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Milky face wash is a formula for the people who have a little dry skin to moisturize the skin, as it makes the skin smooth and prevents the breakouts it also contains some oil. All these milk face wash creams or gels makes your skin smooth as they have milk content in them, which also forms the foaming cleanser, and unclogs the pores and cleans the skin.

Homemade Recipe of Milk Face Wash:

Milk face wash is a great formula to cleanse your face and make it smooth, there are a lot of recipes through which milk face wash can be made, you will be needing milk, honey and lemon if you want to add as per your choice. Milk has lactic acid in it, which eats away the dead cells making the skin smooth and healthy. You can mix milk with honey and sulphate adds some more ingredients so that it does not go bad.

How to Apply:

You can apply this face wash once in a day to make your skin smooth, this can be applied to reduce the sunburn because it hydrates the skin and milk do not have any side effect, and it helps to reduce the pigmentation. To apply just wet your skin with water then apply the face wash massage it for like 2 min gently then wash it off with water. Then pat your face with a dry towel.

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As milk itself is a source of lactic acid it eats away the dry skin, it controls the pigmentation on your face. When some honey is added to the face wash it helps to clean the dirt, and it is antibacterial. This milk face wash is really helpful for dry skin, but not really for oily skin.

Best Milk Face Wash Products In India:

Here are some top 9 milk face wash products,

1. Oriflame Milk and Honey Face Wash:

Oriflame Milk and Honey Face Wash

The milk and honey face wash is a natural formula by the company Oriflame this milk face wash has some honey in it, which is antibacterial and washes off the dry skin and making it smooth and glowing.

Use: you can use this face wash once in a day to make your skin smooth. You just have to wash your face with this face wash normally once in a day, and you can see the results.

Price: 300 INR for 100gm

2. The Body Shop Milk and Almond Face Wash:

The Body Shop Milk and Almond Face Wash

The almond milk face wash is a great formula by the company the body shop they have these soap bar in the face of face wash, this almond face wash has a twin benefit as almond makes the skin soft when mixed with this milk it also makes the skin bright and complexion fair.

Use: you can use it once or twice a day it will not make your skin oily because it has almonds in them so it balances the content.

Price: 1000 INR for a bar 100g

3. Nestle Powdered Milk:

Nestle Powdered Milk

Nestle powdered milk is a formula for washing your face with powdered milk as it contains some magnesium and calcium zinc and potassium. This is something different from the face wash as it is in the shape of powder and it has some foam in it to make your skin glow because of its powder thing.

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Use: you can use it once on a day because it is powder so it will leave a long-lasting effect. All you need to do is wet your face take some powder in your hand and rub on your face for like 2 min and wash it off.

Price: 500 INR for 100gm

4. A Herb Milk Honey Face Wash:

A Herb Milk Honey Face Wash

This milk honey face wash is a formula through which the skin becomes quite dry as it has honey in it, which makes the skin soft but it is antibacterial which washes away the dead skin making it a little dry. This can be used by oily skin also as it does has a good effect making skin glow as well.

Use: it can be used once in two days for normal skin but oily skin people can use it once in every day.

Price: 200 INR for 100gm

5. Whitening Milk Face Wash:

Whitening Milk Face Wash

Milk itself has an effect on your skin that makes it glow this milk face wash has milk extract in it making it even more intense, this milk extract face wash has some good effects it has a ph balance which makes skin moisturize more.

Use: can use it normally once in a day. Just wet your face and apply it and wash it off.

Price: 75 INR for 100ml

6. Coconut Milk Face Wash:

Coconut Milk Face Wash

Coconut is really good for skin and it this coconut milk face wash helps to make your skin glow and keep it hydrated, because of this the acne also reduces, a lot of people are washing face with milk for acne, so this coconut face wash has a twin benefit as it has a mix of coconut and milk which reduces the acne and red marks on face.

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Use: you can use it once on a day like a normal face wash to make your skin hydrated.

Price:200 INR for 100 ml

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7. Sephora Cleansing Milk Face Wash:

Sephora Cleansing Milk Face Wash

The Sephora cleansing milk face wash is a high-quality product by Sephora that helps in cleansing your face helps to get the dirt away from your face making it smooth and skin shiny. It contains the macadamia oil that helps nourish the skin making it healthy.

Use: it can be used once in two or three days because it has some oil in it so the moisture will stay for a long period.

Price: 1000 INR for 100 ml

8. Clariss Milk Face Wash:

Clariss Milk Face Wash

The Clariss milk face wash has a lot of benefits as it provides 10x more healthy and glowing skin. There are lots of benefits of washing face with milk and this face wash which has even more amount of milk extract helps the skin to glow and moisturize even more.

Use: It can be used once in two days because it has more amount of milk in it, so it will make your skin a little oilier if used more.

Price: 500 INR for 100 ml

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9. Garnier Milk Face Wash:

Garnier Milk Face Wash

The Garnier milky face wash is a formula which has rose water in it, so it makes your skin healthy and glowing and washing away the dirt. Rosewater makes skin glow and keeping it fresh.

Use: Can use it once on a day to make your skin healthy and glowing.

Price: 500 INR for 100 ml

All these milk face washes are really good for skin as they make it healthy and strong. These can be used by dry skin people especially the milk powder face wash, it helps to wash away the dry skin and dead cells fall away. These are normal for all skin types. But oily skin is not preferred to use milk face wash because it provides moisture and extra moisture provided makes skin more oilier.

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