15 Best Lord Ganesh Tattoo Designs with Meanings

Ganesh, also known as Ganapati or Vinayaka is a widely worshipped idol belonging to the Hindu religion. He was the son of Shiv and Parvathi and is known for his elephant head in the Hindu mythology. He is given immense honor at Hindu rituals and ceremonies and people have continued to worship him for hundreds and hundreds of years. He holds a very significant position in the Hindu family of Gods and many festivals such as Ganesh Chaturthi have been organized to give him glory.

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Regardless of whether one follows Hinduism or not, a tattoo of Shri Ganesh on their back or arms will define their personality and bring them good luck. Some of the best Ganesh tattoo ideas have been enlisted in the following paragraphs.

15 Best Lord Ganesh Tattoo Designs:

Ganesh tattoos are modern, inspiring, different yet very religious in outlook and impart a way of life in today’s age.

1. Simple Lord Ganesh Tattoo On Arm:

A colorful Lord Ganesha tattoo looks illustrious and vibrant. The different ornaments make it look rich and attractive. The attire adds to the beauty of the tattoo and manages to capture of the identity of this deity. Lord Ganesha is also revered as the destroyer of pride, selfishness and vanity. The simple Lord Ganesh tattoo looks grand and majestic just like the Lord himself. Life is full of difficulties and hindrances but those who succeed, do so with sheer will power and the Ganesha tattoo is a significance of the same. A simple Ganesh tattoo is the personification of all the material universe in all its various manifestations.

2. Full Body Ganesha Tattoo:

Some of the best Ganesh tattoo designs seen till date are the full body ones. They cover your back from head to foot and give you a very different and unique look. A variety of colors and patterns can also be used to complement the tattoo. In this particular tattoo, Lord Ganesha is seen with two arms. There can be many different designs for full body Ganesha tattoo but the one thing that stays constant is the sense of reverence that is portrayed in the tattoos which shows Ganesha wearing a wealth of gold ornaments and jewels which symbolizes both opulence and reverence.

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3. Golden Ganesh Tattoo Design:

Lord Ganesha has always been associated with gold, wealth and most importantly; a sumptuous bowl of rich yellow laddoos. The fragrant garland around his neck and the different objects define his identity and his image. Therefore a Ganesh Tattoo that has been carved in golden color along with all the distinct features that he possesses will really give you an innovative look.

4. Small Symbolic Ganesh Tattoo:


Symbolic Ganesha tattoos are simple yet very creative in looks. These tattoos give out a strong message showing the strength and power of Lord Ganesha. The tattoo design is very minimalistic and Ganesha is just symbolized using the outlines in black color.

5. Tribal Ganesha Tattoo:


This is quite unique and different type of Ganesh tattoo, using tribal images, writings and designs. The tribal tattoo designs are mostly solid black in color. Tribal tattoos are close to modern art designs. In this Tribal Ganesha Tattoo designs, the image of Ganesha is incorporated in a modern way.

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6. Om Ganesh Tattoo Designs:

Om is a very powerful and holy word for the Hindus and is used while trying to connect with God. A Ganesh tattoo with Om written on it will bring a lot of meaning and fortune to one’s life. It is one of the best Ganesh tattoos seen so far. This Om Ganesha design is very unique in itself which combines the divine power of Om and Lord Ganesha in a tattoo. The flow of the tattoo is such that Ganesha and the symbol Om are beautifully combined into one. The Ganesha tattoo is simple yet very elegant and unique.

7. Abstract Ganesha Tattoo:


Abstract Ganesh Tattoos are very popular as they are small and unique in designs. These can be tattooed at any part of the body, as in wrist, neck,fingers, forearm etc. The tattoos are simply outlined to represent Ganesha as in the face with trunk or just trunk with eyes,etc. The tattoo symbolizes the Lord in his form to give inner strength.

8. Ganesh Sitting On A Lotus Tattoo Design:

Lord Ganesha is known to sit on a lotus. It seems to be his grand chariot. A tattoo of Lord Ganesha sitting peacefully on his lotus with his hands extended in two opposite directions, one holding a lotus and the other an axe will look stupendous and extremely creative.

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9. Leaf Ganesha Tattoo On Leg:

The leaf Ganesha tattoo looks very different as compared to other Ganesh tattoos. It portrays the picture of this deity in the form of green leaves with his eyes and eyebrows drawn in a very artistic manner. They are ideal, exotic and an exquisite way to describe his beauty.

10. Musical Ganesha Tattoo:


Musical Ganesha Tattoo symbolizes Lord Ganesha enjoying music. In this particular design, Lord Ganesha is seen enjoying playing a flute, a wind instrument, with closed eyes stating the immense joy received while listening to soulful music. The tattoo also gets once close to music and the importance of it in today’s life.

11. Dancing Sleeve Ganesha Tattoos:

Lord Ganesha stands as a very powerful image in the Hindu mythology. Placing a wonderful tattoo in order to pay respect and honor to this deity will hold special significance and also give meaning to your body art. A dancing Ganesha tattoo wills not just an element of creativity but also stand as a symbol of devotion.

12. Black And White Ganesh Tattoo On Shoulder:

A black and white Ganesha tattoo is ensured to give your body art an outstanding look. It will symbolize power, devotion and peace and also stand as an emblem for good luck. A black and white Ganesh tattoo is not only auspicious but also very enchanting to look at.

13. Face Ganesha Tattoo:


Face Ganesha Tattoos are extremely popular. Only the radiant and majestic face of Lord Ganesha is tattooed. The Face Ganesh Tattoos symbolizes power, positivity and lot of strength to overcome all the obstacles in our life. The tattoo signifies and fills lives with peace, prosperity and lots of good luck.

14. Blue Ganesha Full Sleeve Tattoo:

One of the modern Ganesha tattoos seen today is the Blue Ganesh Tattoo. It is inked in blue color and looks spectacular on the person wearing it.

15. Bal (Ganesha In Child Form) Ganesh Tattoo:


Bal Ganesha tattoos depict the Lord in his childhood form. The Bal Ganesha tattoo symbolizes his childlike innocence and the pure bliss of his appearance. As Ganesha had to go through many conquests over evil from the very beginning, the childhood form tattoo gives us a glimpse into the formative years of this omnipotent deity.

Ganesh tattoos are extremely popular nowadays. The importance of his life and his supreme omnipresent power and the effect in human lives greatly can be signified in the form of Ganesha tattoos. Each and every body part of Lord Ganesha symbolizes something which inspires us. The power, strength and positivity that can be gained is immense with Lord Ganesh tattoos. The portrayal of Lord Ganesha in the form of a tattoo is a blend of human and animal parts. These tattoos illustrate some philosophical perception of deep spiritual importance which has a great role in worshiping Lord Ganesha.

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