The Minions: Names and Facts Plus Who’s Who List

Minions … Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, you’ll probably have a good idea of what they are, and just in case you don’t, they’re from the 2010 movie, Despicable Me. They’re cute, too cute to stay mad at for long in many cases, and they’re yellow. Bright yellow! Not just featuring in the first movie, they also popped up hilariously in Despicable Me: 2, even evolving into purple versions of themselves.

Minion 10

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Shaped like Tic-Tacs, they can have either one or two eyes, and they’re creatures that are known for being rather mischievous. They have very little to zero self control, they’re very naive and innocent, and they’re also very endearing. From the first movie, right up until now, they fast became a much-loved movie character, causing viewers all over the world to laugh along with their hilarious antics. And their costumes too – those boiler suits / overalls and goggles certainly make for an interesting get-up.

Gru, the evil mastermind in the movies, is one of the first villains in a movie to actually adore his little henchmen sidekicks. He certainly appreciates the hard work they put in for him, masterminding plots to take over the world and other such evil-ry, and unlike many of us, he knows each of them by name. He also understands their language – Minionese – made up of a number of others, including English, Italian, Spanish, French, Hindi, and even Bahasa Indonesian. It seems like their lingo doesn’t make a lot of sense, but in each country that the movie is released, the motion voices are dubbed, making it easier for the viewers in that country to understand them too.

The minions themselves have many friends – Gru, for example, but also Margo, Edith, Agnes, and Dr. Nefario. They also have a few foes – Vector, Eduardo, and the evil minions, to name but a few. For the record, the minions are voiced by two people – Chris Renaud and Pierre Coffin.

We’ve decided to take a closer look at the minions, and here’s the who’s who list:


Minion 1

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This little guy has two eyes, and he’s the main minion out of them all. This is definitely the case in the second of the two movies, Despicable Me 2. He’s hilarious, obviously, but he’s more than that – kind and generous also. Combined with another minion, Stuart, he’s the closest minions to their super villain boss, Gru, and when he comes into distress, they are usually the first on the scene to save him. We see one example of this when Gru has been bundled into the back of Miss. Lucy Wilde’s car – Stuart and Dave come to his rescue.

A lover of ice cream, Dave the minion also loves computer games, and is known to play them with his rescue-buddy, Stuart. He’s clumsy too, and we see a classic example of his clumsy nature when he accidentally fires a mean looking rocket launcher in the first movie. He shows such remorse in the way he hangs his head after, and as much as you laugh, you can’t help but feel super sorry for him. He’s one of the most loveable – who doesn’t love Dave the minion?


Minion 2

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Of course, we can’t talk about minion Dave without having a little mention for Stuart the minion too! This little guy only has one eye, but that doesn’t under him when he’s feeling all rescue-like. In the second movie, Despicable Me 2, Gru paints both Stuart and Dave purple to help sneak them into the compound owned by Eduardo. Technically, they tried to save the day …


Minion 3

Source:Despicable Me Wiki – Wikia

Another two-eyed little beauty, Jerry the minion is quite the character, rocking his spiky hair, slightly plumper than the majority of the other minions. (He doesn’t mind us saying that, don’t worry!) He’s often branded a coward, and when we see Kevin telling him as such, we can see that he gets upset by this. He’s quite the sensitive little soul, and weird things, such as strange noises, will often scare him. He’s not the minion you’d take to go and see a scary movie, that’s for sure!

Not just a scared minion, Jerry is also one of the most musical out of all the minions. He is abducted and plays the guitar on the beach, and he also sings to the girls in order to soothe them when Gru leaves him in charge.


Minion 4

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He’s the golfer of the group, and he loves to tease Jerry the minion, particularly for being a bit of a wimp. He has two eyes, and he’s a little dumb. When Jerry is kidnapped, for example, he actually waves goodbye to his henchman friend, and when they try to take him away also, his first instinct is to grab their feline friend …

He’s definitely not the sharpest tool in the box, that’s for sure!


Minion 5


Another of the two-eyed club, Tim the minion has a funny little sprout-looking hair style, and he’s the “grown-up” of the group. He tends to act a tad more maturely than most of the other minions, and because of this, he’s often dressed much more smartly (and also conservatively) than the others too. We see him rocking a tie in the second movie, and for a while, he’s also bald!


Minion 6

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Mark has wonderfully combed hair and, just like Tim, he has two eyes also. Known as the mother of the group, he is often dressed in this motherly nature. If you’ve ever played Minion Rush, he is the unlockable character known as ‘the mother’, and this is taken from his maternal role within the Despicable Me movies.

It is when he is asked to buy the young girl, Agnes, a unicorn in the movie that he first envelopes this motherly role, and he dresses as a mother-figure in the film. You will also recall him singing karaoke songs when they discover it for the first time. Do you remember the song? It was “Copa Cabana”.


Minion 7

Source:Despicable Me Wiki – Wikia

Another singer, Phil chooses to join in on the karaoke fun with Mark and Tim, and he also sings “Copa Cabana” in that minion way they do. Another of the three minions that come together to get Agnes a new unicorn, this two-eyed minion has another important role in the second movie. Before he is kidnapped, we see him dressed as a maid and giving the house a good spring-clean.


Minion 8


Carl has the cutest little buzz-style haircut, and he also only has one eye. As well as making really loud noises, he’s a fan of skateboarding, and he also likes to hang out and cause mischief with his minion friends. Who doesn’t?!

A fun-loving guy, Carl accidentally sprays Stuart with a fire extinguisher at the ice cream funny which, let’s face it, is totally hilarious.


Minion 9


Another one of the slightly plump minion club, Josh has two eyes and a very funny personality. He also loves to cause mischief, as seen when he scans his butt with Larry and Stuart. At one point in the movie, when the “bee do” alarm is being sounded by Carl and his adorable buzz haircur, we see Josh make an appearance as a fireman. Maybe we should call him Fireman Josh the minion?

Minion Quotes – The Favorites

The minions are known for a whole host of brilliant quotes, but some of the firm favorites include:

  • “Bottom” – as said by Stuart
  • “Para Tu” – as said by Phil
  • “Ah! Pa-POY!” – as said by Tim
  • “Whaaaat?!” – as said by Jerry
  • “Bah? Pappy? What kind of pappy? – as said by Tim
  • “No, no. No, no. No, No. Pa-POY!” – as said by Mark
  • “Ken Pai” – as said by Dave
  • “Gelato!” – as said by Steve
  • “Poppadom?” – as said by Stuart
  • “Bananaaaah! Potato-naaaaaah!” – as said by all the minions in the brilliant banana song