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A single tattoo will never have a single meaning to it, rather different interpretations of which, one will appeal to you, wanting you to get that tattoo idea inked on yourself. Tattoo industry has infiltrated every single object and this time one of the most powerful objects are brought to light. Getting a money tattoo done would include many different meanings, one of which might portray strength or importance projected through monetary power. Then again based on the context, one might manipulate a money tattoo keeping the money on the down low portraying how money is not the sole requirement and there are much powerful statuses that we still need to fulfill. Either way, this is a fresh and a modern idea that might interest you.

money tattoo designs

Best Money Tattoo Designs:

Here are the 9 best money tattoo designs as follows.

1. Money And Greed:

Money tattoo Designs 1

Looking at money in one of the most realistic way, here we see money being compared to greediness, a heartfelt desire every human in their right mind wishes to conquer. The tattoo shows a vicious villainous face of money in its roll, himself using a small roll of a dollar bill as a cigar.

2. The Powerful Mongrels:

Money tattoo Designs 2

A stack of dollar bills in your hand feels warm and cozy but what makes it better is fanning them out one by one and holding them up with both your hands. This is definitely a feeling we’ve all felt before and this is why here we have the tattoo. It is one of the best money tattoo designs for women.

3. Stack Rolling Down Money Tattoos:

Money tattoo Designs 3

In this tattoo we see a bundle of rolled up 50 and 100 dollar bills which seem to be pouring down the forearm and ending right where the arms are. The extensive shading makes this tattoo marvelous as the rolled down dollar bills look majestic and powerful.

4. A Sign Says It All:

Money tattoo Designs 4

If you are wanting to opt for money tattoos, you can do that without having to literally draw dollar bills on you. This is why in this tattoo, the signature of wealth, the dollar sign says it all as it lights itself on raging flames, the soft sketch making it look more lively.

5. Stacked Up Money Tattoo:

Money tattoo Designs 5

In this tattoo art, here we see a hand holding onto stacks of 100 dollar bills which is a way of either portraying power and wealth but often this can be used as a mockery to the status minders in the society who believes in nothing but the power of money to lead a plush life.

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6. Paper Roses Money Tattoos:

Money tattoo Designs 6

Much like a paper that can be twisted into a blooming rose, here we see a dollar bill, possibly two twisted into dollar bill roses, soft leaves and vines trailing behind making it look exactly like that of a rose bush, messy yet beautiful in its own way.

7. Money And Time Money Tattoo:

Money tattoo Designs 7

Money and time is a powerful concept here depicted by an hourglass that rains down money instead of sand. The hourglass on the side depicts the word I and S that forms a continuation to the notion of the art, time is money and with time all your problems, wealth and health heal.

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8. Time Relapse Money Tattoos:

Money tattoo Designs 8

Here is another great concept for time and money this time in a metaphorical sense where one hand bares an empty bold engraving saying start while the other hand shows today with a dollar sign there which could mean the current or future status which would be welcoming. This is one of the best money tattoo designs for men.

9. Goals Money Tattoo:

Money tattoo Designs 9

In this tattoo, we see a picture of Franklin, a clear sign of monetary reference whereas a quote probably one of the goals or quotes relevant to your life is inked surrounding the portrait of Benjamin.

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