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As a man, your beard is a symbol of prestige to you and is also significant in defining your masculine personality. Therefore you must be very careful in deciding how you style and groom your beard.

There are many options for you to style your beard such as Goatee Beard, Full beard, stubble, etc. But the style which has stuck among men for the longest time and which can be still seen on the face of many men, is the Mutton Chops beard. Deriving its name from the shape of real chops of mutton, this style of beard involves a very precise grooming of your beard. You have to maintain the “mutton chops” in the form of long strips of beard which start from either sides of your cheeks, extend along your jawline and end at your chin. But it is important to note that you must completely shave your chin area.

Modern and Fashionable Mutton Chops Beard with Images:

The following are Top 9 types of mutton beard style.

1. King Style Mutton Chops Beard:

As the name itself suggests, this style is the oldest style in mutton chop beards yet it is the most sleek looking style out of all other styles. It requires you to trim all of your mutton chops except the part just below your ears. The mutton chops must extend in an inverted triangle shape only up to the middle of your both cheeks.

2. Lightly Trimmed Mutton Chops Beard:

This is a modern style of mutton chop beard. It involves regular trimming of your sideburns in a very small hair size. You have to maintain your sideburns extending from your cheeks up to your chin but in a thin strip and a small size. You can also call it as the friendly mutton chops beard.

3. The Wolverine Style Mutton Chops Beard:

Originally popularized by the Hollywood mega star Hugh Jackman, this beard style is the most followed trend in Mutton Beard. To have a Wolverine style Mutton chop beard, you have to first grow substantial amount of sideburns to your beard on either cheeks. Now you have to trim these sideburns finely into a medium size. The main uniqueness is that the mutton chops are more wider but as the trimming is elegant, it looks awesome.

4. Modern Mutton Chops Beard:

This is more of an evolution of the mutton chops beard. You can call this as the formal or office look Mutton chops beard. It involves trimming your sideburns in such a way that your mutton chops look decent and give you a smart look. It is exclusively for the corporate men.

5. Rugged Mutton Chops Beard:

As the name itself suggests, this beard doesn’t involve much trimming of your facial hair. You have to let your mutton chops grow for some time without trimming to get a robust rugged look on your beard. This style was followed by the traditional population.

6. Holy Mother of Gaul Mutton Chops Beard:

The term “Gaulish” refers to Barbaric or savage. Therefore this Mutton chops beard style requires you to grow your beard sideburns literally in a haywire size which must although be maintained in symmetry on both sides of your face, but their shape will be very big and appearance like big round bushy whiskers. However, you will require intensive care and use of beard oils, vitamins, etc. To ensure your beard is healthy along with being stylish.

7. Neat and Clean Mutton Chops Beard:

For a neat and clean looking mutton chop beard, you can’t afford it to grow out of shape. So firstly you need to keep it well trimmed. Secondly you have to regularly nourish it with beard vitamins and beard oils. And lastly, you also must make sure that you keep it clean.

8. Thin Strap Mutton Chops Beard:

A thin strap mutton chop beard requires you to keep your sideburns thin and well-trimmed. Like all other styles, here too you must extend the beard from cheeks, but the end is with mustache ends. You must make it look like an extension of your mustache up to your cheeks in a thin strip.

9. Curtains Style Mutton Chops Beard:

Like the name suggests, this beard style involves shaping the mutton chops of your beard into the shape of curtains. You must let your beard grow excessively but only in the area near your cheeks and below them. This is because it must be ultimately trimmed to take the shape as if two curtains are hanging down your cheeks.

Thus, you have seen the amazing Mutton chops beard style where you have to keep the sideburns of your beard intact to later on shape them or trim them as per your desire. You can choose any style of mutton chops beard out of the wide range of choices available.