15 Trendy Foot Mehndi Designs with Pictures | Style At Life

Mehndi is an important part of the culture of several Asian countries. Mehandi tattoos apply on the foot are as common as those upon the palms. There are plenty of designs available for feet mehendi. Floral patterns, abstract designs, geometric shapes are all incorporated in the designs. The large number of intricacies and detailing make the designs elaborate and eye-catching.

Mehandi cones are used to apply the black henna paste which leaves behind the reddish brown mark on the skin. Here are the 15 best foot mehndi designs with images for you to choose from.

Latest Foot Mehndi Designs 2023:

1. Floral Foot Mehandi Design:

foot mehndi designs

A mehendi pattern of flowers and leaves wounding upon the foot looks feminine and pretty. The flower outlines are prominent and the inside is shaded with lines. Spirals ending in dots add an artistic touch to the design can make the mehandi design more alluring by adding color to it. A blue color adds a regal look to the entire mehandi design.

2. Simple Foot Mehndi Designs:

15 Trendy Foot Mehndi Designs with Pictures | Style At Life

While most mehandi designs are elaborate and complicated, there are simple variations. A simple geometric pattern at the centre of the foot with a long edge of the feet like a border is excellent. The outline of the major shapes is concrete and prominent while the inner detailing is done with a thinner line.

3. Bridal Mehndi Design for Foot:

15 Trendy Foot Mehndi Designs with Pictures | Style At Life

An elaborate design fraught with beautiful flowers and intricate curves and patterns starting from toes and stretched till the calf is the kind of tattoo that is generally choose by the brides. These tattoos look elaborate and excessively ornamental. It takes a lot of time to apply and would need patience to get it done.

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4. Elegant Net Type Foot Mehandi Design:

15 Trendy Foot Mehndi Designs with Pictures | Style At Life

Floral patterns with a net like design in the middle of the design are excessive detailing gives a simplistic yet elegant look. The mehndi patterns starts from the toes, around to the ankle and stretched till the leg. This mehndi design intricacies make the Henna art looks more appealing and elaborate.

5. Abstract Feet Mehndi Designs:

15 Trendy Foot Mehndi Designs with Pictures | Style At Life

Abstract mehandi designs feature geometric shapes placed strategically to give a beautiful overall look. Paisleys and floral pattern has been designed and is stretched till the leg, finger tips have given with a paisley and dotted pattern to highlight the design and this will be good choice for weddings.

6. Artistic Foot Mehndi Designs:

15 Trendy Foot Mehndi Designs with Pictures | Style At Life

Thick outlines with small and numerous patterns and designs within the border have an overall artistic look. The mehendi design itself looks complicated and is yet easy to apply. Just arbitrarily keep adding spirals and circles and triangles within the outline of the basic shape of mehandi design.

7. Side Feet Mehendi Designs:

15 Trendy Foot Mehndi Designs with Pictures | Style At Life

Floral and paisleys patterns running along the side of the feet around the ankle make it look feminine and fancy. The black colour of the mehandi stands out against the lighter tone of the skin dotted lines has been given to highlight the henna art, mehandi keeps attracting the attention of everyone.

8. Plain Mehndi Design on Foot:

15 Trendy Foot Mehndi Designs with Pictures | Style At Life

A plain design with simple flowers and leaf mehandi pattern looks very beautiful. The outline and the intricate design both have done in the same thickness and there is a consistency throughout the design. Simple flower with dotted design has been used on the tips of the fingers to make the design look adorable.

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9. Red Colored Foot Mehendi Designs:

15 Trendy Foot Mehndi Designs with Pictures | Style At Life

The common mehndi tattoos have the typical reddish brown color of henna but an excellent design is one that includes color with the normal mehandi. A red colored mehndi design looks unique and magnificent floral patterns with a red colored background or border gives the design an individuality that sets it apart from the rest.

10. Foot Black Mehendi Designs:


The outline of the design starts from the toes and stretched till the leg that makes the feet alluring. This henna tattoo is applied on the palm and lower arms. This specific mehndi is exceptionally prevalent in a large portion of the Asian nations where mehndi extremely fundamental part of the way of life.

11. Simple Mehndi Designs For Feet:


This simple floral pattern resembles a tattoo which is one the most selected design by all the ladies. The dark mehndi design emerges against the lighter tone of the skin that makes the feet appealing. This design includes of floral and leaf pattern along with few dotted mehendi art gives a flawless look.

12. Elaborate Floral Mehndi Design in Foot:


This design includes of floral, leaf and circular pattern throughout the legs which is specially designed for brides. The outline is wound up with specks which include an imaginative touch; peacock with feathers has been designed in middle of the mehendi art. People who prefer to fill their legs with mehendi can go with this design.

13. Foot Mehndi Design Simple:


This is one of the simple Mehendi designs for the feet. Floral patterns with a beaded Mehendi design gives a simplistic but elegant look, it acts as a relief from excessive detailing. This design looks like a tattoos which is generally opted by brides, because this is as same as an ornament. This is same like anklet design.

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14. Mirror Reflecting Henna Designs for Feet:


This outline resembles a detailed anklet with various formed diamonds holding tight it. What’s more, whole foot is secured with blooms and leaves, which reach out to the center of the legs. The rich outline highlights some geometric shapes which are set deliberately on the design to give an exquisite look.

15. Rajasthani Feet Mehendi Plan:


People who prefer minimal mehendi design can choose this pattern. This henna art is one of the immense cases of Rajasthani mehendi outline. In this it is included with regular “mirror reflecting workmanship” where the Mehendi design on both the feet is same. This has thick paisleys with various floral pattern.


In India, mehendi is one of the tradition which will be applied to the hands and feet of the ladies for all the occasions specifically for weddings. The outline of the feet can be totally planned with the one on the hands or can be diverse as well with the dark, red and orange henna. A woman is incomplete without applying henna if she is getting ready for any occasion. These latest foot mehndi designs are look beautiful and stunning for wedding and festivals.