15 Best Libra Tattoo Designs with Names and Meanings

Libra, the seventh sign of the zodiac epitomizes balance, harmony and a sense of fair play. It is symbolized by the scales which are a popular motif for Libra seeking to get their zodiac sign tattooed on their body while the symbol itself is also a common design for Libra tattoos.

Libra tattoos have become trendy and above were few selected designs used worldwide. They always create a beautiful effect when used with various colors and shadings. 3D Libra tattoos have created a magnetic attraction towards the tattoo lovers. This as a theme for a tattoo of libra sign.

libra tattoo

Pictures of  Libra Tattoos for Men and Women:

Following are the most popular and best libra star symbol tattoo designs for men and women with pictures and meanings.

1. Pretty Libra Dragon Tattoo on Wrist:

This is one of the famous Libra tattoos on wrist or other part of the hand. The image shows a dragon holding the scale. Dragon in few countries of Europe means fire, power and wealth, while in Japan means generosity, strength and wisdom.


Thus the Libra tattoo with dragon is created by the people who carry the above characteristics. This libra tattoo design is made with dark black ink, while various other colors can be used in making the dragon to give it a different look. This tattoo is carried out both by woman and man, on the wrist, back, waist, neck and lower back.

2. Libra Tattoo with Words:


This is a unique Libra tattoo design. The design includes a scale in between and words that symbolize the scale are written on both the sides. One side is positive while the other is negative. It defines two types of characteristic; the positive includes charity, chastity, temperance, diligence, patience, kindness and humanity. The negative side includes lust, greed, wroth, envy, pride etc. This is an awesome masterpiece of art showing the actual standard of a human being.

3. Libra Name Tattoo on Foot:

Libra Foot Tattoo

Getting a Libra tattoo done on the foot has its own unique appeal and is an ideal choice for women and girls alike. It looks cute and when done in a pattern as elaborate as this one it has a charming effect. This letter tattoo can be carried out in various attractive fonts which make it more beautiful with smooth curves and small unique designs around the word. It can also be made using various color combinations according to your own choice. Here in this picture the libra beautifully tattooed on foot.

4. Libra Tribal Tattoo for Men:

Tribal Libra Tattoo

Tribal tattoos being highly popular among tattoo lovers, it is no wonder that it finds its way into almost any zodiac design. The art of using tribal style to create the Libra symbol is quite imaginative, giving it an ornamental look. This tattoo can be made on the wrist, arms or back to give a marvelous look. Although many lovers to also have such tribal tattoos on their neck side and back. This is one of the perfect libra tattoo designs with multiple color combinations on arms.

5. Libra Back Piece Tattoo for Women:

Libra Back piece Tattoo

This back piece Libra tattoo portraying the Lady Justice with the scales in her hand is a picture of refinement. Displayed in fine colour and intricate in design it is a marvelous piece of work. The blue colour is symbolic of the heavens while the fiery orange is indicative of Hell and the lady justice with the scales in the centre is an ideal representation of justice being meted out between good and evil.

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6. Geometric Libra Tattoo for Girls:

This tattoo can also be named as the tribal Libra tattoo as it is inspired by the designs used by them. This tattoo is created using geometric shapes, which were first used by the tribal people to make various designs.

best-libra-tattoo-designs-for-men-and-women12This classy tattoo is mainly created on the back, but is also famous as cute Libra tattoo on the wrist. The scale in this design means inspiration. This tattoo is made out of black ink, but red color can also be used in between to give a best tribal look.

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7. Lady Libra Tattoo on Neck:

Lady Libra Tattoo

The creation of zodiac signs in tattoo form has become so commonplace that both artists and tattoo lovers alike are looking for novel ways of depicting their sun sign, steering slightly away from the stereotype patterns of signs and symbols. This tattoo design while not complete in its depiction of the lady justice with the scales, it has all the essence of the Libra symbolism of balance and harmony. The tattoo itself has an angel like quality and adds color to the design. This type of of lady libra tattoos are mostly flaunted by teenage girls.

8. Libra Zodiac Sign Symbol Tattoo on Hand:

Libra Zodiac Symbol

The zodiac symbol for the Libra sun sign is perhaps the most popular Libra tattoo. Simple in design and easily done, it is worn on almost any part of the body. One representation of this symbol is that the rising bump in the middle keeps the other two sides in balance while another representation of this symbol showcases the fact that the Libra symbol is similar to an equal sign.

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9. Libra Letter Tattoo with Zodiac Symbol:

Libra Letter Tattoo with Zodiac Symbol

While some like extensive and intricate patterns of their zodiac sign inked on their body, others prefer to keep it simple. The Libra zodiac symbol is accompanied by written text in personal lettering style. The elementary pattern of this tattoo conveys its message in simple meaning and is the easiest way of expressing one’s pride in their zodiac sign.

10. Libra Lady Justice Tattoo on Arm:

Libra Lady Justice Tattoo

The Lady Justice, associated with the Libra sign is an emblem of peace and harmony. Justice and balance are her realm as is depicted through the pair of scales in her hand while her eyes are blindfolded. This signifies the fact that she imparts justice based solely on the facts presented before her without even letting her eyes affect her judgement. This tattoo design is a symbolic representation of a Libran’s own personality.

11. Lady Eye Libra Tattoo on Back:


This is very interesting Libra tattoo for women, now also trendy in men, symbolizes justice. One the other hand it also means that somewhere, someone is watching all your deeds and judging you from up there. This masterpiece is a fine combination of law, spiritual beliefs and Libra as a sign. This colored tattoo can give a marvelous effect when given a 3D effect.

12. Libra Scales Tattoo Design:

Libra Scales Tattoo

The scale is the primary Libra symbol and it is very popular in tattoo designs, next to the Libra zodiac symbol. Often known as the scales of justice, it exemplifies all that is fair and just. Mostly seen on its own, the scales are also used as a basis for other elaborate Libra tattoo designs.

13. Libra Air Sign Tattoo on Thigh:


This Libra zodiac sign tattoo is the best who believe in zodiac sign tattoos. This tattoo specially signifies the air sign of Libra. The Goddess of Love and Beauty (Venus) is said to be ruling this sign. This tattoo is also carried by the people who have a sense of balance in their lives. The tattoo is created with a combination of black and red color. The word Libra when created in the tattoo adds to its beauty.

14. Libra Scales with Cross Tattoo:

Libra Scales with Cross Tattoo

God, the giver of life is the supreme judge and the Libra scales in this design along with the holy symbol of the cross associated with God only seeks to reiterate this fact. This representation of the Libra sun sign connotes that God is just and always rules in favour of what is right. This is one of the simple libra tattoo design with intricacy on hands.

15. Libra Butterfly Tattoo Design on Shoulder:


In this Libra tattoo design the scale is carried up by a butterfly. Hence, this tattoo symbolizes freedom and good luck. The tattoo is created using various colors which makes it more attractive. This tattoo is widely carried out by girls of teen age. It is mostly made on the back and lower back by girls while boys carry it on wrist, arms and on the chest.

The Libra tattoo ideas hence have a vast meaning along with it. It can be carried out as a zodiac sign tattoo as well as by the people who are inspired by the symbolism it carries along with it. Libra tattoos on the wrist have become trendier in the Asian countries giving an attractive look to the tattoo lovers.

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