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Barley is a type of cereal that belongs to the grass family. It has a nutty flavour and is packed with huge quantities of nutrients and minerals. Barley water can be prepared by boiling the barley, straining it and then draining the clear water over a rind. This is a very popular drink all over Britain and is the official thirst quencher for the Wimbledon Championship.

barley water during pregnancy

Barley water is not that risky traditional soft drink, but is enriched with several beneficial aspects. It acts as a natural medicine for several diseases and prevents the occurrence of many others. With 100 % natural ingredients, this drink is safe for almost anyone. There are many conflicting views regarding the intake of both barley and barley water during pregnancy. To know whether consuming barley or drinking barley water during pregnancy is safe, let us look down at the following points in detail:

Benefits of Barley During Pregnancy:

  • Barley is rich in minerals like calcium, iron, magnesium and potassium. These nutrients ensure a healthy body for the expecting mother. Its diuretic property triggers urination rate. So, this way, you can get rid of the excess fluids from your body.
  • Presence of fibres in barley helps in regulating bowel movements and in preventing constipation plus hemorrhoids. However, it may also add to the gastrointestinal issues during pregnancy.

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  • Niacin in this cereal aid in maintaining a smooth digestive system in pregnant women. It is also a coagulating agent which is very useful during caesarean or normal delivery of the baby.
  • This grain also regulates your blood sugar levels and prevents the occurrence of gestational diabetes.
  • Folate in barley prevents the foetus from being infected by certain types of prenatal diseases, such as spina bifida.
  • Regular intake of barley water reduces the affects of morning sickness and nausea. It also prevents the severity of stomach cramps and irritations. The copper in barley ensures that your joints, bones and blood vessels are flexible
  • It is also believed that barley lessens the stomach inflammation during pregnancy.
  • This cereal promotes cell growth and repair. This is very important to hold the growing infant in your womb.

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  • Barley is also beneficial for the production and secretion of breast milk
  • Barley water also lowers your cholesterol levels. So chances of cardio vascular disorders in pregnant mothers are considerably reduced.
  • It aids in flushing out excess toxins from the body and hence prevents the occurrence of gastric swellings or disorders.
  • Moreover, as per research, unregulated amounts of caffeine are not good for an expecting mother. But it is highly recommended to take barley tea during pregnancy, because of its minimum concentration of caffeine content.

Risks of Barley Water during Pregnancy:

  • You should avoid barley if you are allergic to it. Intake of this cereal can lead to development of rash and itching in pregnant women.
  • Sprouted barley can at times lead to miscarriage or birth defects
  • Barley contaminated with yeast or fungus might cause bone related disorders, like Kashin Beck disease

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In a nutshell, barley water for pregnant ladies or barley cereals can be considered for an intake. The abundance of nutrients and benefits will guarantee you a healthy pregnancy However; you must ensure that the barley you buy is authentic and fresh. Also, take the advice of your doctor if you are allergic to some families of grains. It is therefore necessary you weigh the pros and cons before arriving at a decision.