Raquel Welch – Plastic Surgery?

You can’t mention Hollywood’s hottest women without having at least the smallest mention for Raquel Welch. She shot to fame in the 60’s where she become known as one of America’s hottest sex symbols, and her beauty was recognised and adored the word over.


These days, things are a little different. She is still as beautiful as ever but these days, she’s no longer classed as a “spring chicken”. Believe it or not, Raquel Welch is actually 73 years of age!

Jo Raquel Tejada was born on September 5th, 1940 in Chicago, Illinois. Not just a sex symbol, the more commonly known Raquel Welch is a very successful actress. She has notched some pretty impressive big-name films over the years. She’s also notched up a fair few hubbies but we shall talk about that in just a moment.

From the very first film in 1964 – A House Is Not a Home to the last one she filmed in 2006 – Forget About It, she’s not only won her self a Golden Globe for Best Motion Picture Actress in a Musical or Comedy, she also bagged herself a nomination for the Golden Globe in Right to Die in 1987. With films such as Legally Blonde, Chairman of the Board, The Three Musketeers and Bandeloro!, you can understand her popularity.


As we’ve mentioned, she’s married her fair share of times as well. There was the publicist and agent, James Welch that she was married to for a few years in the 50’s and 60’s, the producer and director, Patrick Curtis from 1967 to 1972 and the journalist, producer and director Andre Weinfeld for ten years in the 80’s, to Richard Palmer from 1999 to 2008. She’s got two kids too including Tahnee Welch who followed in her mother’s footsteps and became an actress too.

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That’s a little bit of her past, now we should jump to the present time. By that we mean the 2013 Emmy Awards in which Raquel Welch appeared looking every inch the beautiful young lady… except she’s not a young lady. She’s a 73 year old woman!

She stunned the crowd in a beautiful figure-hugging leopard print number with big, brown, glossy hair to boot. Big gold earrings  and a killer smile perfected the look beautifully. She looked amazing… This is where the Raquel Welch plastic surgery reports starting coming out thick and fast yet again. It would seem that the celebrity plastic surgery rumours are coming out more and more frequently these days; just take a look at some of the other plastic surgery rumours in Celebville!

She was a Playboy cover girl once upon a time so we can understand the pressure for her continuing need to look amazing at all times. However, when a 73 year old woman manages to look THAT good in THAT dress, you must ask a few questions!


Who really has hair like that at 73 years of age? Closer inspection would reveal that her glossy mane could be the result of a weave with a band of fabric being somewhat noticeable around her hairline. This isn’t technically considered celebrity plastic surgery as such, but it is still an alteration of her neutral appearance, isn’t it?

At 66 years old, Raquel Welch became the name of the makeup range Mac. This is a range of beauty products designed to be upper market stuff… The face behind it needed to be beautiful right? This means that Raquel couldn’t possibly come out publicly and agree that she has had a little celebrity plastic surgery work done – who wants to wear makeup when you aren’t sure the celeb endorsing it is real or natural? Anyone can look THAT good with a bit of nip & tuck work done, can’t they?

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She has come out and said that she has been a health freak for many years and eats healthily as well as exercises regularly. If that’s all it takes to look that good for a woman in her 70’s, we should probably head to the gym!

When you take a closer look at the Raquel Welch plastic surgery reports and compare a few photos side by side, you can clearly see that it’s not just her hair or the makeup brand that is keeping her looking young and beautiful looking. There have been some pretty drastic changes to her appearance over the last few years. Although flatly denying any plastic surgery work, the forehead could be as smooth as it is because of some sort of filler – usually Botox. Her cheeks look a little fuller than they used to be too – this could be a sign of filler work implanted into her cheeks. Some surgeons have even suggested that she could have had a face lift done but we imagine it is more filler-work rather than anything else.

For a Playboy girl, we already assume that she has a cracking chest on her but at 73 years old, they shouldn’t still be looking that good, should they? These perky friends could have had a little help from the plastic surgeon – they are certainly perky and much bigger than they used to be!

So there you have it – a closer look at the “natural” beauty Raquel Welch. What do you think? Are these signs of a woman that has had celebrity plastic surgery or is it just a woman that has taken great care of herself over the years? We’ll let you decide!

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