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The bull has been considered to be an emblem of masculinity, although its real meaning is opposing or the act of opposing someone. It contains connotations of both female and male and is said to be bold and sharp as well as tender and delicate. Some of the common themes that are associated with bulls are strength and power.

bull tattoo designs

In many religious customs and beliefs, the bull is a representation of patience and fertility. Bull tattoos have thus become a huge fashion statement these days. Several accessories such as necklaces, nose and eyebrow piercings have become an added features to these tattoos. Of the animals, it is the humble bull that probably is most happening when you think of tattoo art. Bull tattoo are appreciated by both men and women as it stand for fertility as well as masculinity.

Meaningful Tattoo Designs of Bulls:

Here we present different types of  Bull Tattoo Designs with pictures and their meanings for both men and women have been enlisted in the following paragraphs.

1. Raging Bull Tattoo Design on Arm:

Raging Bull Tattoo Design

The raging bull tattoos are some of the most common bull tattoos to be seen today. They usually consist of an angry bull surrounded with red flames. These red flames stand for strength and power. They are very fashionable and stylish to look at. It is generally worn on triceps to show the strength and deadly personality. It is very common and very popular among people who are bikers and prison gang members. This is one of the most popular bull tattoos for men.

2. Bull Fighting Tattoo Designs for Women:

Bull Fighting Tattoo Designs

Bull Fighting is an essential part of the Spanish culture and has been reflected in the form of tattoos among many people. It is suited for danger loving persons. It displays adventures in the face of death, fearlessness and is worn by people who love to live their life on edge. This tattoos even portraits that men dare to do anything if he dares to do so and can face any type of dangers involved. Here in the photo you can see the angry bull fighting with a man tattoo decorated by artist beautifully on body part.

3. Tribal Bull Tattoo Design on Chest:

Tribal Bull Tattoo Design

Tribal Bull Tattoos is an appropriate tattoo design choice for those who are looking for a strong and heroic look. These tattoos speak a lot about the person’s nature and also tell us about his ideologies. The bull tattoos are excellent to look at, can cover a large part of the body and look the best when inscribed on the chest.

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4. Chinese Bull Tattoo Designs:

Chinese Bull Tattoo Design

The Chinese Bull Tattoo Designs have extremely exotic expressions. They are very appealing and rich to look at. They stand as a symbol of perseverance, long suffering, stability and determination. They also stand for hard work and materialism. Those who want to give themselves a traditional Chinese look through their tattoo should use the Chinese Bull Tattoo Design.

5. Blue Bull Tattoo Design:

Blue Bull Tattoo Design

The blue bull tattoo has been essentially for women. It is very attractive to look at and has a very distinct look. It stands as a symbol of protection, strength and unity and has been worn by many women off late. It is worn on shoulders or arms. Women who were this tattoo it reflects their protecting nature who does not hesitate to take tough decisions in life.

6. Black Bull Tattoo Design:

Black Bull Tattoo Design

A black bull tattoo is a usually a very angry one that is always ready to leap. Its nose is always flared up and it is forever ready to attack. It looks fierce, bold and wild. People generally choose this type of design as it signifies boldness, wildness and fierceness in them. Moreover this type of tattoo is not worn by normal people. This type of bull tattoo is symbol for rebel dare to anything.

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7. Rocking Red Bull Tattoo Design for Men:

Brown Bull Tattoo Designs

Red Bull Tattoos tend to look very fierce and promising. It is usually worn on the arm and gives away a look of anger. It stands a symbol of aggression, determination and power and has been become very popular these days. A red bull with steam rising from its nostrils and feet stomping on the ground as if it is ready to charge are some of the common bull tattoo designs.

8. Bull Head Tattoo Design on Shoulder:

Bull Head Tattoo Design

Bull Head Tattoos consist of the head of the bull with fumes coming out of its nostrils. It has an angry expression, is very common and some of the best bull tattoos to be seen. It is very popular because of its size and variety. It comes in variety of designs and even gives you the flexibility to choose from the never ending ocean of tattoos. You can this type of bull tattoo designs are adorn by mostly men.

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9. Celtic Bull Tattoo Designs for Guys:

Celtic Bull Tattoo Designs

Celtic Bull Tattoo Designs are a definition of immense strength and stamina. The Celts were themselves warriors and were known for their abrasive and ruthless fighting skills. They were tough and strong people who stood as a representation of courage and chivalry. The idea of Celtic Bull Tattoo Designs has existed for several years and is indeed a cool and funky tattoo to choose from.

10. Taurus Bull Tattoos on Back For Men:

Best Bull Tattoo Designs With Meanings For Men & Women-edited10

As one of the twelve Zodiac signs, Taurus Zodiac tattoo sign is very popular among both men and women. The people who are born under this zodiac are exhibits personality of cautious, persistent and cautious. Taurus tattoo represents single –mindedness, strong willed etc. Styling this type of tattoo you can easily portrait that you are born  between May14 and  June 19 are Taurus.

11. Romantic Bull Covered In Rose Petals:

Best Bull Tattoo Designs With Meanings For Men & Women-edited11

Bull covered in beautiful rose is generally worn by females. As bull displays strength, power and aggression, the rose flower signifies beauty and charm. These types of tattoos are very appealing as it has a very unique look and this tattoo depicts a perfect balance between powers along with beauty.

12. Angry Bull Tattoo Design:

Best Bull Tattoo Designs With Meanings For Men & Women-edited12

Bulls are considered as one track minded and an angry bull depicts raw masculine power. The face of the bull raged with anger and fumes coming out of the nostrils can be beautifully depicted on the arms of the wearer. It has a very scary look as its has red fearsome glowing eyes.

13. Rare Symbol of A Bull Tattoo:

Best Bull Tattoo Designs With Meanings For Men & Women-edited13

Some people like to get a very different and a rare symbol along with the portrait. This type of designing displays a unique nature of the person and displays its urge to do things differently than others. This symbol inked right in the image is a rare motif that shows horns and a circle on the body of the person making it look different and unique.

14. Simple Bull Tattoos Designs:

Best Bull Tattoo Designs With Meanings For Men & Women-edited14

Many people like to make tattoos that are very simple but have a deeper meaning also. So this type of simple bull tattoo is a perfect choice for them as bull can be displayed in a simple way and symbolizes courage, power as well as fierceness also.

15. Stock Market Bull Tattoo Design:

Best Bull Tattoo Designs With Meanings For Men & Women-edited15

One of the most creative bull tattoos can be seen in the stock market or on the sen-sex. As these tattoos displays the movement of the stock market and are designed in a pretty colorful way. It resembles a typical stage of the market where the shares are traded.  These tattoos are highly appreciated by the people who deal in stock market.

The Bull tattoos design has been a symbol of power from ancient times. The people who want to show the world that they are courageous, fierce and can face the world may what so ever happen than the bull tattoo design is the best way to express in front of the world without saying a word. Most often bull designs are inked along with other motifs, each having some symbol or the other.