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Chain without a pendant is like a Ring finger without a ring. Pendants always are the special accessory which makes a simple thin chain to a fancy necklace more adorable. Pendants are designed into different geometric shapes and size one of the simplest designs which look fashionable and trendy is the Star shaped Pendants which resembles like the twinkling star in the sky. Ladies who are curious to know about the Top 9 most amazing Star pendant designs, this article will help in knowing them.

Different Types of Star Pendant Designs:

Latest and Beautiful Pendants in Star Designs for Women in Fashion:

Here are the best star pendants for ladies.

1. Plain Metal Star Pendant:

Plain Metal Star Pendant

A solid plain star shaped pendant designs always take the first place when it comes to most common pendant design. The size of the pendant can vary from small to the big sized pendant. This type of pendant does not any design or hole between the star. The metal adds to the glossy and reflecting effect.

2. Double Star Pendant Necklace in Silver:

Double Star Pendant Necklace in Silver

A plain rolo or curb chain paired with a double star pendant, each of the pendant in a different size. This varied sized pendant adds some change from the single pendant necklace. The Two pendants are soldered to together to form a single pendant.

3. Diamond Studded Star Gold Pendant:

star pendant

Chain without diamond studded pendants is not appreciated by women’s! They like to wear diamonds in any form, to that list includes pendant which is studded onto the corners or middle of the Gold pendant. The most favorite design is the Solitaire diamond stud in the center of the star-shaped pendant.

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4. LED Star Pendant Chain:

LED Star Pendant Chain

This is definitely a party wear necklace piece. The star shaped pendant has inbuilt LED light in the center and also on the wings of the star. The chain can be a simple thread long chain or a wire chain.

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5. Small Gold Star Pendant for Choker Necklace:

Small Gold Star pendant for Choker Necklace

Choker necklace made from black lace which can be either a simple thread or floral designed lace. To the lace, a fancy and a miniature Star Gold pendant are hung onto it. This type of design is worn by young girls.

6. Triple Star Rose Gold Pendant:

Triple Star Rose Gold Pendant

Rose gold has much more demand than usual yellow gold jewelry when it comes fancy jewel piece. Three shaped stone studded Star shaped pendant for necklace is soldered together into a single piece pendant, which is joined to the ring attachment of the necklace at the centre. This type of necklace is used along with a casual wear dress.

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7. Wooden Star Pendant Bead Necklace:

Wooden Star Pendant Bead Necklace

This pendant resembles a starfish which is made from pure wood with a rustic look. The center of the pendant has the hole through which bead necklace is passed into. This modern necklace is used as beach wear accessory.

8. Bead Worked Star Pendant:

Bead worked Star Pendant

Beads are very easy to work with to create a minute detailed design. One such designed pendant is the star shaped bead pendant. Blue colored which is know as the color of love is the most favorite color for girls. Taking into account designers have created various sized beads work pendant.

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9. Multi-Colored Silver Star Pendant:

Multi-colored silver star Pendant

This multi-colored star pendant is made from the color crystal which is cut and shaped as the twinkling star. The crystals are glued to the silver star framework. A hook is attached to the pendant which passes into the chain.

A small petite star to a huge star pendant design makes the necklace look more attractive. To decided on the size of the pendant, it depends on the type of chain and necklace. For a thin and a short chain, it is best recommended to go for a small tiny size pendant with a stone stud at the center, which can be optional. For a long and thick necklace, a customized huge pendant is the best.