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Patiala salwar suit or Pattianwalee salwar had originated in Patiala, Punjab. They were used as Royal dress. They were like Pathani with loose salwars worn with knee length kameez. Women preferred these clothes during summer. While stitching Patiala salwar, one required double material due to pleats that met at bottom.

patiala salwar suit

Traditional and Beautiful Punjabi Patiala Salwar Designs for Women:

Here are top 15 Patiala salwar suit designs for ladies.

1. Bluish-Maroon Salwar Suit:

Bluish-Maroon Salwar Suit

Centre of kameez is maroon, with golden circles, runs from top to bottom. On either side there are blue borders with green patterns. There are borders of yellow. Kameez reaches mid-thigh. Colour of Patiala salwar is deep maroon. Also, churni is maroon.

2. Blue-Green Patiala Salwar Suit:

Blue-Green Suit

Patiala Salwar Kameez is sky blue and with white mirror work round the neckline. Sleeves reach the elbows have green and golden borders and minuscule balls. Lower portion there are coloured and mirror works. Kameez reaches mid-thighs. Patiala salwar suit is blue with green design.

3. Purple-Pink Patiala Salwar Kameez:

Purple-Pink Suit

Kameez has a green collar and from top of the neckline to chest there is thread design. Main colour is purple that is shaped as U reaching the mid-thighs. Sleeves are pink with narrow borders of purple, green and yellow. Patiala salwar is pink and the pleats meet at green material.

4. Modern-Printed Suit:

Modern-Printed Suit

Kameez is yellow other with diagonal green checks and dabs of pink with a square neckline. It is sleeveless with narrow red borders. There is violet thread work from neckline to chest area. Bright thread work at lower region is made with green, yellow, pink flowers with yellow centre. There are borders of yellow, brown, red, yellow and green red and orange and violet. Patiala salwar is bicolour of pink and purple and has embroidery near ankles. Churni is matching bicolored with borders.

5. Traditional Patiala Salwar Suit:

Traditional Suit

Patiala Salwar Kameez is traditional navy blue with pink material covering the chest. There is embroidery work in pink, yellow and green where design is traditional kalka. There are full sleeves where embroidery is from the elbow down to the forearms following the same pattern. Sleeves have borders near elbow and hands. Length reaches the knees and there are green and yellow borders in the kameez too. Full patiala salwar is pink while churni is pink with golden border.

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6. Plain Top and Designed Bottom:

Plain Top and Designed Bottom

Patiala salwar and churni are made of material with design in base, Persian blue and navy. Also, black and white colours add to the abstract pattern. Best fit for this choice of Patiala salwar was an absolutely plain base and white kameez. There is a thin border of green coloured crosses.

7. Pink and Gold Suit:

The kameez is has elaborate golden embroidery work that commences from the high collar area. Maximum work is in the chest area and least near the abdomen. In that area, two kalka designs from above meet from below. After that the embroidery continues elaborately to the waist. Finally near the lower waist, pattern gets transformed to rows. There are alternating small patterns and larger patterns. Length of the kameez reaches below the knees. The Patiala salwar is absolutely plain and so is the churni that has thin border.

8. Black and White:

Black and White

Patiala salwar and churni is made of white polka dots on black background. Kameez is black with white border. Length is up to the upper thighs. The kameez has a high black collar, 3 white lace patterns near the chest similar to buttons. There is also very thin white line that breaks the monotony. Sleeves are up to the elbow where there is broad white border.

9. Yellow and Black Suit:

Yellow and Black Suit

Patiala salwar is yellow in colour. Kameez is black with sleeves reaching past elbow. Borders of the sleeves and at the bottom of the kameez, there is traditional embroidery work in white, red, yellow and red at the bottom border. Churni is Rani pink in colour.

10. Bridal Patiala Salwar Kameez:

Bridal Patiala Salwar Kameez

Kameez is self designed shiny orange coloured material. Kameez reaches up to the thighs. It has sleeves reaching after the elbow. There are embroidered in golden and brown. Same threads and designs are repeated in the churni. It is transparent golden colour with tassels hanging. Patiala salwar is in shining golden material.

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11. Off White and Salmon Patiala Salwar:

Off white and Salmon

Kameez is off white solid colour with transparent sleeves. Starting from forearms to elbow there is a bunch of flowers with leaves on top. As for kameez, there are two bordering thin brown lines. Then, there are flowers from bottom going on the left side reaching the chest. Over there, flowers point to the bottom. The length of kameez is to the knees. Patiala salwar and churni are pink.

12. Cream and Pink Patiala Salwar Suit:

Cream and Pink Patiala Salwar Suit

Kameez is off white in colour with dark pink cloth near the chest area. Also there is wine red jacket. There is Kashmiri embroidery made with base, off-white, brown, green on white and red jacket. Full sleeves also have matching embroidery. Patiala salwar suit is matching wine red in colour.

13. Navy and Base Suit:

Navy and Base Suit

Kameez is mostly base with round neckline and full sleeves. There is a navy self-designed cloth that is over from left to right over the chest. Under the left arm, there is a base coloured sun. Churni is base with navy border. Length of the back of kameez is longer than the front that reaches the thighs. Patiala salwar is like a loose trouser that has thread work done at the base of legs.

14. Black and Pink Suit:

Black and Pink Suit

Kameez is black with pink border all over including the sleeveless. There is also golden broad border at the bottom and golden work near the chest. In addition, there is pink thread work all over the kameez. Patiala salwar is pink in colour with white embroidery.

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15. Pink and Black Suit:

Pink and Black Suit

Kameez is pink in colour. There is a round neckline. From neckline to chest there are golden circles and black circle bordering. Three-quarter sleeves are bordered with gold. Starting from lower waist there are rows of brown, gold, brown golden circles, red, golden and solid golden. Kameez sits near upper thighs. Patiala salwar is black with prints of golden and pink.

Above examples in this articles show that there are a wide variety of Patiala salwar suits. These are already available and made by designers. Patiala salwar suits may be worn for all functions. Occasions include weddings, festivals, party wear and casual wear.

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