9 Latest & Traditional Nepali Mangalsutra Designs

Nepali culture is very similar to the Indian one. This extends to the marriage and wedding attires that brides and married women wear. The mangalsutra is very important in terms of married women as they should wear them on a daily basis.

Beautiful and Stylish Nepali Mangalsutra Designs for Womens in Trend:

Let have to look at the top 9 nepali mangalsutra designs.

1. Gold Nepali Mangalsutra:

nepali mangalsutra designs

This gorgeous piece of jewelry is what the married women of Nepal love to wear. It is a heavy piece that is made with pure gold. The intricate detailing of the pendant in gold is very attractive. The gold strands that fall from the pendant are perfect to make the mangalsutra stand apart.

2. Red Beads Mangalsutra:

Red beads mangalsutra

One of the stunning pieces of jewelry for married women in Nepal is this red beads mangalsutra that is worn long. The eye catching red beads are very auspicious and the gold inserts are intricately crafted. The pendant is also made in gold and it has some of the traditional designs on it.

3. Tilhari Mangalsutra:

Tilhari mangalsutra

This is a traditional mangalsutra that is made fanciful and perfect for the younger generation. The Tilhari mangalsutra is made of rows of red beads that are twisted to form a thick chain. The central pendant is a very common design that is a scalloped edged pendant. The colors used in the gold pendant are with the use of gem stones like coral and emerald.

4. Green Tilhari Mangalsutra:

Green Tilhari mangalsutra

Apart from the traditional red beads that are used to make a mangalsutra, is this green beads Tilhari. The beads are strewn over threads in rows and then the bundle is joined together and twisted to form the thick mangalsutra. The pendant in this case is made only with gold beads. The gold beads are intricately carved with designs.

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5. Garnet Mangalsutra:

Garnet mangalsutra

This particular mangalsutra that is worn by Nepali women has a traditional black beads and gold settings. The difference is the pendant that is made with gold. The gold plate is set with garnet stones that are circular in shape. It forms a flower pattern with five more garnet stones on either end in a line.

6. Jantar Mala Mangalsutra:

Jantar Mala mangalsutra

Nepali mangalsutra designs have this awesome piece of jewelry that is usually worn on weddings. This stunning masterpiece is perfect for the bride and is made with the auspicious red color beads that are joined together with gold beads in between. The stunning pendant is eye catching and the square shape of the pendant is very traditional.

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7. Several Stones Mangalsutra:

Several stones mangalsutra

The traditional gold Nepali mangalsutra designs can be used in several different ways. The gold pendant at the centre is very crucial and the intricate design in it is very important. This particular mangalsutra is made with several colored stones like beads joined together to form the main chain. The colorful chain adds a lot of character to this mangalsutra.

8. Fusion Mangalsutra:

Fusion mangalsutra

The Nepali culture has taken a big leap in terms of intermingling of its people with other cultures and countries. This fusion mangalsutra is proof of this cultural mix. The mangalsutra has the traditional Nepali style in the design of the pendant but the beads used here are not the traditional red or green. The pendant has delicate diamonds encrusted in it.

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9. Thushi Mangalsutra:

Thushi mangalsutra

This stunning mangalsutra is perfect for the Nepali married woman. The black beads are suitable for all and the pendant is a typical Nepali design. The pendant is joined to the black bead chain by a string of tiny pearl and gold beads. The pendant has a beautiful purple gemstone in the center. The seven pointed ends of the pendant are very symbolic.

This list of Nepali mangalsutras has options for the just married women and also ones to be worn on special occasions. The fusion mangalsutra is also one of the latest designs available.