Jenna Dewan Plastic Surgery

With dark brooding eyes, Jenna Dewan does not look like a lady that needs plastic surgery. Despite her natural beauty, Dewan has raised eyebrows in fan forums for possible plastic surgeries. Unlike many Hollywood stars, she appears to have gone past basic Botox injections and gone for major surgical measures. Fans have noticed changes that most likely resulted from breast implants, a nose job and cheek implants.

Breast Implants

Judging by the pictures, Jenna Dewan has had a breast augmentation at some point. Her breasts appear larger and rounder in recent pictures. This change was surprising to viewers because she had a svelte hourglass figure before the procedure. Although she may be trying to increase her sex appeal, it may have backfired. Her body was perfect before and did not need any unnatural change.


Rhinoplasty for a Thinner Nose

In addition to breast augmentation, Jenna Dewan probably had a nose job. Her nose has become slimmer in pictures and has a slightly different shape. Unfortunately, her nose was already beautiful before the procedure. It is still up in the air which nose is the most attractive to fans.

Cheek Implants

According to plastic surgeons, it appears like Jenna Dewan decided to get cheek implants. Her cheeks appear to be more plump and higher on her face. This heightened contour is most likely due to an injection that can cause the cheeks to plump up.


Did Jenna Dewan Have Plastic Surgery?

The pictures seem to indicate that Jenna did go through plastic surgery. Her nose is certainly sharper than before and the tip is less round. In addition, her breasts appear to have increased an entire cup size. Although she remains mum on the subject, there is a strong likelihood that she has had plastic surgery over the last few years.

Older stars sometimes need plastic surgery to compete with young ladies in the looks department. In Jenna’s situation, these changes were not necessary. She was already a beautiful, gorgeous Hollywood star. Although the changes do not seem to worsen her appearance, they also did not improve it greatly. Different fans may like or dislike her new look, but the consensus is varied. In the end, it comes down to how Jenna Dewan feels. If she is happy and pleased with her body changes, the plastic surgery procedures were worth it. Ultimately, what really matters is how she feels about the way she looks.