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Maintaining thick hair is quite easy if, you cut it short and one of the best haircut that will remain in fashion always is bob cut. Some of the stylish ways to keep your thick tresses is mentioned here to help you decide, which one looks best on your face structure.

1.Inverse Layering Bob Cut:

bob hairstyles for thick hair

If you are lucky enough to have thick hair you can choose to style it with inverse layering bob cut to give yourself round edges and soften hair. This style is easy for everyday life and can be given light waves for evening outings. Women with any texture of hair can sport this look easily.

2.The Pixie Look:

bob hair 2

This is the most suitable hairstyle for young women who have thick hair and like to keep it short. A well-cut pixie looks fashionable and you can play with your bangs as per your mood and occasion. You can consult a good fashion adviser for the right hair shade that will look good on you.

3.Smoothened Bob Cut:

bob hair 3

A well smoothened straight bob cut looks fantastic on women with thick mane. There is always an alternative to curl them for a change. The style looks good on all face type provided it is properly done. Highlighting smoothened hair gives an added attraction to your face so try it.

4.High Curl Up Bob:

bob hair 4

This style can be worked on an angled bob cut and works best on curly thick hair. The stylist will try to reduce the frizzy hair and straightened the fringes to give a neater look. If, you have a round or oval shaped face then you can try this rare hairstyle.

5.Short Curly Bob:

bob hair 5

The best way to wear your bob hairstyle is to have it curly especially if you have thick hair and they can remain together. Short curly hair looks best on round and pear shaped face. You should side part your fringes to give a smarter effect on your face.

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6.Very Short Bob:

bob hair 6

Keep your thick hair very short is especially easy with minimum maintenance and good for women who always on a move. You can have a wet look with the help of serum gel when you go out making you look fresh. Small face women look best in this style.

7.Bob Cut With Heavy Bangs:

bob hair 7

Oval and long faced women can think of keeping heavy bangs in the front because it will enhance your face structure especially with thick hair. Remember to visit a good hairdresser so that he understands the length that will ensure that you look younger and pretty.

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8.Bob With Asymmetric Arched Bangs:

bob hair 8

In general, Bob hairstyle has always been in fashion and looks better on females with thick hair. The trick to make your bob look better to style with inverse layering, and keeping the bangs shaped well like an arch. This hairstyle will suit everyone and the hair can be highlighted towards the crown area.

9.Indierock Hairstyle:

bob hair 9

This hairstyle has been into fashion recently and can be sported by young women with thick hair. The haircut is distinguished with elongated temple and clumsy hair suitable for funky girls who like wearing leather jackets. Texturing of hair will make it look even better.

Once, you have decided upon the style that will suit you try to explain it to the hairdresser and he will easily be able to help you. Remember that it is important to trim any haircut to maintain it for a longer time.

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