7 Best Scorpio Traits


Scorpios have profound, intense, and extremely powerful characters. The star sign is one of the most insightful in the zodiac. Even when they want to seem calm and self-controlled Scorpios exude a sense of emotional energy; they’re extremely volcanic in nature, and may burst into flames if you step on their toes too many times. Scorpios have the most hypnotic personalities, and they’re really pleasant people to talk to. Reserved and courteous, a Scorpio can be an ideal confidante. Here are 7 of the best traits of a Scorpio.

  1. Straightforward

The ability to look someone straight in the eye and tell them what you think about them or their ideal is a powerful thing. Scorpios are very good at telling things as they see them and if you want an honest opinion you can count on them to provide it. At times, this may seem cruel but it’s not something they do on purpose. Those born under the Scorpio star sign tend to want to keep things simple and do not need people to embellish on the truth. This direct approach has the advantage of others always knowing where they stand. Fortunately, Scorpios tend to be well-balanced, mature and jovial, meaning that their company will always be a delight.

  1. Thoughtful

Being direct means they will tell you when your clothes don’t fit or look right. Their thoughtful nature will ensure you don’t wear those clothes and they will travel as far as necessary to make sure you have the perfect ensemble. Scorpios are very thoughtful when it comes to their friends or loved ones. They will constantly surprise you with gifts of your favorite food or drink, or even your favorite jeans!

  1. Passionate

Scorpios tend to be very passionate, very romantic and very loyal. They may have a reputation due to their magnetic personality but once a mate has been chosen they will do everything possible to ensure you are happy. They tend to seek meaningful relationships and are not interested in those with shallow values. Equally, they are faithful to the end, should they choose to stand by you, they will stay with you until the end.

  1. Practical

Whilst Scorpios can be dreamy and passionate, they are always practical.  It is extremely difficult to trick a Scorpio, so there’s no point in trying. They have an uncanny knack of seeing through the glitz and glamour and finding the real issue, whether you have ulterior motives or not! This is balanced with their brave natures. Once they have seen the way to go they will not be deterred by anything, taking everything that comes their way head on.

  1. Intelligent

With a tendency to be extremely smart and not easily fooled, it is easy to see why Scorpios do well in business. Combine this with a fearless approach and self-belief equates to a force to be reckoned with. Their inner, spiritual self knows what it wants and how to get it. They will do whatever they need to get themselves where they want to be. The practical side of their nature comes into play in ensuring the best possible path to the goal and their down-to-earth nature makes sure they’re not harsh on those they meet along their path. This intelligence tends to transpire into ambition as they follow their chosen path; rest assured they will reach their goal!

  1. Perceptive

Scorpios tend to have a very balanced perspective of the world around them. The ability to be direct yet thoughtful combines with their practical nature, and enables them to get where they want to go. Their tendency to see straight through a problem and remain objective allows them to be fair in their approach. They are well-suited to most jobs and will do well in stressful situations. Scorpios are keen observers, and they prefer to assess a situation prior to speaking up.

  1. Intuitive

Scorpios are also blessed with the ability to make a good decision at just the right time. What may seem like luck to some is simply their inane ability to be in the right place. A Scorpio will trust his or her instincts and follow them, knowing they are correct. They can easily read other people and this assists them in their journeys. Don’t mess with a Scorpio’s intuition!

Scorpios are tenacious in their daily lives. To some people, they may appear timid and reserved, but in reality they’re watchful and detail-oriented. Those born under this star sign are extremely disciplined too. Their willpower and tenacity are immense, even though they can be deeply sensitive and easily influenced by people’s emotions.