50 Cute Small Tattoos for Girls

Some people use their bodies as a canvas for beautiful masterpieces, covering themselves head to toe in gorgeous tattoos that tell a story. But for others, a small tattoo here and there does the trick. If you’re in the market for a super cute and super tiny tat, you’ve come to the right place. These 50 cute small tattoos for girls will give you the inspiration you need to step up to the plate- or the tattoo gun, I should say.

1. Detailed Lotus Flower – Side Piece

Detailed Lotus Flower - Side Piece

This tattoo may be small, but it definitely doesn’t lack beauty or detail. This stunning, feminine flower boasts plenty of exotic features that makes it stand out from the rest. We absolutely adore this design and the flirty placement is simply perfect.

2. Infinity with Quotes – Wrist Piece

Infinity with Quotes - Wrist Piece

Infinity tattoos are incredibly popular, and we especially love this particular infinity tat because of the every-so-popular and notorious “Live the life you love, love the life you live” that’s attached to it. This tiny tat definitely deserves a 10 out of 10.

3. Angel Wings – Wrist Piece

Angel Wings - Wrist Piece

You’d normally find a pair of wings plastered across somebodies back, but if you’re not that bold or simply don’t want a humungous tattoo but still want to enjoy some angel wings, this is the tattoo for you! This beautiful tattoo is delicate, detailed, and totally dark- a killer combination that looks lovely on the wrist.

4. Butterfly and Flowers – Foot Piece

Butterfly and Flowers - Foot Piece

There’s two things that scream ‘girly’ and ‘feminine’: flowers and butterflies. And this lovely little foot tat has both. We love the placement and we love how it looks as though the beautiful butterfly is prancing across a bed of flowers. Adorable.

5. Black Butterfly – Shoulder Piece

Black Butterfly - Shoulder Piece

If you’re a lover of butterflies but the super-girly pink setting doesn’t appeal to you, I happily introduce you to the black butterfly. It’s still delicate and trendy, yet has a slightly rugged look to it. What a wonderful idea, and the placement is totally awesome.

6. Tiny Dotted Bow – Wrist Piece

Tiny Dotted Bow - Wrist Piece

The tiny dotted bow. So, so dainty and delicate. Yet so amazingly feminine. This might be one of the smallest tattoos we’ve ever seen, but that doesn’t mean it’s not one oftheemost tasteful. It’s tiny and chic and has a graceful appeal that can’t be missed. Needless to say, we’re big fans of this little wristlet.

7. Pulse – Wrist Tattoo

Pulse - Wrist Tattoo

Pulse tattoos aresuper popular. There’s no doubt about that. Nine times out of ten they hold some significant meaning to them (maybe it was your child’s first heartbeat or your mom’s final heartbeat before she passed), and aside from that they’re just really awesome to look at. This pulse wrist tattoo is extra trendy because of the less-popular (but definitely on the rise) white ink.

8. Mickey Mouse – Ankle Piece

Mickey Mouse - Ankle Piece

Disney lovers, unite! This adorable little ankle tattoo is a great choice for Disney lovers out there who want to pay tribute but don’t want Mickey Mouse showcased across their entire side or back. You could easily add a bow to make this a Minnie Mouse or choose another Disney character!

9. Fleur-de-lis – Toe Piece

Fleur-de-lis - Toe Piece

Forget silly toe rings- when you have a tattoo as chic and trendy as this, you’ll never need another toe accessory again. This stylized lily is insanely elegant and fancy and it’s small stature placed right on the toe is a huge hit. We LOVE this pint-sized tat!

10. Cross – Wrist Piece

Cross - Wrist Piece

The cross tattoo. Undoubtedly one of the most popular tat ideas that always ranks in the top five. We love this miniature cross right on the wrist because it’s simple, yet gorgeous at the same time. Perfectly brilliant and bold, whether it’s for religious reasons or not.

11. Stars – Wrist Piece

Stars - Wrist Piece

You know you’d fine stars on a list of 50 cute small tattoo designs, right? Stars are another one of those ever-popular tats that make the top 5, and we love this particular design because it’s simple and to the point- yet still amazingly cute and stylish. It’s not overbearing and the black coloring brings a bit of mystery.

12. Feather – Behind the Ear

Feather - Behind the Ear

If I had to pick the trendiest tattoo of the year, I’d probably pick the behind-the-ear feather. It’s such a darling and delicate idea and we just can’t get enough of it.

13. Moon – Wrist Tattoo

Moon - Wrist Tattoo

A little tiny adorable moon tattoo? Why not. Hey, you could even pair this up with the cute star tattoo a few rows up and have your own night sky right on your wrist.

14. Black Roses – Wrist Piece

Black Roses - Wrist Piece

Black roses are associated with a lot of different things, and whether or not your black roses have a meaning or not, there’s no doubt they’re absolutely gorgeous. With a gothic touch, these dark, mysterious roses have a majestic beauty that is quite intriguing.

15. Pink Rose – Inner Arm Piece

Pink Rose - Inner Arm Piece

On the other hand, if black beauty isn’t your thing, why not take the traditional and utterly feminine and adorable route and opt for a brightly colored pink rose such as this? Beautiful, and the placement is AWESOME!

16. Tribal – Hip Piece

Tribal - Hip Piece

If there’s one tattoo design that has withstand the tests of time, it’s the tribal tattoo. Always popular and always stylish, tribal tattoos are always an excellent option big or small like this cute hip pattern!

17. Zodiac – Arm Piece

Zodiac - Arm Piece

Stuck on what tattoo design is right for you? Want something with some meaning? Then zodiac signs are always the way to go! These little tattoos have plenty of meaning, and they’re really awesome to look at too.

18. Flying Birds – Hand Piece

Flying Birds - Hand Piece

Classy and cute, this flying bird tattoo has it all. Not to mention it’s tiny stature adds an extra dash of cuteness! We love this tattoo idea and it could look good on any lady.

19. Dove – Shoulder Piece

Dove - Shoulder Piece

This intricate dove design is nothing short of stunning. It might be small, but it holds so much amazing and gorgeous detail that it is QUITE a sight to be seen.

20. Compass – Wrist Piece

Compass - Wrist Piece

Think a microscopic tatto can’t have an astounding amount of detail? Think again. This regal compass has an old school feel that is nothing short of breathtaking.

21. Quote – Finger Piece

Quote - Finger Piece

One particular tattoo design that took the female tattoo industry by storm is this: the small quote or word on the finger, one of the most popular ones being “love”. You can put almost anything on your finger and it’ll still look sleek and classy.

22. Bracelet – Thigh Piece

Bracelet - Thigh Piece

Okay, so here we see this adorable bracelet design around the thigh- which is SERIOUSLY hot. But you could easily put this same design on your wrists and wear it like a bracelet 24/7!

23. Key with Word – Hip Piece

Key with Word - Hip Piece

Keys are always super awesome tattoos, but we especially love this design because it includes a meaningful word dead center in the design. A refined, super trendy tat that looks awesome on the hip.

24. Dragonfly – Wrist Piece

Dragonfly - Wrist Piece

How adorable is this tiny dragonfly? We love it.

25. Lotus – Wrist Piece

Lotus - Wrist Piece

Another enticing and lovely lotus tattoo that looks magical.

26. Tree – Side Piece

Tree - Side Piece

Take a bit of the beauty of nature home with you with a lovely, detailed tattoo just like this one.

27. Anklet – Ankle Piece

Anklet - Ankle Piece

Forget the annoyance of ankle bracelets and simply get a cute anklet tattooed right onto your skin! Super cute and will look super stylish with your favorite shorts and flip flops.

28. Owl – Shoulder Piece

Owl - Shoulder Piece

Owls have taken the world by storm- every girl is wearing them or showcasing them on their purses, rooms, shirts, etc. So why not get this adorable creature tattooed right onto your shoulder? How cute is that!

29. Kitty Cat – Finer Piece

Kitty Cat - Finer Piece

For my silly cat lovers out there.

30. Dove – Side Piece

Dove - Side Piece

Another beautiful dainty dove- only this time, holding a heart. Cute factor + 1,000.

31. Anchor – Ankle Piece

Anchor - Ankle Piece

Surely you’re aware how strikingly popular anchor tattoos are right now. But if you don’t want your entire thigh dedicated to an extravagant anchor, here’s a little slice of heaven that’s right for you. We love this simple, totally stylish tat.

32. Diamond – Finger Piece

Diamond - Finger Piece

Diamonds are a girls best friend- and so is this breathtakingly beautiful and totally chic diamond finger tattoo. You know you like it, ladies.

33. Inspirational – Wrist Piece

Inspirational - Wrist Piece

We all need a little pick me up every now and then, so why not stick an inspirational quote somewhere you know you’ll always find it: on your wrist.

34. Giraffe – Finger Piece

Giraffe - Finger Piece

What’s not to love about this adorable little giraffe tattoo? You could easily replace the giraffe with your favorite animal and enjoy it for a lifetime.

35. Elephant – Wrist Piece

Elephant - Wrist Piece

Much like the giraffe above, this is another incredibly cute animal tattoo that could easily be replaced with your favorite animal. But if you can’t decide, elephants are always an excellent choice. Is this not adorable?

36. Lips and Skulls – Wrist Piece

Lips and Skulls - Wrist Piece

A little bit sassy and a little bit naughty, this lips and skulls tattoo is incredibly hot. We love the killer combination and we think anyone who sees this provocative little number will be delighted as well.

37. Music Note – Wrist Piece

Music Note - Wrist Piece

Come on, you know you love music. And the music note tattoo is always a classic. When all else fails, always dig into your musical roots and enjoy an adorable, pint-sized music note tattoo such as this.

38. Arrow – Finger Piece

Arrow - Finger Piece

Shockingly trendy, this little itty bitty arrow has plenty of style wrapped up into its microscopic form. We love it!

39. Dandelion – Shoulder Piece

Dandelion - Shoulder Piece

There’s something about this lovely, dainty dandelion tattoo that whisks us away into a magical happy place. I mean, let’s face it: you see this tattoo and you immediately have a flashback to frolicking around in a field, blowing on a dandelion as you wished and dreamt about your future. That being said, what’s not to love about this whimsical back shoulder piece?

40. Dreamcatcher – Wrist Piece

Dreamcatcher - Wrist Piece

Dreamcatcher tattoos are ALL the rage right now. Seriously. So if you’re stuck on what tattoo to get, we highly recommend this seriously trendy and stylish dreamcatcher. We love this one because it’s on the smaller side yet still holds plenty of wonderful, majestic details!

41. Tiny Heart – Collarbone Piece

Tiny Heart - Collarbone Piece

What girl doesn’t adore tiny, microscopic hearts? This super tiny tat might be little, but it’s still breathtakingly gorgeous and extremely feminine. Plus it’s a great one to match with your sisters and best friends like shown above!

42. Tiny Star – Collarbone Piece

Tiny Star - Collarbone Piece

Prefer stars over hearts but still want something incredibly small and cute? Then consider this lovely little collarbone star.

43. Heart and Music – Wrist PieceHeart and Music - Wrist Piece

Love and music just go together, right? So why not combine the two with this graceful little masterpiece placed delicately across your feminine wrists. We absolutely adore this simple, yet feminine design.

44. Tiny Skull – Ankle Piece

Tiny Skull - Ankle Piece

Chic, rugged, and totally stylish- this tiny skull placed right on the ankle is super trendy and has that dark beauty effect that any swank lady knows and loves.

45. Skull and Rose – Arm Piece

Skull and Rose - Arm Piece

Skull and roses. It’s a classic. And it’s super sexy. If you like a swanky tat with a little bit of feisty attitude, we highly suggest this awesome skull and rose tattoo, with just the right amount of feminine flair to keep it sexy.

46. Peacock Feather – Arm Piece

Peacock Feather - Arm Piece

Why settle for the traditional feather tattoo when you can spice things up with a colorful masterpiece like this? This peacock tattoo has plenty of outstanding, eye-caching colors, so obviously it’s the perfect tat for your arm!

47. Quote and Dove – Shoulder Piece

Quote and Dove - Shoulder Piece

When it comes to small tattoos, quotes and small words are always a big hit. But when you pair it with a bird or dove, you get an extra trendy boost that is super chic and classy.

48. Constellation – Side Piece

Constellation - Side Piece

There’s nothing else to say about this tattoo other than: magical.

49. Mandala – Ankle Piece

Mandala - Ankle Piece

How extremely extravagant does this tattoo look? Needless to say, this mandala tattoo is rocking when it comes to majestic beauty and we’re fascinated by all the tiny details.

50. Sunflower – Back Piece

Sunflower - Back Piece

Not too small but not too big, this adorable back piece has the girly attitude that we love. I mean, what girl doesn’t love a big, giant, beautifully yellow sunflower? If this doesn’t brighten up your day, I don’t know what will. It’s just so pretty!

What’s your favorite small tattoo design?