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Are you going to get married? First of all congratulations! Each and every girl is confused about their hairstyle because without a perfect hairstyle you makeup is not completed. Nowadays, there are several changes are seen in the bridal hairstyle and also most of the girls copy some styles from the movies.

As you know that according to tamil tradition, tiring a saree, no hairdo go well with the conventional bun-style up-do. This hairstyle can be useful to all south Indian brides, irrespective of local or spiritual environment. Intended for the modern bride, in attendance is not anything superior than enchanting a traditional style and adding up her own touch to it.

Most Popular Tamil Bridal Hairstyles for Womens:

1. Poola Jada:

tamil bridal hairstyles

In this hairstyle a custom to decorate the bride’s extensive plait with wonderfully patterned flowers, gold or beads, something that gives her eye-catching looks on her wedding. Brides adore showing off their gleaming long hair wonderfully plaited plus adorned typically with flowers, recognized as poola jada (ponytail finished of flowers). Sometimes hair extensions are worn to carry on the plaite longer for an improved look.

2. A Refined Back Bun:


This is a stylish back bun and very well suited for wedding. In this bun you can add some hair accessories that are mostly made up of gold to contribute some quantity to the hair. This trendy look can also be wear by an aged girl.

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3. Messy Bun Hairstyle:

Messy Bun Hairstyle

At the present time, messy bun also becomes favorite among the brides because you can test through it as greatly like you want. You might do a coiled bun, a movable bun, a braided bun, a side swept bun, whatever thing you wish for. Over and over again a messy bun can get messier if you contain a chunni above it. Except if your outfit doesn’t need to cover your hair after that we advise you to go for it.

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4. The Pleated Plus Jewelled Appearance:

tamil bridal hairstyles4

This is also one another popular clear-cut hairstyle for tamil bride that pass on a stunning look is rather undemanding to design. Try this with the accurate kind of accessories. For fear that of short tresses, this look can be achieved by broadening the hair by hair extension.

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5. Bun With Braid:

tamil bridal hairstyles5

This is nothing but an embellished Braid as well as essence of the traditional tamil bridal look. In condition, you want the greatest of both worlds then decide the Bun plus Braid. This is because it gives your head the stylish bun meaning together with the long female braid down your back. Once more, decorate this might be a magnum opus on its personal.

6. Flowery Wound With Braided Hairdo:


Plait the hair on the way to its entire distance. Put in decoration at the finish of the braid. At the moment, turn round the braid by flowery thread so that there are not any opening stuck between the strands. Make use of of hair accessories.

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7. Pelli_Poola Jada Designs:

tamil bridal hairstyles7

These beautiful Hairstyles need to be finished with a sphere shaped or bushy type of ornamental things at the base of the plait, typically known as jada kuchulu otherwise jada gantalu that gives adds blown up look to the total bridal hairstyle.

8.  Retro Design With Pleats:


In this the hairstyles is coupled with a clean tuck and after that by doing a bouffant. The remaining hair must be brushed to a plane in addition to braided so it leftovers on that region presently following the bouffant is set up. You can also use hair extension, accessories or a large bloom.

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9. ‘Maangtika’ on hair by Mid Parting Plus Back Pleats:

tamil bridal hairstyles9

Section the hair in the center at the top, to obtain this look. The ‘Maangtika’ must be got to be seated on the departure with a taut ribbing of the hair at the backside from wherever the pleated part would begin. Make use of fresh blooms similar to jasmine which is white can put in a gracious touch.