Chutimon Aokbab Chuengcharoensukying Biography

The Thai film industry is riding high on the upcoming success of the hit movie “Chalard Games Gong” or “Bad genius”, which is expected to overcome Bt100 million after just a week in cinemas. Now, it has been the talk of the town among social media and many movie review pages and blogs’ rates are almost 10/10. Directed by Nattawut ‘Baz’ Poonpiriya (Countdown, 2012) the latest GDH599’s movie tells the story of Linn, a straight-A student with one mission…turning exam answers into millions.

At the moment, nothing couldn’t be the centre of the public attention than her, Chutimon Aokbab Chuengcharoensukying ,the main genius student character in the movie and we could tell that her profile is completely extraordinary! A rising star model with her unique single eyelid who owns 1.75m tall, currently studying at Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts, Chulalongkorn University.

When it comes to her experience in Thai music videos, she has been various main characters in these songs; “Unfriend” of Helmetheads and “Pajhonpai” of Mrs.Slave. An important role of the viral short film by famous film director Nawapol Ter Thamrongrattanarit, “Thank you for Sharing”. Additionally, in a modeling industry, because of her unique Asian character, she started to be a model since she was only 15 and Aokbab was the first Thai model who had a chance to be in Harper’s Bazaar UK,October 2013 in “A shadow of a jade empire” theme.

She said about the role in her popular movie, “Lynn is a very smart student that’s why she was invited to be a scholarship student and has no worry about sharing studying tricks. She’s got a father who’s a teacher ,so she’s a systematic thinker and always find reasons for every single actions. A very introvert person, as a result she’s got only one close friend; Grace (Eisaya Aum Hosuwan)”. The similar character of Lynn and Aokbab is the introvert character, she doesn’t approach strangers first and keep the feelings inside.

In this movie tells about cheating on exams as a million business but in her real life, she also had an experience on cheating on a test in Junior high school and Senior high school. Moreover, she shared about an experience of shooting movie in Australia, it was very exciting when we use the real place and real people going through movie lens and everyone did all her best so it all went smoothly.

Her characteristic nickname “AOKBAB” is another topic we shouldn’t be missed. She was mocked by her friends since she was in grade 7th that your name “AOKBAB” wasn’t your real nickname, you named yourself. She hated her problem maker nickname so much but that was when she was a kid, nowadays it’s normal because there’re many weird name than her. In her childhood she hasn’t been interested in arts like her nickname but she picked to study a Science-Mathmetical program and wanted to be a doctor like her aunt and uncle. Her life changed when she was in grade 11th, her senior and met her at a school event suggested that she could be a model so she tried and met the open another world for her.

The things that turn her to choose to study about Arts are the enjoyment of the display, rhythm of the show and she accidentally met Thiriree Ngon-ngon Kananurak, she studies Creative exhibition, faculty of Fine and Applied Arts, Chulalongkorn University and she’s her idol. These are the reasons why she chose to study about creative exhibition. Aokbab studies about Creative exhibition which provide opportunities for our students to explore their artistic interests beyond the classroom curriculum but she didn’t like it that much. Her plan is she will be a VM (Visual Merchandiser) trainee when she’s a third year student and considering to continue her study as a master’s degree aboard about Fashion Marketing.

About her international experience in modeling, she went to Hongkong last December, every piece of jobs English skill is fundamentally required and you need to be on time. At that time it was low season and the clients wanted her to be back there again when the high season comes. All the jobs taught her a memorable experiences like being more concentrated and more quick-witted, she can separate who’s important to her at that much.

Her first time in acting is super hard for her but she just likes it. Previously, she had a chance to learn an acting class so, it’s easy to adapt herself in a movie. The tough part is to understand the role more clearly. “Currently, I’m taking an acting class for television with Warayut “Kai” Milintajinda, it has to be exaggerate to express what you feel but acting for film this time with Nawapol “Ter” he asked me to drop that exaggerate acting to be more natural, for example he asked me to use my own raucous voice” said Aokbab.

She has her own cool style in her daily life and has 83k followers on her instagram and expected to gain more followers after a huge movie feedback. Don’t hesitate to be one of her cool fans by following her on instagram : AOKBAB.

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