9 Beautiful Designs of Rose Gold Rings for Special Occasions

Rose gold is also termed as pink gold which appears very fantastic and get intensified as its starts aging. Initially people used to wear gold rings if you want to wear different which has a touch of modernity, than rose gold rings stands as a perfect choice without any hitch. This type of gold ring is crafted in which coloured copper alloys content is increased where as silver colour alloy is decreased.

The rose gold rings gives you a feel of elegance. The rings gained popularity in recent year because of it fabulous appearance and gorgeous style and now wedding as well as engagement, promise rings are made and worn on these special days.

Special Designed Rings in Rose Gold:

So let’s have a look at top 9 designs of rose gold rings for engagement and weddings.

1. Designer Rose Gold Rings with Sapphire:

rose gold rings

This type of rose gold ring appears very charming and certainly very eye catchy ones also with its crown designs where in red stone in the centre and the blue sapphire adding more glorious look to it. The design of the ring is a perfect mix of modern as well as of vintage.

2. Simple Rose Gold Heart Rings:

Simple Rose Gold Heart Rings

This type of simple rings appears are timeless and classic to wear. The ring is crafted in 14 k rose gold with cute stylish small hearts studded at both the open ends giving it a stylish look. This type of ring can be worn on daily basis and a good office wear also.

3. Rose Gold Promise Ring:

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Rose Gold Promise Rings

A promise ring is a one where two people set for a commitment and that ring is a sign of it. The rose gold ring stands exclusive with three diamonds studded at a row and small cut diamonds at sides of the ring giving it a heavenly look.

4. White and Pink Cross Over Wedding Ring:

White and Pink Cross Over Wedding Ring

The oodles and remarkable colour combination of white and pink gold rings stands as a perfect wedding ring. The big sparkling white diamond studded in the centre with small cut diamonds embossed as the sides in cross over style giving it a brilliant and pretty wedding ring.

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5. Rose Gold White and Pink Diamonds Engagement Rings:

Rose Gold White and Pink Diamonds Engagement Rings

What could be more precious than diamonds on one’s engagement and moreover if crafted on rose gold. On top of the ring big lustrous and dazzling white diamond is embossed with small pink diamonds embedded on the sides of the ring with small cut diamonds making it look a marvellous and passionate engagement ring.

6. Unique Rose Gold Rings for Men:

Unique Rose Gold Rings for Men

This type of flat ring crafted in white as well as rose gold appears marvellous and very appealing when worn by young boys or men. The rose gold in crafted in a special pattern in the middle of the ring, giving it a exclusive look then worn to any occasions or parties.

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7. Antique Rose Gold Band Ring for Women:

Antique Rose Gold Band Ring for Women

This type of antique rose gold band rings looks superb on a woman and gives her a minimalistic looks. As the ring is pretty broad in shape it covers the fingers and the precious diamonds studded all over the ring make it appear royal and classy when worn.

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8. Wrap Style Leaf Shaped Trip Rose Gold Ring:

Wrap Style Leaf Shaped Trip Rose Gold Ring

The wrap style rose gold ring has three layers and has small cute leave s crafted on it. On the rings small two diamonds are crowned of giving in elegant look and has a appealing look when worn long fingers.

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9. Mens Rose Gold Ring with Diamonds:

Rose Gold Rings for Men In Diamonds

As men’s also adore wearing stylish and fashionable looking rings, so this type of rose gold rings with small diamonds embossed in a particular style give the ring a unique and smart look when worn by men’s.

The rose gold ring is a perfect choice for anyone to wear and it can be worn to any occasion as well. The ring can be teamed up with traditional as well as western outfit thus giving you an extra ordinary looks. The ring contains similar quantity of gold as mentioned but is pinkish in colour and is found in both 14k as well 18k also. So you can choose the ring according to your choice and get those astonishing looks.

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