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Taurus tattoos are the inspiration for many people born under the influence of this zodiac sign. Taurus, the second sign of the zodiac is represented by the bull, slow to anger yet deadly when provoked which is very characteristic of a Taureans personality. Taurus tattoos are commonly depicted by the bull, the Taurus glyph or a combination of both.

Men usually sport the image of the bull which is often associated with masculinity while women prefer the subtlety of the glyph or a lettered tattoo done in fancy font. Bull tattoos come in an array of designs and colors with brown and black being the predominant shades. Bull tattoos have their own symbolic meaning which is characteristic of the traits and personality of the person born under the Taurus sun sign.

The accompanying Taurus tattoo designs  which are outlined below are a portion of the diverse parts of these tattoos that are ordinarily seen on the body of the individuals who need to brandish their forceful sign on their body.

taurus tattoo designs

Best Taurus Tattoo Designs:

Below are the 15 best Taurus tattoo designs for men and women as follows.

1. Raging Taurus Tattoo Design:

Raging Bull Tattoo

The bull is a violent creature, fearless in nature and its strength knows no bounds. All these qualities are manifested in this tattoo artistically done in shades of black and brown. This tattoo is a pure depiction of masculinity and strength. It is one of the best raging Taurus tattoo designs for men.

2. Taurus Tattoo Designs:

Bull Tattoo

Bulls are widely known to be short-tempered creatures associated with the color red and bull tattoos quite often express this association through the color of blood, as is prominently depicted in this tattoo.

3. Taurus Glyph Tattoo:

Taurus Glyph Tattoo

The horns of the bull are the most powerful and attractive feature of its body and the Taurus glyph in this tattoo is so designed so as to depict the horns in a most distinct manner. It is a neat piece of artwork and sits well with women belonging to this sun sign.

4. Outline Of Bull’s Head With Glyph Tattoo:

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Outline of Bulls Head with Glyph Tattoo

This tattoo is an artistic impression of the bull’s head outlined in bold black with the glyph prominently done in red. It has the look of a tribal tattoo and is a design suited for both men and women.

5. Calm Taurus Tattoo:

Calm Bull Tattoo

Bull tattoos normally depicted in a raging and aggressive manner are also portrayed by a calm appearance. A Taurean while known for their aggressive qualities like jealousy, possessiveness and relentlessness also have a soft side to them. They are warm, sincere and loyal in friendship. This tattoo done in beautiful shading of brown and black seems to bring about these qualities through the portrayal of the bull in gentle repose.

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6. Charging Bull Taurus Tattoo:

Charging Bull Tattoo

A typical rendition of the bull with its head down, horns pointed and heels kicking getting ready to charge and cause havoc, the charging bull tattoo is a popular choice among most Taurus men. It is an embodiment of power and strength that encompasses masculinity in its complete sense. It is one of the popular bull taurus tattoo designs for men.

7. Celtic Taurus Tattoo:

Celtic Taurus Tattoo

Bulls have been very important in the Celtic culture throughout the years. They were a symbol of strength and even fertility. It is no wonder that Celtic Taurus tattoos are popular amongst people whose ancestors belonged to this culture. Seen here is a tattoo that is a common representation of a bull’s head with horns worn on the chest as an ornamental piece of art. It looks showy on women and even looks good on men.

8. Bull Skull Taurus Tattoo:

Bull Skull Tattoo

Bull skull tattoos can be designed in many different styles and patterns and are more commonly worn by men. It has its popularity among westerners of the United States, Native Americans and even Mexicans, to each its own meaning. Designed with the sheer skeleton of the face and horns, this bull skull tattoo could be symbolic of death and destruction. Given the extensive size of the design, the bull skull tattoo makes for a great back or chest piece.

9. Ambigram Taurus Tattoo:

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Ambigram Taurus Tattoo

Ambigrams are highly popular in the tattoo world. Reading the same upwards and downwards, they look enigmatic and are a rather creative way of getting your body inked. Getting the Taurus zodiac sign worded in ambigram style would be a unique choice for Taurean tattoo lovers.

10. Venus Associated Taurus Tattoo:


According to mythological scripts, the ruler of the planet Taurus is the planet Venus. Hence the correlation of both the planets is completely natural. While a solitary picture of a delineation of Venus may not qualify as a Taurus bull  tattoo, it is all the more ordinarily found in conjunction with a bull or simply the Taurus zodiac sign. In any case, the relationship with Venus is an indication toward  as a Taurus tattoo. This is one of the good taurus tattoo designs for women.

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11. Taurus Tribal Tattoo:


Most tribal tattoos have some sort of connection to a Taurus plan. . This sort of  Taurus tribal tattoo outline is truly straightforward . Still, there are various varieties of the bull’s head, from shading, situating, size and different increases, for example, words or changes. Since Taurus is an image of determination and security, the vast majority of the bull’s heads you will see are high contrast, in spite of the fact that you can likewise go for a solitary prevailing shading to speak to a specific feeling.

12. Taurus Zodiac Sign Tattoo:


In case you’re enthusiastic about astrology, then this one of the most straightforward  Taurus symbol tattoo of the zodiac signs to create, only a circle with a couple of bends to speak to the horns and a head. For somebody who might likewise simply like a little tattoo that won’t draw a lot of consideration, again this is the ideal decision. The significance doesn’t change whether it’s huge or little, it’s to a greater extent an individual articulation, and this has made the Taurus zodiac sign extremely basic.

13. Bull Horns Taurus Tattoo:


In any Taurus tattoo, the horns are the most essential part, in this manner, you can simply stick a couple of horns to another totally irrelevant picture to make it naturally a Taurus tattoo. A self-picture, for instance, can have a couple of horns added to make it a Taurus tattoo. Whatever the picture is that has horns added to it, that brands the delineation with every one of the characteristics of the Taurus bull, envy, tirelessness, outrage, energy, and many more.

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14. 3D Taurus Tattoo Design:


A standout amongst the most widely recognized elucidations of the zodiac Taurus tattoo is the 3d Taurus tattoo . This includes a craftsman really taking the picture of the bull in its full magnificence and making an interpretation of it to the body. Ordinarily, this kind of tattoo will have subtle elements that just about push the limits amongst toon and practical. The  3D Taurus tattoo is what resembles a photo has been taken specifically from the bull and exchanged onto the skin.

15. Colorful Taurus Tattoo Designs:


In spite of the fact that it is regular to see Taurus tattoos in an easier configuration, don’t imagine that that is the main ones that you will run over. In actuality, it is frequently the more sensible delineations that have a more profound shading palette and more space that considers included hues and tones. On account of the enthusiasm and hostility that is connected with the bull, hues that are utilized frequently incorporate reds and blacks, and also yellow in the eyes as an approach to highlight this persona and one of a kind element. Eventually, however, it is your tattoo and you can do as you wish… in the wake of conversing with your craftsman obviously!

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Taurus tattoos are amazingly mainstream in what they delineate and the feelings that they summon. Set apart by the picture of a bull, Taurus tattoos are wonderful and staggering furthermore fun and imaginative, contingent upon the stylish need of the customer. The accompanying are a portion of the diverse parts of these tattoos that are usually seen on the body of the individuals who need to wear their forceful sign on their body.

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