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Indian women are famous for their beauty and their long black hair all over the world. Men from all over the world find Indian women to be really hot and sexy. And though neither I nor the men can describe the reason why they have this strong attraction, I am guessing it is because of the perfect curves. Well, whatever the reason might be, Indian women are still considered to be one of the hottest women prevailing on earth.

Some of the beautiful celebrity list of the hot and popular women in India. Being hot does not mean that you only have to expose yourselves. It is a style statement and is wholly dependent on how you carry yourself both in private and in personal life. Remember! They work really hard to maintain themselves. So if you want to be hot then it is time for you hit the gym ad start maintaining yourself a little better. After all who does not like being complimented as being hot!

Photos Of Hottest Women In India:

It is not just celebrities who are hot. But then again nobody knows normal women except their friends and their relatives. Anyways, let’s see few of the hottest women in India and I’m only listing the celebrities.

1. Priyanka Chopra:

hottest women in india

Among the most popular hottest celebrities in India, Priyanka Chopra probably top in the list. She is not only a versatile actor but also a great singer. With her popular movie hits such as Barfi, Gunday and more, she is surely one of the hottest women in India. Priyanka Chopra had gained popularity after winning the title of Miss World in 2000.

2. Bipasha Basu:

A fitness freak as she is, this super model and actor Bipasha Basu is a super hot woman and there is no doubt to that. With super hits like Raaz, Race and more, she has a strong foothold in Bollywood. She occupied best place in the list of indian beauties hot with her versatile acting and romance on the screen.

3. Katrina Kaif:

Katrina Kaif is a British-Indian woman who has struggled to be where she is today. Being hot has been a plus point for her in order to be among the top and most paid actors of Bollywood. Her popular hits include movies such as Race, Ajab Prem ki Ghajab Kahani, Rajneeti, Jab Tak Hain Jaan and more.

4. Deepika Padukone:

Deepika Padukone is famous for long slender legs. This beautiful woman is not only a former model but also an extremely good actor. With hits such as Bachna hain Haseeno, Cocktail, Ral Leela, it has been a beautiful journey for this extremely hot woman in Bollywood.

5. Riya Sen:

Grand-daughter of the legendary late actress Suchitra Sen, Riya Sen is an extremely hot woman in india. Her short height did not stop her from being hot and this lady actually proves it that just because you are short does not mean that you cannot be hot.

6. Sonam Kapoor:

This beautiful lady is the daughter of a famous actor, Anil Kapoor. Though she is famous as a fashionista, this sultry woman knows how to carry herself and maintain simplicity with the hotness. Sonam kapoor is one of the best looking Indian hottest women.

7. Freida Pinto:

This hot actor, Frieda Pinto has earned fame after her role in Slum dog Millionaire. This sultry Indian woman has acted in international films and is quite famous. She is also one of the hottest girl of India.

8. Koena Mitra:

Though Koena Mitra is one of the Indian Bollywood silver screen actress quite often these days but I think she is still hot enough to blow your minds. She acted some of the hit films in bollywood with star casting.

9. Ilean D’Souza:

This hot South Indian actress earned national fame after playing her role in Barfi. She is sweet and beautiful and is yet super hot. She played very best roles in Telugu and Tamil movies. she is one of the most hottest women in india.

10. Anushka Shetty:

10. Anushka Shetty

This South Indian beauty is one of the most beautiful women in India right now and people are going totally crazy for her alluring looks. She has performed in many Malayalam, Telugu, etc and has earned massive fame through her extraordinary acting skills. She has a naturally awesome face and she looks extremely beautiful both on-screen and off-screen because of her seductive eyes. She is another one in the list of hottest women India.

11. Sonakshi Sinha:

11. Sonakshi Sinha

Daughter of the infamous actor Shatrugan Sinha. Sonakshi has established herself in the industry and definitely proved her worth. She is known for her beautiful smile and totally natural acting skills. She doesn’t fake like a lot of actresses and stays totally true to herself. She is quite fit and can be intense when required. Clearly, she is one of the hottest actresses in Bollywood right now and in Indian as well.

12. Shruti Kamal Haasan:

12. Shruti Kamal Haasan

Daughter of the South Indian hero, Kamal Haasan, Shruti is one of the hottest women in Indian at this moment. If you looking for one of the most attractive women in the country, then it can be said that Shruti has always been a people’s favorite. For her fantastic acting skills, she is one of the best actresses in the country.

13. Ayesha Takia:

13. Ayesha Takia

Ashaia Takia has parted her ways with Bollywood but still she is one of the most celebrated actresses in the country. The woman is famous for her physical appearance. She is quite talented when it comes to acting. Ayesha Takia is one of the most beautiful actresses in the country and is definitely one of the hottest women in India.

14. Shriya Saran:

14. Shriya Saran

Shriya is one of the best-looking Indian beauties of this time and her natural allure is incomparable to almost anything out there. Shraiya is a South Indian actress, but has worked in Bollywood as well. Her glamorous beauty is something which attracts people in the first place. If you’re looking for one of the hottest women in Indian, then Shriya is definitely the one for you.

15. Ameesha Patel:

15. Ameesha Patel

She started off her blockbuster career with the hit film, Kaho Na Pyaar Hai and from them she became one of the role models for a lot of people. She is arguably, one of the best-looking hottest women of India. Her fantastic figure and beautiful face is something which melts hearts instantly. If you are looking for totally natural beauty in a woman, then Amisha is the one for you.

16. Diya Mirza:

16. Diya Mirza

Diya Mirza is one of the hottest women in India. Though she is not so much involved with Bollywood right now but still she is considered to be one of the best-looking women in the Indian film industry. Her naturally beautiful and innocent facial allure is something that steals all the looks in the first place and for all the good facts about her, she can be said to be one of the finest retired actresses in India right now.

17. Vidya Balan:

17. Vidya Balan

She has proved herself through her fantastic acting skills, where she can be totally intense and extremely funny at the same time. Vidya has been termed to be one of the hottest women in Indian at this moment and for all the awesome acting skills and alluring facial angles, this woman is what every person is willing to see on screen and meet in real life as well. In this picture she is charming, beautiful and has all those things that makes a woman alluring.

18. Malaika Arora:

18. Malaika Arora

Malaika Arora is without a doubt, one of the hottest women of Indian at this moment and for all the awesome alluring features she is something that all women aspire to be. She is good looking, has a great physique and is extremely talented as well. She has all those things by which she has easily claim herself to be hot.

19. Sonal Chauhan:

19. Sonal chauhan

This woman has worked in South Indian films as well as in Bollywood. She has great acting skills. But her beauty surpasses her on-screen acting talent. She is one of the india most hottest woman because of her great physique and her beautiful face. It is because of women like Sonal that people still have faith in the natural beauty of Indian women.

20. Preity Zinta:

20. Preity Zinta

The adorable beauty of Bollywood is still one of the Indian hottest women in the industry right now. She looks totally amazing and without a doubt, she is one of the most beautiful women in India. Her beautiful dimples and what attracts people towards her natural beauty in the first place. She has aged in numbers but no one can ever guess that by looking at her naturally beautiful face. In short, she is the everlasting beauty of Bollywood.

21. Sonali Bendre:

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Though retire from Bollywood, she is one of the finest-looking actresses of all time and her natural hotness is what made her look so amazing throughout her film career. She is still one of the charming beauties of all time and judging by her beauty, she still can be said to be one hottest and amazing actresses of all time.

22. Asin:

22. Asin

Asin is one of the most beautiful actresses of all time and her natural allure is so amazing that she can rock the stage without sporting any kind of beauty product on her face. Being a South Indian actress, she has played a significant role in Bollywood films as well and above all, her beauty is something that every viewer like viewing on screen. She is definitely one of the most beautiful actresses and also one of the hottest Indian woman of all time.

23. Zarine Khan:

23. Zarine Khan

Her voluptuous physique didn’t stop her from being successful on screen and now she is one of the most admired women in India. She looks beautiful both on-screen and off-screen. Zarine is definitely one of the hottest women in India.

24. Anushka Sharma:

24. Anushka Shaarma

Anushka sharma is well known actress in bollywood. She played many versatile roles in her career right now. Her great asset is her bold acting skills and voice. Anushka is a people’s favorite and she is one of the most hottest women in Indian that others look up to.

25. Madhuri Dixit:

25. Madhuri Dixit

The title “Hot women to India” is perfectly suitable for madhuri because of her beauty and stylish figure.  Madhuri is definitely one of the hottest actresses in the country right now and undoubtedly, one of the hottest women as well.

In this article, we have discussed about some of the hottest women in Indian right now. Some of them have parted their ways from the industry they were involved with earlier. Still, they are quite beautiful and one can still claim them to be one of the finest-looking women in the country right now.