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Every Girls dreams of becoming a perfect and a stunning bride on her wedding day, but wearing a wedding costume is not enough to complete a bridal look as it needs the support jewelry to give you complete bridal look. ‘The Bridal Maang Tikka is one of the most important parts of jewelry, as it is used to decorate the forehead of a bride.

Maang Tikka Designs for Brides:

Choosing maang tikka for Bridal is not an easy task, due to a availability of huge variety and designs in market. Let’s have a look at the best bridal maang tikka designs options for the bride. Pick any one of the bridal maang tikka designs matching with your outfits and let your headpiece to steal the show.

1. Large Maang Tikka:

maang-tikka designs for brides

A large Maang Tikka Can adds a unique style statement in your ensemble. It comes in different designs and styles. So if a bride wants to make her own unique style, then she can go for this large maang tikka style. It will give you a look that will make you stand out from the others.

2. Passa or Jhoomar:


You have seen this mostly worn by Muslim brides. These kinds of tikkas are consisting of side 2-3 side strings which fall on the side of the forehead. One can wear this with the center maang tikka or can wear this alone on the side of your forehead. No matter how you wear it, it will give you a royal look in every way.

3. Multi-Layer Maang Tikka:


Multi-Layer Maang Tikka is also known as “Matha-Patti”. This style is widely used by the brides, as it has the stings goes with the hairlines and is capable to decorate the whole head of the bride. It sits gracefully on the head with a look of crown. It is a perfect piece to grab the attention to itself and the bride.

4. Borla Maang Tikka:


The beautiful Spherical Shaped maang tikka mostly designed with the meenakari work with the studded stones and pearls. It comes with the side chain strings too. When a bridal Wear this stunning Borla style maang tikka,it gives a royal look to the bride.

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5. One-Layer Maang Tikka:

one layer maang tikka

One-layer Maang consist of single chain strands on both sides designed with the colorful stone drops. A bride who wants to decorate her hairlines but with a light weighted maang tikka , then this style will work best for them. It is a perfect ornament to add a charm in your bridal appeal.

6. Chand Tikka:


This is a traditional design of Indian bridal tikka which is being used for years. The chand tikka designed with the clear crystals and a little pearl drop is an ideal piece to wear on your wedding day. The best part of this style is that it suits with the all face shapes.

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7. Stone and Diamond Tikka:


This one is the simplest design in the category of Maang tikka. Choose a stone studded tikka that matches to your outfit. The beautiful maang tikka bridal studded with the maroon pendant looks elegant and understated, which gives you a look of minimalist bride.

8. Tear Drop Maang Tikka:


Tear Drop Maang Tikka is a part of Pendant style Maang tikka. Brides with smaller faces can pick this classic maang designed with the red and white stones. A Bride who doesn’t like to carry a heavy jewelry could opt for the tear drop Maang Tikka.

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9. Simply Gold Maang Tikka:


Yet Another style of an Indian bridal tikka which has been a popular favorite for many years. This is one of the styles Of Maang tikka bridal that never fade away. Just a simple pendant of Pure Gold with no other gems and stones can enhance your look in the traditional and elegant way.

As we know that the Maang Tikka is an ornament which is used to wear right on the forehead and that’s why it is instantaneously visible. Due to its instant visibly the brides should choose the maang tikka designs with utmost care. The Bridal Maang tikka designs are ranging from Gold to Kundan to diamond and there is a wide variety of designs you can choose from.

An Indian bride is incomplete without a maang tikka on her forehead. The more unique and designer your Maang tikka will be, the more best you will look on your wedding day.Team up your Maang tikka with the other bridal Jewelry ornaments and you will be ready to stand out from the crowd.

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