Unwanted Facial Hair Removal Methods

Facial Hair is very irritative and abnormal issue for women. In our society every woman wants to fit into the mould of ideal feminine beauty. Adding to this an important part is having a smooth on top body and face. Facial hair is considered to be very unattractive as it is supposed to be a sign of manliness. You can easily remove the unwanted hair on your face with the help of waxing or shaving. But we can not recommend waxing or shaving for your facial hair.

Unwanted Facial Hair Removal Methods

What Are The Reasons For Facial Hair Growth:

  • The main reasons for facial hair growth are Menopause and excess of testosterone produced by the female body.
  • Shaving or waxing facial hair only aggravates the growth of facial hairs.

How To Get Rid Of Facial Hair:

With the help of Vitamin E, copper, magnesium, zinc, and chromium you can keep insulin and testosterone levels normal. Your diet should be included of almonds, papaya, turnip, green leafy vegetables, broccoli, pumpkin seeds, tofu, etc. And finally there are so many natural home remedies for get rid of facial hair. To day this article deals with how to remove facial hair in women by using different home remedies.

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Unwanted Facial Hair Removal Methods:

Here we are suggesting you some of the best and very effective home remedies to prevent unwanted facial hair growth in women.

1.Turmeric Face Pack:

Facial Hair Removal for Women - Turmeric Face Pack

In Indian community, it is a common for women to apply a little turmeric to their faces or at least the portion extending between the ears to the chin. As it is good for one’s complexion and the antibacterial effect, turmeric is also said that it have the property of curbing hair growth. Make a liquid paste by soaking turmeric powder in water, apply to the facial area where you have excess hair and leave it on for a five to ten minutes. After it dries, use a cloth dipped in lukewarm water to clean away the turmeric and the hair, too.

2.  Gram Flour Face Pack (Besan):

Customarily, women in many Indian societies frequently used a face pack prepared up of mixing gram flour with turmeric. This is believed to have the gift to remove the excess hair on the face, mostly around the mouth and chin area. For making this scrub you have to mix equal amounts of besan and turmeric after that add a little water to make a thick paste.

Apply this scrub to the problematic part of your face, leave on until it dries completely and then dip a cloth in warm water, use it to wipe off this face mask. You will see a difference after wiping off the scrub that even the strands of hair are also removed. You can do an add on to this scrub by mixing a little curd or cream (malaai) to the Besan and turmeric paste. Because of adding malai you will get an extra soft touch to your skin.

3. Sugar Mix:

It is possible to remove facial hair quite effectively with a home-made wax-like substance; however, you need to be prepared for the process to get a little chaotic and even painful in comparison to the turmeric or Besan face pack. For this face pack you have to take about a tablespoon of sugar in a vessel, add a teaspoon of honey and a few drops of lemon juice to the pack; heat this evenly or you can microwave for about 3 minutes to get a smooth paste.

When the paste is still slightly warm, apply it to the part of the face from where you need to pluck the hair. Cover the area with a strip of cloth and instantly pull the cloth in the opposite direction to that in which the hair is growing. The molten sugar in this recipe gives the stickiness; honey help to soothe the skin where as lemon act as bleach.

4.  Spearmint (Pudina) Tea:

The intake of Spearmint (Pudina) tea by women has resulted in the decline in testosterone level in their body. This led towards the drop in the growth of facial hair. You can include 2 cups of spearmint tea is daily to reduce your facial hair growth.

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5. Laser Treatment:

Laser hair treatment is an excellent way to effectively stop hair growth on face. It leaves the facial skin feeling soft and flawless. Though it is not a permanent solution, but the effects of laser treatment are long lasting.

6. Egg Face Pack:

One more preparation that works to pull off the hair in an action similar to waxing is the Egg mask. This is easy to try at home because all ingredients are easily available in your kitchen. Take the white of one egg and add in 1 tablespoon of sugar and a half tablespoon of corn flour. Make a smooth paste. Apply this to the part of your face that has unwanted hair. Once it dried up, it will look like of a thin mask covering your face. All you have to do is pull it off tightly so that the hair will get pulled out, too.

7. Lemon And Honey Mix:

lemon and honey

Another therapy that can help in reducing hair growth on the face and remove unwanted hair is easy to make. As well as you can use it every week. Squeeze 10 ml lemon juice into 40 ml honey. Make a mixture of the ingredients. Take a cotton swab and rub this mixture in the direction of the hair growth. Clean it after 15 minutes. Repeat twice a week for 2 weeks first one month and then use it every week to find a progress in the reduction of facial hair condition.

8. Lemon And Gram Flour(besan) Face Pack:

Easy to use facial masks to help get rid of unwanted hair. To make this face pack press 10 ml lemon juice into 150 ml of water. Then add 30 grams of Gram flour (Besan) into this mixture and mix carefully. Apply this yellow mix on your face. Wait for 15 minutes and then clean your face in the opposite direction of the hair growth to remove unwanted hair.

9. Topical Cream:

Before start using a topical face creams for facial hair growth you must consult with your Dermatologist. Topical creams are brilliant for stopping hair growth. These creams have been verified to successfully reduce or remove hair growth in women.

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10. Soy Products:

Phytoestrogen is found in soy products which is the alike of estrogen in character. Depress Phytoestrogen the growth of facial hair. So, including soy into your daily food must be a good decision as it will effect in less facial hair growth.

11. Gelatin Peel-Off Mask:

Facial Hair Removal for Women - Gelatin Peel-off Mask

One of the best methods of facial hair removal for women is the use of gelatin mask. Though it is smelly it is worth trying once because of the feeling it provides. Lemon can be added to suppress the smell of gelatin. Make sure you protect your eyes and eyebrows while applying this mask.

12. Wheat Bran Scrubs:

Facial Hair Removal for Women - Wheat bran Scrubs

The residue after refining the wheat grain is the wheat bran. Bran can act as an excellent cosmetic product. It is highly productive facial scrub that helps in removing facial hair and also reduces wrinkles on the skin. This is one of the excellent home remedies for preventing unwanted facial hair growth.

13. Barley Scrubs:

Facial Hair Removal for Women - Barley Scrubs

For stubborn facial hair, a barley scrub is the best homemade solution possible. The consumption of barley also treats various skin and hair conditions. It enhances the glow of the skin and makes it soft and tender. Barley is the best treatment for facial hair removal.

14. Black Cohosh Herb:

Facial Hair Removal for Women - Black Cohosh Herb

Black cohosh is a flowering plant that has phytoestrogen that reduces facial hair growth. It has anti-androgenic effects and thus is used to cure hirsutism. It is also used to prepare tea. This is one of the best facial hair removal methods by using black cohosh herb.

15. Fenugreek And Green Gram:

Facial Hair Removal for Women - Fenugreek and Green Gram

Fenugreek is an excellent cosmetic herb. It is also used to treat hirsutism in which women start growing unwanted hair like men in body parts. Soak fenugreek seeds in water overnight and the next morning, drink it as soon as you wake up to get prevent the growth of unwanted hair. It can also be used as a facial scrub for facial hair removal for women.

Do have that unwanted facial hair? Don’t you know how to remove unwanted facial hair from your face. You can follow above simple home remedies for removing facial hair that is everything you need at home to get rid of that!