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Every time we visit a super store, we are bound to come across a wide range of food products claiming to be low or cholesterol free consumables. Often or always, this widespread rejection of cholesterol gives off the impression that cholesterol is unnecessary and unhealthy. That however is not the case. Not all cholesterol is bad. HDL Cholesterol which is also simply classified as good cholesterol is an integral part of healthy eating.

HDL Cholesterol Foods

According to nutritionists, HDL cholesterol often acts as a buffer against bad cholesterol. HDL Cholesterol is known to protect us against the negative effects of bad cholesterol which makes it highly integral to cardiac health. While it is to easier identify cholesterol free food products by their labeling it would definitely help to gain insight in to foods containing high level of good cholesterol. Read further to know more.

Amazing Foods for HDL Cholesterol:

1. Oatmeal:

HDL Cholesterol Foods 1

Oatmeal is gaining prominence as a healthy breakfast option. The highly soluble fibers in oatmeal are conducive to positively altering HDL cholesterol levels in our bloodstreams. One or two serving of oatmeal a day can go a long way in protecting us against bad cholesterol.

2. Rice:

HDL Cholesterol Foods 2

Rice consumption around the world has gone down since the advent of fast food and packaged snacks. Unfortunately fast foods only serve to flood our blood streams with LDL or bad cholesterol whilst rice is rich in HDL cholesterol which serves as a buffer against the negative effects of bad cholesterol.

3. Avocadoes:

HDL Cholesterol Foods 3

Not all fat is bad and avocadoes are a prime example. While many simply reject avocadoes for their high fat content, this in itself is its redeeming quality. Avocadoes are said to be loaded with healthy cholesterols.

4. Olive Oil:

HDL Cholesterol Foods 4

A visit to a departmental store can often prove to be tricky when faced with the choice of healthy cooking oils. Fortunately Olive oil is the ultimate answer to this common dilemma. Olive oil is widely known to elevate HDL cholesterol levels in the bloodstream.

5. Nuts:

HDL Cholesterol Foods 5

One can never stress enough on the importance of nuts for our nutritional needs. Nuts such as pecans, walnuts, pistachios, peanuts and hazelnuts are excellent sources of healthy cholesterol. A sensible portion of nuts in our everyday diet is a must for positive cardiac health.

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6. Seafood:

HDL Cholesterol Foods 6

Next time you plan a meal with your friends or family take them to fancy seafood restaurant instead of a burger joint or a pizza place. Seafood like salmon, mackerel, tuna and halibut are known to contain high levels of healthy fats known as Omega 3 fatty acids. Omega 3 fatty acids are a prime example of healthy cholesterol.

7. Dark Chocolate:

HDL Cholesterol Foods 7

Chocolate doesn’t necessarily have to be a guilty pleasure. Research has proven that 50 grams of dark chocolate a day can go a long way in increasing the anti oxidative effects of good cholesterol.

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8. Grapes:

HDL Cholesterol Foods 8

Grapes are known to raise HDL levels and lower bad cholesterol levels at the same time making them very popular among health conscious eaters.

9. Eggplants:

HDL Cholesterol Foods 9

Eggplants are also a commonly available vegetable that is known to improve HDL levels in our bloodstream.

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