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We all must have heard how exercising each day keeps our body and mind fit and active. Health experts and doctors can’t seem to speak enough on its importance. But what about expectant mothers? Yes, they need to exercise too, keeping within certain limitations. Motherhood is stressful for the mind and the body. To overcome this period, Gynecologists prescribe very light to light exercises for pregnant women in the second Trimester, apart from a healthy diet and medication.

Second Trimester Exercises

It is generally believed that exercising during the second trimester, when the fetus starts developing the tissues and the skeletal structure, is beneficial for the mother and the baby alike.

Exercise During Pregnancy Second Trimester:

We take a look at the most recommended and safe second trimester exercises in pregnancy.

1. Walking:

Exercises During Second Trimester-Walking

Nothing beats a short walk early in the morning or later in the evening during pregnancy second trimester. Top it with a partner to tread alongside, be it your husband or close friends, and you are bound to get a refreshing day altogether. It is better to avoid crowded areas though, to prevent accidents. A short 20 minutes’ walk can work wonders in increasing blood circulation throughout the fetus and help you do away with the general lethargy during pregnancy. Just slip into a comfortable pair of shoes and you are good to go!

2. Leg Raise:

Exercises During Second Trimester-Leg Raise

Since strengthening the lower body forms the most important exercise this is an ideal exercise to strengthen the core and inner thighs. To do a leg raise one needs to lie sideways, resting the head on a folded arm and then raise the leg straight to a comfortable height, keeping the leg aligned to the body every time. During this the other leg should be kept folded and the free hand resting on the ground for stability.

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3. Shoulder Press:

Exercises During Second Trimester-Shoulder press

This exercise releases the pressure developing on the spine due to child bearing to ease the overall stress on the upper body. To begin, sit on a chair upright while outstretching the arms straight in parallel to the hips. Light weights are recommended while outstretching. Breathing in, raise the outstretched arms slowly, aligning them with the ears. Bring the arms back parallel to the hips while exhaling and repeat the cycle.

4. Simple Squat Workouts:

Exercises During Second Trimester-Simple Squats

Though regular squats are not advised exercise during pregnancy 2nd trimester, one must look forward to giving a boost of strength to the knees. For this, spread the legs as much as the feet of the chair, which will be used for support. Slowly, start going down by bending the knees. You need to stop when your thighs are parallel to the ground and raise yourself to the previous position.

5. Side Stretches:

Exercises During Second Trimester-Side Stretches

Sit upright while stretching one leg straight and folding the other. Make sure that the feet of the folded leg touches the hip of the straightened leg. With one hand outstretched parallel to the ear try a twisting movement with your hands. This is done by leaning the body in the direction of the outstretched palm and taking the other hand opposite to the direction of lean. This exercise strengthens the torso.

6. Plank Workout:

Exercises During Second Trimester-Plank

This exercise is designed to improve the strength of your back and forearms. Lift your body by resting it on the elbows and wrists and the arch of your toe. The body must be straight during the posture. Occasionally lift one of the legs above the plane of the body for exercising the hip.

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7. Sitting Air Cycling:

Exercises During Second Trimester-Sitting Air Cycling

This exercise may be done while sitting or lying. When done while sitting, it requires that the leg be lifted just enough to enable a cyclic motion of the legs. It is basically mimicry of actual cycling.

8. Lunge and Shoulder Press:

Exercises During Second Trimester-Lunge and Shoulder press

For a lunge we need to bring out one feet ahead of the other and crouch ever so slightly. Now begin by outstretching your hand up while squatting down simultaneously until the knee on the same side as the hand is inches off the ground. This strengthens the shoulders, biceps and the back.

9. Kegel Exercises:

Exercises During Second Trimester-Kegel Exercises

Kegel exercises are meant to strengthen the pelvic muscles which need to be strengthened as the fetus grows. This involves the squeezing of the pelvic floor muscles by controlling the breathing.

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Once daily exercises become part of the routine, it leads to a comfortable and trouble free pregnancy and an overall fruitful second Trimester. If you have not started yet, make a start at the earliest. It’s better late than never!