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The tiger is a ferocious and fearless animal. It has great power and authority and stands as a representation of royalty, passion, strength and arrogance. They play a very important role in different cultures especially India, China and Japan. They are majestic and gorgeous creatures and make great ideas for tattoo designs. They have been worn by several people and their popularity seems to be increasing from time to time. Out of the entire gallery of tiger tattoos, we have selected some of the best designs just for you so that you can pick the right one for yourself. Go with the roaring tiger tattoo which will make you look angry showing that people are ready to face any kind of challenge. There are the most beautiful tiger tattoo images as shown below.

tiger tattoo designs

 Best Tiger Tattoo Designs And Meanings With Images:

Here are our top 15 tiger tattoo designs and meanings with images a follows.

1. Tiger Tattoo Designs For Men:


Tiger tattoo designs for Men can be tattooed in various possible ways and to get a best one, try to hire an artist who could customize your design as per your requirement. Having a tiger face tattoo will make others talk and discuss your tattoo design that most suits you. The other way to get the tiger tattoos designed yourself with more imagination and creativity. You can even customize the valuable designers with more colors and styles. you can also make the design more memorable for yourself through the creation of another ink of your style or write something onto it.

2. Tiger Tattoos With Flowers:


Tiger tattoo designs for men is available in a variety of designs and patterns as these tattoos can be done adding any images like flowers, weapons. Though there are plenty of designs available, choosing the tiger face tattoo designed with rose flowers will be very pleasing and eye catchy. Roses are the best flowers that are liked by most of the people and having that flower will add extra beauty to it.

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3. Roaring Tiger Tattoo On Back Shoulders:


There are many options for a tattoo design but, always Roaring Tiger Tattoo on back shoulders will definitely be the best one, you can choose a design which has the symbol of strength, courage, and perseverance. The main thing you should keep in mind while choosing the tiger tattoo is that, it must be unique and original piece of true and stylish artwork.

4. Realistic Tiger Eyes Tattoos:


As a king of Beasts and Jungle, Tiger is the animal liked by most percent of people especially by men rather than women. Men prefer to get tattooed with the tiger eyes tattoo as this tattoo will show them more brave and courage. Men having this tattoo will more likely be looking good and unique from others. You can explore numerous tiger eyes tattoo visiting the online sites.

5. Family Tiger Tattoo Designs:

Family Tiger Tattoo

According to Chinese culture, the tiger is the king of all animals. They are known to be the protector of the dead and often stand as a representation of unstoppable energy. A tiger tattoo which portrays the image of an entire family of tigers relaxing under the sun on a balmy afternoon is guaranteed to look beautiful on you and also signify its nature. It is one of the best tiger tattoo images.

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6. Tiger In The Jungle Tattoo:

Tiger in the Jungle Tattoo

The only place we can find tigers in abundance is the zoo. A tattoo that shows the image of a tiger looking between the long grasses of the jungle gives will give you an exciting and stunning look. A gorgeous looking flower placed underneath it will add to its attractiveness.

7. Majestic Tiger Tattoo Designs:

Majestic Tiger Tattoo

A tiger’s expression is truly majestic and outstanding. A tattoo that portrays the image of a tiger hiding among some bamboo trees while waiting for an opportunity to pounce on its prey looks secretive, clever, powerful and undeniably stunning.

8. Arm Tiger Tattoo Designs:

Arm Tiger Tattoo

A great location for your tiger tattoo on arm. The image of a tiger breaking out of your skin, with its paws and claws sticking out looks beautiful on you. This is a very innovative and creative idea for tiger tattoo designs. Go with the roaring tiger tattoo which will make you look angry showing that people are ready to face any kind of challenge.

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9. White Tiger Tattoo Designs:

White Tiger Tattoo

According to many cultures, a tiger possesses the supernatural quality of warding off evil spirits. They think tigers are a representation of strength of character and wrath. A white tiger tattoo which shows the image of a white tiger sitting among the tufts and long grasses on a quiet night is guaranteed to look amazing on you.

10. Black Tiger Tattoo Designs:


From ancient mythology, Tiger is a popular animal and it has been a folklore in many of the countries. Tiger tattoo designs for men is available in plenty of designs where you can get numerous variety of designs either through an online site or through the various tattoo experts. Choosing the tattoo style is very important as it will lead to the good result. Getting a black color tribal tiger tattoo will be really unique and different.

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11. Face of The Tiger Tattoo Designs:

Face of the Tiger Tattoo

Ever, tiger tattoos are the best idea and it is more liked by men than the woman. One of the best ideas for a tattoo is the face of the tiger. It looks majestic, beautiful and brings out the arrogant and passionate nature of the tiger through its marvelous expression. This is a great idea for tiger tattoos.

12. Asian Style Tiger Tattoo Designs:

Asian Style Tiger Tattoo

People who desire to get a tiger tattoo in the Indian subcontinent should really try out the Asian style tiger tattoo as this will bring out the majestic and ferocious nature of the tigers. Having Asian tattoo will be very stylish giving a terror full look which will make you ready to face any sort of problems.

13. Blue Color Tiger Tattoo On Women Back:


In general, tiger will live in a variety of places from tropical and evergreen forests to even a rocky country. While opting to get a tiger pics for tattoos, be sure to select the natural one that has a scenario with falls and rivers. When you choose this kind of tattoo, go with blue color as this will attract a huge audience over the other designs.

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14. Baby Tiger Tattoo Designs:

Baby Tiger Tattoo

Some people would like to give their tiger tattoo a cute and childish look. The best tattoo design for them is the baby tiger tattoos. This design looks adorable as it captures the innocence of a young tigers face. Its blue eyes and posture will also add to its cuteness.

15. Growling Tiger Tattoo Designs:

Growling Tiger Tattoo

The tiger is known for its prowess and immense potential. They can climb trees, swim across rivers and give their enemies a really difficult time. It looks the best when its growls as its high and mighty voice resounds in the entire jungle. A tiger tattoo which shows the image of a tiger growling in all its force with its deadly nails sticking out of its paws will really give you a bold and courageous appearance.

Have you ever had a tattoo before and not yet? Then this article is for you. Are you searching for the best tattoo? Well, you must look for a tiger tribal tattoo design that makes you look so cool and attractive. In general, every man like to have a tiger tattoo meaning which makes them look stronger which will be liked by other people as it offers the look of love and admires. If you are in need of a the coolest design, then you should search through the online sites which will lend you thousands of designs which will not be found repeatedly. With the help of tattooing techniques available today, it is possible to have possible any type of design which you have the desire for.

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