on the scene, you have clearly been living under a rock. James Arthur, born March 2nd, 1988 first shot to massive super stardom when he won the British talent and singing contest, The X Factor. You may have heard his debut single – Impossible, which has hit the charts in a big way, all over the world. He, of course, got the well sought after Number One spot in the British charts, and has since gone on to sell over 1.4 million copies AND becoming the fastest and best selling single ever to be released from the TV show.

His love life has been just as mental as his super-fast beeline to fame. He has been spotted out and about with a massive number of “mystery” blondes and brunettes, partying the night away after his big win, and has even been romantically linked to a few bigger names as well – there was a few rumors flying around between him and Caroline Flack for a while, but as for his current love life status; it is anybody’s guess!

James Arthur 1

2013 will give us even more of this undeniably-rough-around-the-edges hottie – he will be touring, promoting his album, and releasing a few more singles, we are sure! That gives you plenty of time to recognize and learn all about this beautiful British man with his soulful and amazing British voice! And let’s be honest about this; what’s not to love? He has an amazing voice, a great stage presence, tattoos, piercings and bad-boy rock image!

28. Taylor Lautner

Taylor Lautner 1

Shall we just take a moment to bask in the beauty of this amazing hunk of a man! Come on girls, whether you were Team Edward or Team Jacob, you were always rooting for Taylor Lautner! That body, those eyes… phwoar!

Believe it or not, this Hollywood superstar still lives with his parents, choosing to pay more attention to his drug and alcohol-free life, and complex exercise regimes which keeps him with the buff body that we have come to know and love. Those abs don’t come for free, you know!

Taylor Lautner 2

Of course, you can’t be THAT hot and not have a few Hollywood links in the romance department. Both Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift have been linked romantically to Taylor, although any official statements never materialized.

Taylor Lautner 3

It was very sad news when the Twilight Saga finally came to a close – the movie theatres were full of crying girls, sad that the end of an era had come. And yes, we here at Herinterest were part of that crying crew! Don’t panic though ladies – there’s plenty more Taylor eye-candy heading our way with a couple of films that are set to be released in 2013. Grown Ups 2, for example, sees Taylor starring alongside Adam Sandler, Chris Rock and Kevin James. There is also a film called Tracers set to hit the silver screen, although final details of this has not yet been released.

29. Tom Burke

Tom Burke 1

Have you heard of Tom Burke? You will have known of him if you had ever seen the British film Donkey Punch, (which wasn’t all that great) and I Want Candy. If you have not heard of him, don’t fear; he’s doing plenty of silver screen work in 2013 to keep us entertained!

Tom Liam Benedict Burke was born in England in 1981, and is lucky enough to be able to call Alan Rickman his Godfather. His love life seems pretty quiet, although he’s rise to super stardom seems to have only just begun so there is plenty of time for the romance tables to turn! No doubt we will see him in the future linked to a number of his co-stars; that seems to be the norm with relatively new acting names….

Tom Burke 2

He has been incredibly busy over the last few years and has a serious number of films set to be released in the coming year. The Invisible Woman, for example, will star Tom Burke and Ralph Fiennes, The Hooligan Factory will see him starring alongside Craig Fairbrass and was written by Nick Nevern, and Only God Forgives, in which he stars alongside the undeniably hot Ryan Gosling. Who are we going to be lusting after more? Watch this space ladies….

30. Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt 1

You can’t compile a list of hot men without mentioning Brad Pitt at least once. He’s like George Clooney – one of the hottest men in Hollywood, has been for some time, and is sure to remain for many years yet!

Of course, we all know about his love life. There was Jennifer Aniston who it seemed he was happily married to until Angelina Jolie came along, starring alongside him in the massive film Mr. & Mrs. Smith. They are still together, reported to be married/getting married (no one really seems to know) and have a brood of kids; some of which have been adopted, and a couple of which are biological children of Angelina and Brad. And come on – he’s best friends with George Clooney. Now that is one dinner party that we would love to be invited to!

Brad Pitt 3

Coming back to the here and now and Brad has a lot going on in 2013. There’s Word War Z, Twelve Years a Slave, The Counselor, and the Voyage of Time, giving us lucky ladies plenty of time to see some of the hottest eye candy going. Not only that but he is the front man for the newest commercial for the hit perfume for women, Chanel Number 5. It would appear that he is going to be everywhere, not that we mind. He may belong to Angelina, but we can still have him in our thoughts, right women?

Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie

31. Matthew Fox

Matthew Fox 1

The American actor, Matthew Chandler Fox, was originally born on July 14th, 1966 and is perhaps better known for his role on the hit TV show Lost, where he plays Jack Shephard. This TV show hit the world in such a big way that it would be impossible to not know about this guy, or at least have seen his face around! Of course, it might even be Party of Five that you first remember spotting this face – he played Charlie Salinger!

It would seem that Matthew is trying his hand at a spot of the silver screen acting now though; he is set to star in one of 2013 anticipated biggest films – World War Z, where he will star alongside Hollywood greats such as Brad Pitt!

Matthew Fox Lost

Matthew Fox is a family man, usually, but he does have a darker side that seems to have come out of late. For example, there was an allegation in the later part of 2011 where it was reported that he had punched a female photographer in the chest, but no charges were bought and a civil suit soon followed. However, in 2012, he was arrested for driving under the influence, and he admitted to this.

When he is not getting himself into trouble, Matthew Fox is a doting husband to Marherita Ronchi, who he married in 1992, and he is also a loving father to two kids – a boy and a girl. It’s like the perfect little family! He’s a keen photographer too, and even had a bonus disc released with one of the Lost series’ of his photos of the crew and cast!

32. Tobey Maguire

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Tobey Maguire 1

When we think of Tobey Maguire, we automatically think back to that scene in Spiderman where he upside-down-kissed Kirsten Dunst! He was very hot in that film, right ladies? And you can’t forget about the unforgettable cuteness that was Lou the Beagle from the film Cats & Dogs – Tobey Maguire actually played his voice. He sure has had his fair share of hit films over the years too!

Looking forward into 2013 for Tobey and it would appear that he has most definitely been working hard! There’s a few films set to be released – The Great Gatsby, for example, is due out in 2013 and will see Tobey starring besides Leonard DiCaprio and Isla Fisher. You will also see Tobey in Labor Day, and even a couple of movies that are to be released in 2014.

It gets better with Tobey Maguire – he has been a vegetarian since 1992 and in 2009, he went the whole hog (excuse the pun!) and became a vegan. In fact, it was in 2002 that saw Tobey winning the award for Sexiest Vegetarian, as award by PETA.

Tobey Maguire & Child

He had a brief romance, if the rumors were to be believed, with Kristen Dunst, but in 2003 he met Jennifer Meyer, and they got married in 2006. They now have two kids and are married, living the Hollywood Happy Ever After! There’s nothing cuter than a vegan, family man! Especially when he is Spiderman too!

33. Jake Gyllenhaal

Jake Gyllenhaal 1

Jake Gyllenhaal is a man of many faces, and has also played some pretty diverse roles over the last few years. We couldn’t forget his odd and slightly demented character in the hit film Donnie Darko, and he also crossed some boundaries, creating quite the stir with the gay scene in the thought-provoking film Brokeback Mountain. If you haven’t seen it, it’s definitely one of those films that you should definitely watch. This film definitely showed new sides of Jake; something that has helped him on his way to being one of Hollywood’s Greats! Especially when you combine those characters with those found in films such as The Day After Tomorrow, Jarhead and Prince of Persia: Sands of Time.

Jake Gyllenhaal Brokeback Mountain

In true Jake Gyllenhaal fashion, there are some films coming out for 2013 which carry on with the theme of diverse randomness. For example, he will be starring in a film called An Enemy in which he plays a man looking for his doppelganger after seeing him in a film he had seen, and also a film called Prisoners, starring alongside super-hot Hugh Jackman.

Jake Gyllenhaal 2

Kristen Dunst was also linked romantically to Jake Gyllenhaal, and he also dated Hollywood sweetheart, Reese Witherspoon for a couple of years 2007-2009. He also briefly dated Taylor Swift (who hasn’t?) for a few months 2010-2011. It would appear ladies, that Jake Gyllenhaal is back on the market…..

34. Ryan Tedder

Ryan Tedder 3

Coming away from the Hollywood for a moment, we are going to have a closer look at some of the super cute guys in music! Ryan Benjamin Tedder, lead singer of the fabulous band OneRepublic, was born June 26, 1979 and has some pretty fantastic hidden talents that he should most definitely boast about!

Ryan Tedder 2

Did you know that Ryan Tedder was also a hit music writer as well as a singer? He has created some of the biggest and best songs out there for stars such as Adele, Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Leona Lewis, Maroon 5 and even The Wanted! Now that’s impressive, time for some eye-candy!

Ryan Tedder 1

Not only can this man write music, and sing about it beautifully, but he’s a loving family man, and has a little boy who was born in 2010! When you combine that with his boyish good looks and impeccable scruffy-chic style, you certainly have a match made in heaven.

To boast about his talents some more and he became involved in the Hollywood restaurant Southern Hospitality, with Justin Timberlake, in 2007. This restaurant has now become a mini-chain, and a second location has now been opened! There are actually plans to have in ten cities – maybe we need to keep our eyes opened?

Over the next few months, you are going to see Ryan Tedder quite a bit as there is a new album coming out. It gives the ladies out there even more chances to see his beautiful baby faced charms!

35. Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Joseph Gordon-Levitt 1

It would appear that Joseph Gordon-Levitt has been somewhat of a super star for most of his life so far. With his appearance in his TV series Third Rock from the Sun, as well as films like 10 Things I Hate About You with the sadly departed Heath Ledger, he certainly had something to offer the acting world, even from an early age. His career has just flown from strength to strength with some pretty impressive films under his belt – (500) Days of summer, Inception, G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, Looper and The Lookout, and it would seem that 2013 was going to be no exception.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt 2

With stars such as Scarlett Johansson and Julianne Moore, Don Jon is set to be THE comedy of 2013, and there is the much-anticipated Sin City: A Dame to Kill For which stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt along with Bruce Willis, (another of our Hottest Guys in 2013) Jessica Alba, Mickey Rourke, Jaime King, and Ray Liotta, amongst many others.

When it comes to Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s love life, it would appear that he keeps things very close to his chest. There were a few rumors going around about him and (500) Days of summer co-star Zooey Deschanel, but in an interview with Playboy Magazine, he stated “We’ve been friends for 10 years,” but there was no romance. Do we believe them ladies?

36. Shia La Beouf

Shia La Beouf 2

Shia La Beouf first hit our movie theatres in the film Holes in 2003 but it was his part in the Disney TV show Even Stevens for which he is possible better known. He has come a long way since then, however, and has been partly responsible for some the best films of this decade, including the legendary Transporters films which attracted popularity from the boys and girls alike, and saw the star playing alongside the always-stunning Megan Fox. It was also these films that sent him on his war to being a Hollywood hottie!

Shia La Beouf & Megan Fox

Born June 11th, 1986, the American actor has had a string of Hollywood actresses lusting after him, including his co-star of the Transformers films (surprise, surprise) Megan Fox, although she was seeing her now-husband Brian Green at the time. He was also romantically linked with another actress, Isabel Lucas, while she was dating someone else. Other lucky ladies that have been rumored to be attached to this Hollywood hottie include China Brezner and Carey Mulligan.

Shia La Beouf 1

Shia La Beouf will be hitting our screens in a couple of films over the course of 2013 – The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman, alongside Harry Potter legend Rubert Grint and also Nymphomaniac, who stars Stellan Skarsgård, the Father of True Blood hottie Alexander Skarsgård.

37. George Eads

George Eads 1

Are you a fan of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation? If you were then you will already know why this hot TV star is on the list. George Eads plays the undeniably sexy Nick Stokes in the hit TV show that has made it big all over the globe. He worked on a few made-for television films at the same time as this that you may wish to take a look at, including Evel Knievel and Monte Walsh. There was also a spot on ER!

George Eads 2

There is a thriller coming out in 2013 called Gunshot Straight starring George Eads alongside other TV stars such as AnnaLynne McCord with Vinnie Jones, Steven Seagal and Stephen Lang too! There is also the new series of Young Justice, running now for three years.

George Eads 3

Rumors have been circling for some time now that George Eads, born in Texas on March 1st, 1967 is gay, or at the very least bisexual, but as with most Hollywood rumors, these have yet to be proved or disproved. He is engaged to a long term girlfriend, Monika Casey, but as usual, those rumors keep resurfacing. The fact that he claimed that he and Ellen DeGeneres were “on the same side” when he went on her TV show, with everyone knowing that she was openly lesbian, certainly helped to fuel the fires.

38. Jason Statham

Jason Statham 1

This British hottie has tried his hand at many things over the years, and seems to have been successful with all of them. He was a diver on the British National Diving Team and in the Championship competitions in 2002; he came 12th in the world! Pretty impressive, right? On top of that, he has been a black market salesman, a fashion model, and it would seem that he has now found his calling with acting.

Jason Statham 2

If you have followed Jason Statham throughout his acting career, you will already know that his debut acting role was as Bacon in the amazingly brilliant British Film Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels.

From there, we have seen Jason in some of the best, fastest and most brilliant films including Snatch, in which Brad Pitt stars as an Irish gypsy (must be seen to be believed) the Transporters films, and the Crank duo. Also, there is the firm favorite of mine – Death Race!

There is a lot in store over 2013 for Jason Statham with a number of amazing films set to be released. Hummingbird sees Jason played an ex Special-Forces soldier who is homeless and living on the bad streets. Fast & Furious 6 sees Jason starring alongside the usual culprits for this series of films – Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson and Paul Walker, all of which you will see later on in this list! Yippee!

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There are a few other films that you should keep your eye out for if you want to get a little fix of Jason Statham – Homefront and Heat, and the Expendables 3 is set to be released in 2014/15 too!

Jason Statham 3

Jason Statham has been lucky enough to get his hands on a couple of the hottest girls in the world. He was with British model-turned-actress Kelly Brook for around seven years, until it was reported that she had left him for Billy Zane. He has been with a Victoria’s Secret model, Rosie Huntington-Whitely since the beginning of 2012, and they are showing no signs of splitting yet…..

Jason Statham & Rosie H-W

39. Prince William

Prince William 1

Oh come on ladies – we all wanted to be the next princess; the new Mrs. Wales…. Prince William, the eldest of the two Princes, born William Arthur Philip Louis, Duke of Cambridge, on June 21, 1982.

Alongside being a Prince, William has a few things to offer the average lady – he was educated in four of the best schools in the UK, spent a gap year in Chile, Belize, Tanzania and Kenya, and he still goes back there every now and again to have a vacation. He’s also in the Air Force, and all girls love a guy in uniform, right?

Unfortunately for us, Prince William has found his fairytale ever after, marrying his girlfriend Kate Middleton in April 2011, and BIG CONGRATULATIONS to the happy couple who have recently stated that they have having a baby. The current rumors are flying around that this baby will be a little princess, although this has not yet been proven to be true as yet. We wish this happy couple every ounce of happiness in their adventures coming forward! It’s exciting news for the British monarchy!

Prince William & Kate Middleton

Now we shall take a moment to swoon. Oh and remember his brother, Prince Harry, will be coming up soon!

40. Max Irons

Max Irons 1

Have you seen Red Riding Hood? If you said yes, you may already have an inkling who Max Irons actually is. Yes, that’s right; he played Henry. You may also have recognized him from the 2009 film, Dorian Gray too. Let’s be honest, with good looks such as these, what’s not to notice?

Max Irons 2

Maximilian Paul Diarmuid Irons, AKA Max Irons, was born in 1985 on October 17th, in Camden, London. He is the son of an actor (Jeremy Irons) and actress, (Sinead Cusack) so it was almost destined that he would follow in their footsteps.

Max seemed determined to keep acting as the main focus in his life when, in 2011, he started dating a fellow actress, Emily Browning. Unfortunately for him, (but lucky for us) it was reported that she had broken up with him in the summer of 2012 so that means he is back on the market for now. The bad news is that she broke up with him because he was too addicted to his work. I’m sure that’s something we can overlook, right girls?

Max Irons 3

His newfound single-dom seems to have lead the way for an impressive year of films for this British star. The Host is set to be released in 2013 with Diane Kruger, and is the latest novel-to-film from Twilight writer Stephanie Meyer.

There’s also a film in post-production called Vivaldi in which Max Irons will play Antonia Vivaldi, also starring Neve Campbell.

41. Sam Worthington

Sam Worthington 1

The Brits seem to be taking Hollywood by storm recently with a very sudden influx of hot men that women are lusting after like nothing else on earth. Sam Henry John Worthington, born 2nd August 1976, is just one of those chaps, especially after his appearance in the amazing film Avatar, and other great hits such as Clash of the Titans, Terminator Salvation and Wrath of the Titans. These may be “boy-films” but they sure provide the ladies with a fair bit of eye-candy. Seriously girls; you should give them a watch! Especially for this guy – he is just super cute!

Sam Worthington Clash of the Titans

With the eagerly awaited Avatar 2 said to be in the works, we hopefully shouldn’t have to wait too long before we get to spot this hottie on our screens again. Until then, there is a film released in 2013 called Drift which will star this British beauty and should give us the Sam-fix that we need.

He seems to have an on-off relationships with long-term girlfriend, Natalie Mark, with them breaking up in 2010 but recently photographed together in random locations. Who knows what goes on behind closed doors? We will keep a beady little eye on them and see where it goes. If he turns “officially” single, we’ll be the first to let you know!

42. Max George

Max George 1

Have you taken a look at that photo? He’s hot right? Well Max George is a British singer, front man of the band The Wanted, and is perhaps, one of the best looking blokes on the planet right now. His beautiful eyes and amazing voice has definitely helped him to create quite a fan base, and when you combine this with the handsome, chiseled good looks and the fact he is a former football player (he played for local British team Preston North End) you will be surprised to know that he actually shot to fame after his appearance on the UK hit TV show The X Factor. Originally Max had gone on with another band – Avenue, but they were banned because they had gone against the terms and conditions of appearing on the show and having a record deal with a label at the same time. It must have been fate however, as the band were noticed as The Wanted, (after a change around) and went on to get pretty big in the UK indeed!

The good news for us ladies; is that Max George is now single. He was with Michelle Keegan, (Coronation Street actress) and the couple had gotten engaged, but they have since broken off their engagement, amongst reports that he had cheated on her. You know those big kiss and tells that you get in the Sunday papers – that’s what happened with this super-gorgeous couple. They seemed to be on-off for a while, but for now it would appear that it is most definitely off.

Max George 2

2013 will allow us plenty of opportunities to ogle at this boy band beauty, especially with the release of The Wanted’s third album, Third Strike, which is set to be released in March. There is also a tour on the cards for the coming year – something we are all very excited about! Book your front row tickets now!

43. Chris Evans

Chris Evans 1

Not to be confused with the same British Chris Evans with his unruly ginger hair and his love of beer (radio DJ and old-school presenter), this Chris Evans is the Hollywood starlet that is known for his Captain America status – the film that made the ladies love him that little bit more. Think about it – you get your Chris Evans eye-candy time and your partner/boyfriend/best male friend gets his comic book fix. It all makes perfect sense.

Chris Evans - Captain America

Christopher Robert Evans was born in Massachusetts on June 13th, 1981, and already has some pretty impressive films under his belt. The Fantastic Four films, for example, were a huge success and showed Chris Evans as one of the lead roles. There was also Avengers Assemble, What’s Your Number, The Losers, Not Another Teen Movie and The Perfect Score.

His love life has been fairly dull compared to fellow Hollywood greats and goes as follows – 2007: he dated Minka Kelly. 2004: he dated Jessica Biel. 2006 – he broke up with Jessica Biel. 2012: he dates Minka Kelly again.

Chris Evans - Whats Your Number

2013 is going to be a very busy year for Chris Evans, with a number of films set to be released. A story of unrequited love will see Chris in the film A Many Splintered Thing, and there is the futuristic Snowpiercer soon to follow. 2014 will be the best year, however, as Captain America: The Winter Soldier is due to be released.

44. Eminem

Eminem 1

Well, what can we say about Eminem? (Aside from the fact that we love him!)His badass image that he has portrayed well over the years soon had women lusting after him, especially when he played the doting father and the wrongly-done husband at the same time. Despite all his troubles with drugs, alcohol, anger, family dramas and many more things; he still seemed to have the ladies fawning, with more than one wanting to look after him and protect him from his difficulties.

Marshall Bruce Mathers III, born in Missouri on October 17th, 1972, had a difficult run of things with marriages, divorces, deaths, bad childhoods, and growing up in bad neighbors setting the path for some of the best rap songs we will ever hear. Drawing from his personal experiences has made him one of the biggest selling artists of our time, and his little exploration into acting certainly hasn’t hindered his progress, with the film Eight Mile, said to be about his life as an up and coming young rap artist.

Eminem - Eight Mile

2013 will finally bring about the much-anticipated eighth studio album, but the name is yet to be confirmed. One thing is for sure and that is it sure will be a fast seller so it might be worth pre-ordering this on iTunes!

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Eminem 2

As far as his love life is currently standing, it’s difficult to know for sure. Kimberly Anne Scott was his wife twice (yes they divorced and remarried) and they have one biological child together, plus a whole bunch of other kids that Eminem has guardianship over, including Kimberley’s sister’s daughter. He has been linked to a number of other women over the years, including some rather bizarre reports of him dating Mariah Carey and her writing a song about him called “Obsessed” However you know what the celebrity rumor is like; what actually happened is anyone’s guess.

45. Matt Bomer

Matt Bomer 1

Matt Bomer is perhaps better known for his part as Neal Caffrey in the hit US TV show White Collar. Some of us might remember spotting him in the fabulous film for women Magic Mike. Let’s be honest though – Channing Tatum is half naked in a lot of that movie; noticing other people would have been fairly difficult. It would appear that this Hollywood hot-thing is going to be coming up on our screens a lot over 2013 so we here at Herinterest thought it would be in your interests to investigate further.

Matt Bomer 2

Matthew Staton Bomer, born in 1977 on October 11th, is a family man now, and has been with a publicist called Simon Halls, since coming out as openly gay in 2012, having three sons together. Two of these sons were surrogates for the family.

2011 CFDA Fashion Awards

Despite his hectic family live with three kids to care for, Matt Bomber has been a busy bee, with a number of films coming out in the next few months. He plays the part of Clark Kent in the eagerly await Superman: Unbound, as well as Space Station 76, a dramatic comedy that also stars Liv Tyler, Patrick Wilson and Marisa Coughlan, and Winter’s Tale is currently being filmed, starring other Hollywood stars such as Russell Crowe, Will Smith and Colin Farrell. It would seem that life is very good for Matt Bomer right now!

46. Olly Murs

Olly Murs 1

British and Essex cutie Olly Murs has a reputation for being a cheeky chappy and his cool and upbeat brand of music definitely lightens our spirits, right ladies? Oliver Stanley Murs, born May 14th, 1984, first found fame when he appeared on the hit British TV show The X Factor and was a runner up in 2009. From there, he has gone from strength to strength, leaving him with a couple of number one records so far.

In the very end of 2012, Olly Murs finally revealed he had a girlfriend, but it was early days. He is one of those celebrities that seem to keep their personal lives very much private, and this has worked in his favor, leaving him as the golden boy of UK pop.

Olly Murs 2

2013 will see Olly Murs on a UK tour that will take him up and down the country. This tour has already gotten him some pretty rave reviews and he seems to be heading his way into music history!

47. Jared Leto

Jared Leto 1

He’s a singer, a song-writer, a musician, a director, an actor and with his amazing blue eyes, is pretty much every girls dream! Jared Joseph Leto, born December 26th, 2971, has had some pretty big films to his name as well as budding music career with the great band 30 Seconds to Mars, in which he plays alongside his brother Shannon Leto.

You would have seen Jared in films including Requiem for a Dream in 2000, Lord of War alongside Nicholas Cage in 2005, Mr. Nobody in 2009 and Fight Club with Brad Pitt in 1999. Fight Club is now 14 years old – doesn’t the time just fly by!

For those of you that have missed his acting presence, he is coming back in 2013 with a new film called Dallas Buyers Club – a drama loosely based on the life of a womanizing, drug addict who had been diagnosed with HIV/AIDS, which is bound to get opinions rolling. He will play alongside such acting greats as Jennifer Garner, Matthew McConaughey and more.

Jared Leto 2

Another vegan in the Hollywood world, Jared Leto once dated Cameron Diaz from 1999 to 2003 but it would seem that his love life had been somewhat quiet since then, with him choosing to focus on his film and music career.

48. Gerard Butler

Gerard Butler 1

Let’s just take a moment to amaze and adore that beautiful man in the picture! Gerard James Butler sure is a hottie in the Hollywood world and has a pretty intense female fan following, with girls lusting after his rugged good looks and beautiful Scottish accent.

It was films like P.S. I Love You and The Phantom of the Opera in 2004 that first made him a big hit with the ladies. He soon after became a massive hit with the men too, with amazing films such as 300, How to Train your Dragon, RocknRolla and Law Abiding Citizen; the latter being one of the cleverest films we’ve ever seen here at Herinterest!

Gerard Butler 2

Gerard Butler has been fairly open about his difficult relationship with alcohol, and recently underwent treatment for a dependency to pain-killers, much like plenty of other celebrities in famous-land.

His love life seems to have been kept under wraps for the most part, but revelations have recently come out that he was once sexually linked to Real Housewife of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville, although he claimed to not know her name at the time of the event. He does have a reputation for being a bit of a ladies’ man and all of his co-workers report him to be one of the most charming men they have ever met, which surely can only work in his favor? He claims his favorite lady in his life is his pooch – Lolita, which of course, instantly makes us want him more.

Gerard Butler 3

2013 is going to be a good one for Gerard Butler, with a few films set to be released. Movie 43, for example, sees him playing a leprechaun. Olympus Has Fallen is also coming out with a whole host of other stars including Morgan Freeman and Aaron Eckhart, and the second How to Train your Dragon movie is set to be released in 2014!

49. Prince Harry

Prince Harry 1

One Prince is down (Prince William) and there is now only one more single Prince left – Henry Charles Albert David, born 15th September, 1984.

This Prince was always the bad boy and has been in the press a lot over the years for his bad behavior, which is perhaps what makes him the center of attraction with the ladies. For example, when he was 19 he was caught smoking weed at a party in which his under-age friends were drinking too. He was always lashing out at photographers and getting into shouting matches with them, and caused quite the stir when he wore a Nazi themed fancy dress outfit for a party, although an official apology for this was later made. All of these things, plus his touseled strawberry-blonde hair just makes the girls lust after him even more, and with his keen sporty ways, he would seem to be quite the catch.

It was just last year in August that Prince Harry was photographed partying naked with blonde mystery girls, and again, another Royal scandal was born. It seems hi love life is relatively stable however – he was with Chelsy Davy for quite a while but publicly proclaimed himself to be single and on the market again in 2011 – good news for us eh, ladies?


Will I am

What’s not to love about He’s super cool, has a fabulous style, recently released a great pop/dance song with Britney Spears, is best friends with Cheryl Cole and is one of the most successful singers, song-writers, voice actors, record producers and recording artists in the world. Known better for his role in the massive band The Black Eyed Peas, he has released four solo albums, and has made his mark in music history, winning a number of awards.

He has worked with a pretty impressive number of artists over the years including Michael Jackson (RIP) who he claims was one of his biggest inspirations, Justin Bieber, Britney Spears, the Game, Nicki Minaj and Justin Timberlake.

Will I am & Rita Ora & Harry Styles

William James Adams, (his real name) was born in California on March 15th, 1979. Currently singer, he has been linked with a number of our favorite celebrities. He dated band member Fergie for a while, apparently hooked up with fellow singer Nicole Scherzinger, Tila Tequila was apparently an interest for a while, and even Natalie Imbruglia has been named.

2013 is going to be busy for with another series of The Voice hitting the UK screens. He also has a new album set to be released this month called #willpower so expect to see him promoting this around the globe with his fascinating wardrobe choices and funky style!

Don’t worry ladies – that’s all we have time for right now but we will be back soon with the next installment of the Hottest Guys of 2013 – there are many more delights to come, we promise you! In the meantime, why not have a browse around the site and see what other super cool stuff you can find!

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