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Different Hair texture need different regime and care. Out of all hair textures, Curly hair is always difficult to maintain. Curly hair tends to be coarse, dry and brittle which tangles easily leading to breakage. Frizzy is also one of the hair problems that Curly haired women suffer, sometimes extreme frizz in cold weathers.

How to Care For Your Curly Hair

Curly Hair Care For Women:

Here are few suggestions for how to care for your curly hair naturally. A little extra care and some don’t will definitely help you with managing the wild curls.

1. Scalp Cleansing and Conditioning:

How many times a week do you Shampoo? What is your scalp and hair type? It is crucial to consider the type before rushing and ending up with dry scalp and extremely frizzy hair. Choose Shampoo according to your scalp type and Conditioner according to your hair type. Conditioners made for curly hair that has moisture locking technology which controls frizz.

choose Organic shampoos

If your scalp is dry, you can skip Shampoo and reach for Conditioning. If your scalp is oily, you can add baking soda to your shampoo to clean off excess oil from your scalp. And then Condition as usual. It will be better to condition every alternate day and tame your precious curls.

2. Use A Wide Tooth Comb and Leave in Conditioner for Frizz Free Hair:

combing sclap

After Cleansing and Conditioning comes the later part, taming the curls gently. Apply generous amount of Anti-frizz or DE-tangling serum on your lower part of your hair. Using a Wide tooth Comb to detangle hair, Don’t force and detangle gently or you might end up losing strands. And style as usual.

3. Deep Conditioning Every Week Can Be Your Savior:

Deep Conditioning every week

Curly hair are very brittle and dryness is one of the cause. So Deep conditioning will add liveliness and shine to dull curly hair. There are plenty of Deep Conditioning treatments available in the market. Another way is opting for Hot-Oil treatment, which increases blood circulation and also adds life to tresses.

4. How To Do Hot-Oil Treatment:

Warm up a cup of Olive oil or Almond oil, anything according to your need. Massage the oil on to your scalp, wear a shower cap and let the oil seep into scalp.

hot oil massage hair

After 30 minutes or an hour, Wrap a Hot Towel around your head. This will ensure your scalp gets all the nourishment of the oil. And it also increases the blood circulation. Shampoo and Condition as usual.

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5. Use Satin Pillow Cover for Less Friction and Tangling:

Satin Pillow cover for less friction and tangling

Ditch your regular cotton pillow cover and let your pillow embrace the satiny finesse. Sleeping with a satin cover under your head will cause less friction between your tresses. And that will eventually lead to less tangling of hair. So you can simple wake up and add serum to your hair and style.

6. Avoid Heat Stylers and Blow drying as Much as Possible:

Avoid Heat Stylers and Blow drying

Heat Styling can strip out the natural oils from hair and also the externally applied nourishment will be lost. If you have to Blow dry, use low heat settings to avoid damage to your hair. And it is best to use Heat Protectant Sprays and Products before styling curly hair with heat.

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7. Never Tie Your Hair tightly:

Never Tie Hair tightly

This is one piece of advice, nobody will ever give you. Never go for High pony tails or tie your hair too tightly. Curls don’t carry much weight and have brittle roots. Tying hair tightly can lead to hair fall and even temporary forehead badness, the root from where the hair are pulled back.

  • Apart from these, One should regularly go in for Head massages which will ensure better blood circulation and hair growth. Curly hair have most notorious hair growth, very tricky to trace.
  • Trimming them at regular intervals and avoid using unnecessary usage of Hair products and styling that will strip off natural moisture from tresses.

Hope these simple suggestions blast all your queries and misunderstanding of curly hair care.