The Best Hair Colours for Tan Skin and Blue Eyes

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Q: I was wondering if you could give me your professional opinion on a good hair colour or highlights with my skin tone. I have naturally dark hair with tan skin and blue eyes. 

Should I leave it natural or add a few highlights, and if so, what colour? With my mix of blue eyes and brown hair, I am very confused as to whether my colouring is warm or cool. Any thoughts on a hairstyle would be appreciated too. Thanks so much! — Chasidy

A: Chasidy, with those big blue eyes, you have carte blanche with your choices of colours that you can sport.

I often recommend doing a few colour processes to get to the final product. This is the way you can add so many layers of colour that the depth will be so pretty.

It can be expensive to do this all at once, but approach your colourist and see if you can work something out. For instance, spread it out over a week or two, so you don't take up too much of their time for each process. Offer to dry your own hair and make yourself available; the colourist may have a slow period in the week. It is in their best interest to have such stunning work out there…

For you with your tan, I would suggest this mélange of tones for the summer months:

It looks like your natural colour is her base, and then there is a warm medium brown which in turn needs caramel highlights. To finish it off, a splash of light gold would be a great addition to this masterpiece.

Remember, when you change your hair colour, you must use a new palette for makeup as well. I think this is a perfect new look for you, including the movement in the hair.

If by chance you would like to try a new shape, this may be the way to go. This soft, non-committal bang with the new colour would look super-fresh:

Here we have an example of your dark colour with some soft, warm tones to go with your tan.

A centre part would be best to frame your face symmetrically with some long, jaw-length layers. 

It is important with this dramatic tone to not lose your face in it. Please take note of the new makeup shades to go with the new hair colour shades.


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