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Long Straight hair, some experts say is indeed a boon where one does not have to worry about sitting through painful hours trying to detangle your hair or always having to keep your hair out of dust and wind to avoid them tangling.

Hairstyles for straight Long hair Main

Now a long mass of hair on top of that is def desirable since a lot many new hairstyles and hair ideas can be implemented in the thought. Here in this article we have given some of the best long haired hairstyles for straight hair for you to work upon during boring hair days.

Best Hairstyles For Long Straight Hair With Pictures:

Below we have given 15 amazing haircuts for long straight hair.

1. The Twisted Bun:

hairstyles for long straight hair1

This hairstyle needs long straight hair. Roll up your long straight hair on the front for the twisted bun. Use the twisting method and then again roll your hair into a bun and then add a tie. For this look, you can opt for some loose locks too, to create a messy bed head look.

2. The Puffed Pony:

hairstyles for long straight hair2

Puffed ponies add a hint of chic to your everyday hairstyle. Use teasing technique or bump it in the middle or front of the hair. If the puff is at the back or somewhere in the middle, add loose front locks to your look. tie the ponytail and then pinch the hair above the band and pull it a little up to add volume.

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3. The Front Braid:

hairstyles for long straight hair3

This is an easy everyday long straight hairstyle that you can use for your busy school mornings. Start with the braid on one side and then move it to the back of the head and then pin it properly. Make sure you fan the braid properly to make the braid look more fulfilling. You can even make a front braid band.

4. Posh Perfect:

hairstyles for long straight hair4

For the posh perfect hair, try using a tease technique or simply use bump it’s to puff up your hair on the back. Use pins to secure the puffed area but make sure the puff is in the middle of your head. Now take the front locks from the two sides and pin them up behind. This is one of the perfect hairstyles for long straight hair with round face.

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5. Fishtail Braid:

hairstyles for long straight hair5

Start with a fishtail braid on the top of the head and then follow the lead all the way to the back and then abruptly end the braid and secure it with a tie. On the top front of your head start infusing French with the fishtail and then fan out the braid to add volume. This is simple haircut for long straight hair with braids.

6. The Back Updo:

hairstyles for long straight hair6

Long hair can be amended into any hairstyle and therefore here is one classic summer day hairstyle for long straight hair. Keep the bangs loose and swept to the sides while the rest of the hair, especially the middle is teased and bumped up. Now gather the rest of the hair that is freely falling and taking chunks of your strand pin them up at the back.

7. Corn Rows:

hairstyles for long straight hair7

This is relatively newer style that has seen a huge uprising in this generation where much like dreadlocks, cornrows are done on the hair as a variation. The look of the hair resembles a corn row field but this is temporary and you can go back to your old hairstyle whenever you want.

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8. Basic Bangs:

hairstyles for long straight hair8

This is one of the perfect haircuts for long straight hair. This is a blunt French bang look where the front locks come all the way up to your eyebrows and maybe some more. The bangs on the front should be soft and light with a perfect alignment while the rest of the hair at the back falls freely. You can even feather cut for the hairstyle.

9. The Hippie Band:

hairstyles for long straight hair9

For this start braiding your hair in a twist and roll motion in one side and then roll the hair to your back. Do the same with the other side and then tie it with a band on the back. Once you secure it in a pony, loop and then roll the pony into a band at the back of your head. This is another best and quick haircut for long straight hair.

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10. The Long Straight Hairstyle With Front Fancy Bangs:

Hairstyles for Long Straight Hair 10

This looks like a fringe cut hairstyle but is a lot more than that. The pattern that this hairstyle sports in the front portion is so amazing that almost all women will admire the way the hair looks. If you are looking for a hairstyle that will conceal most of the face, adjust the bad angles and make you look adorable at the same time, then this might be one of the best haircuts for long straight hair. A well maintained hair can only meet the beauty needs of this hairstyle. If your hair is properly straightened, then you will be able to sport this hairstyle quite easily.

11. The Medium Length Straight Hairstyle:

Hairstyles for Long Straight Hair 11

This hairstyle doesn’t exactly look like the previously discussed straight haircuts. It is quite different from the usual definition of long straight hairstyle and that is what makes it so beautiful and unique. A hair roller is used while styling the hair for this look and you will require a suitable hair roller to get this look. The quality of the hair is one of the best features about this look. The color of the hair shines out and makes the woman look very attractive. If you have a hair serum, then use it before styling your hair in this manner. It will make the hair shine automatically.

12. The Emily Blunt Signature Straight Long Hairstyle:


This is one of the best hairstyles for long straight hair. The hair is perfectly straight here and that is the prime allure of this hairstyle. If you are in need of a good hairstyle, then this will be a good choice for your hair. The pattern that the hair sports in this awesome look is something that women will find impressive. The end of the the hair displays that how well the hair has been maintained and for such awesome handling of the hair it stands out as one of the best hairstyles for women with straight long hair.

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13. The Blonde Straight Long Hairstyle:

Hairstyles for Long Straight Hair 13

This blonde hair style is basically for women with long straight hair. The blonde color of the hair is probably one of the best features about this look and almost all women will prefer sporting it. If you are looking for some of the newest hairstyles under the category of the best straight long hairstyles, then this is definitely one of them. The awesome allure of this hairstyle for long straight hair persuades women to sport this hair under all circumstances. They will dye their hair using blonde color for achieving this look.

14. The Hillary Duff Signature Straight Long Hairstyle:

Hairstyles for Long Straight Hair 14

This is one of the best celeb inspired hairstyles for straight long hair of all time. The best thing about this hairstyle is that it is so simple and sober that all women will be willing to sport it. The front part of the hair displays a heavy pattern and the rest of the hair at the back falls free. There is something about this hair style that impresses all women and they all are clearly more than willing to carry this hair cut. If you are looking for something that has the ability to impress people easily, then this is the right stuff for you. This quick straight hairstyle is something that can be worn at almost all places.

15. The Adorable Straight Long Hairstyle:

Hairstyles for Long Straight Hair 15

Last but not the least, this is one of the most impressive hairstyles for women with long and straight hair out there. The best thing about this hairstyle is that it can make almost any woman look equally cute like the female celeb in the picture above.

Finally after reading this, you will understand the current trends that are a part of the fashion industry where hairstyles for long straight hair is concerned. Just make your pick and try them out today for a diva look!